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How To Make A Secret Safe

Updated on December 6, 2012

Secret Safe

Do you need a little secret place to hide some cash?  Below I will give you instructions on how to make you own secret safe.  Included is a list of material and how to construct the safe using regular household items.  This is a great kid and adult project. 

Secret Safe Material List

Secret Safe Material List

  • Can
  • Small Jar with Lid
  • Can Opener
  • Hot Glue
  • Newspaper 

Secret Safe Instructions

Secret Safe Instructions

  • Make sure the can is empty
  • Remove the bottom of the can with the can opener
  • Clean your can out of any substances
  • Make sure your can is now hollow
  • Hot glue the lid of the small jar to the bottom of the can (the bottom you removed with the can opener)
  • Take the newspaper and fill your hollowed can
  • Hot glue around the small jar
  • Take newspaper and wrap it around the small jar
  • Put the wrapped small jar into the can
  • Hot glue the wrapped small jar in place in the can
  • Take the small jar lid and attach it to the small jar (screw it on)

Your original can should look as it did before removing the bottom.  Now whenever you want to hide some cash -- no one will ever think to look in your (Bug spray,  Tomato can, Mountain Dew can, etc.)  Remember, not to throw the can away. 

How to Make A Secret Safe

I'm sending my daughter to college this year with a little secret safe of her own.  You can never be to safe even in a dorm room. 


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