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Make The Environment Save You Money

Updated on August 15, 2017
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Tilly is Penn state University graduate that writes articles because she has the passion to write

Everybody has interacted with their environment. Many people take the environment we live in for granted every single day. Trees, plants, animals, and many organisms make up our environment.

Section 1: Environmental Saving In Your Own Back Yard

Rain barrels

Rain barrels are very cost effective way to save money on a water bill. Rain barrels can vary in size, depending on the task the rain barrel is intended for. Rain barrels work when you know that there is a good chance it will rain. Hence the name rain barrel. When it rains, the rain barrel will fill up until it reaches its maximum capacity. When it has stopped raining completely check the rain barrel to see if it full or not. Using a half way full rain barrel will be pointless if you want the full use of the rain barrel. Once the rain barrel is full .you can use the water that is contained in the barrel for multiple activities like: cash washing, watering plants and bathing the family pets. Using rain barrels are more humane than using a hose because it will save you time and money on your water bill. Rain barrels can last you several years and can be custom made to your environment and personality as well.

Compost piles

What are compost piles? Compost piles are piles of scrap food that cannot be consumed by humans like the inedible parts of fruits and vegetables and uneaten food. Compost piles are great for the environment because they are natural plant fertilizers for gardens and backyards. Compost piles save families money because they are not throwing away food that nobody wants to eat and they are giving a families trash can more room for waste items that need to be thrown out. Compost piles can be contained in large bins under the sink of your cabinet when your compost bin is full to capacity empty the contents of the compost pile in your garden or near a tree for soil fertilization to occur. Make sure the compost in mixed in with the soil so that the plants and trees get the full nutritional l value of the compost pile.


Transportation can be a tricky when it comes to saving the environment. Many individuals need a car or motorcycle to get to work and places they need to go and that is understandable. There are many alternatives to driving vehicles to save money and the environment. Many people ride public transportation, ride bicycles, even walk to cut the cost of operating motorized vehicles and save money. Driving at least 5 times a week for work and taking public transportation during the weekends saves money if you keep it up for more than a month.

Section two: environmental saving in your home

Your home is where your heart is and where your wallet is suffering as well. Simple mundane task like turning off the lights taking shorter showers and washing clothes when the washer is full are all simple ways you can save the environment and put money back into your wallet as well.

Saving water in your house

In your home there are many reasons why you need to use water. Water is needed in a house hold to cook and clean. Many people don’t realize that they use too much water when they shower and when they cook. To cut down on your water bill cut down the amount of time you take showers. On average Americans shower for over five minutes’ each day. That is a lot of water to be consumed for a full week. To save water shower for two minutes, if it helps put a timer in the shower so you don’t go over your time limit. To reduce water while you are cooking it’s a good idea to have gallon containers of water stored under your cabinet. When it comes time to cook you can take one of the gallon bottles that you filled up with water and start cooking.

Saving energy in your house

There are many ways to save energy in your house; one way is to make sure that all of your lights switches are turned off when you are not there. Or not present in a room where you don’t need a light. Leaving a light switch on for very long period of time can cause your house to overheat and give you an unwanted high electric bill. Turning off light switches reduces your bill and gives your wallet a rest. Every person almost, has a washing machine to wash clothes. What people don’t know is that people waste electricity and water when they run a washing machine when it is not full of clothes. Not putting full loads of clothes in washing machine waste you money and creates an unnecessary high water bill. Similar to a washing machine a dish wisher is best used when full to wash more dishes and save money on your water and electric bill.

Solar Panels

Putting in a solar panel can be quite expensive and not ideal to some people. Solar panels absorb the sun and use the energy of the sun to power your home and save money on your electric bill.

Environmental saving in your community

Bins and bottles

In your community you probably see lots of bins and bottles that have been guarded in your area. Most people know that there are recycle bins in your area to disgard bottles but are too lazy and involved with what they are doing to even notice that there are recycle bins around. Plastic bottles and bins take over a hundred years to decompose and create negative effects for wildlife because wildlife almost always find plastic bottles and bins and try to consume them resulting in injury or death. To keep your community clean of bottles and bins that aren’t disposed of in recycle bins you can earn money by picking up bins and bottles yourself and turning them in for money. This way your community stays clean and you put money in your pocket.

Planting trees and plants

Planting trees and shrubs are a great way to beautify your community and to get involved in your community as well. Many people find it essential to plant trees and shrubs because it makes homes for wildlife and brings wildlife closer to the people in a community. Planting trees and shrubs also purify the air and create oxygen for people and wildlife. Another benefit to planting trees in your community is that they feed animals and people in your community. Using the fruit of trees can be beneficial to your community because they can create profits for your community as well.

How social media can help you spread the word about the environment


Facebook is a good social media site to post upcoming environmental activist with your community and with your friends. Depending on your privacy settings Facebook can get your environmental event noticed by people who are interested in the event, and your family and friends. Face is a good social media site to post your upcoming environmental events because it creates good publicity for your events and its totally free to advertise.


Twitter is another good social media working website that allows you write tweets that are 140 characters or less. Tweeting would allow your community, family and friends learn about the events you are planning that involve the environment. Twitter is also another social media site that is great publicity for your environmental event.

Don’t just take my words for it

Read these books so you can learn ways to save money using Environmental techniques

The books above give details on how to use the environment to get you money in your pocket


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