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Physical Education Activities and PE Games For Elementary Children - Having Fun In The Gym

Updated on October 8, 2017

Some of the Best Physical Education Activities and PE Games

Here are some of the best physical education activities and PE games for elementary children. As a long time PE teacher, I will share with you some of my favorite self made activities. They are activities that I learned along the way from a workshop or maybe an article, possible even a student who made the game up or even another teacher. They have been great Physical Education activities for elementary children and very easy to make.

Elementary PE Game - Tooth Fairy Tag

The only thing you need for this activity is some rolled up newspaper. This is a true favorite of kids between Kindergarten and 3rd or 4th grade. They can relate to this game so well because an important thing is happening to them. They are losing teeth. They will all want to be the Tooth Fairy in the Elementary PE game -Tooth Fairy Tag.

Get some newspaper, roll it up, use masking tape to tape around it so it stays and voila, you have your tooth fairy wand. Make two or three of them.

Choose one or two children to be it. . They are the taggers. Choose one or two others to be the Tooth Fairy. They are the un-taggers and get the wands. When someone is caught by a tagger, they sit down. When the Tooth Fairy comes with the wand and taps them on the shoulder they are free to play Again. Very simple, very fun. It's really just another version of freeze tag but the kids love it.

Elementary Physical Education Class

Children in PE Class
Children in PE Class

Ghosts In the House

Set up a volleyball net if possible otherwise just divide into two sides of the gym.

You will need to make the ghosts. Ghosts are made out of old rolled up socks or newspaper and covered with pieces of old cut up sheet, then tied with string to make a ghost with a litte bit of a tail when thrown. You will need several ghosts. Fifteen or more would be nice. They fly nicely.

Start by saying that you want to get all the ghosts out of your house. Eaxh team stays on their own side of the court or as I like to say in their own house.  Give a time frame and let the children start throwing them. On the whistle all children stop throwing and run back to their line or designated spot. Count the number of ghosts on your side. Which ever team has the least amount of ghosts on their side wins the game.

Shooting Stars

For this game you will need to buy elastic. You will also need a couple of old towels to cut up and some masking tape or duck tape.

Make strips of elastic with two loops on the end so that a child can sit down and put the two loops on the the end of their shoes and have about 12 inches in between. You will need about 8 of these elastic pieces. Then cut old towels into 3" wide by 6" long pieces. Roll up and tape them in the middle. Give 8 students sit with the elastic pieces on their shoes and 5 or 6 towel pieces. Have them pull towel pieces back onto elastic and shoot them out like a bow and arrow. These children sit inside the center of the gym circle. Other children are on scooters. Children in the middle shoot out the stars(towel pieces). Children on scooters collect them and bring them back to the children in the circle. Switch shooters after a while.   There is not mush of an object to this game.  the children just like to see the stars go flying and the others have fun collecting and returning them.

More Elementary PE Games

Be Creative and Have Fun

Being creative and finding some activities for kids that are not necessarily the traditional ones keeps it fun for kids and fun for the teacher too. Some of these kinds of activities would be great for student teachers or teachers looking for some different activities to do with their elementary students in physical education class

There are all sorts of things around that PE teachers can save and gather and use for make it yourself physical education activities for elementary students. They are usually very interested and sometimes can even make this type of thing to play with at home. So be creative and have fun playing.

Kindergarten Physical Education Games

Some great Kindergarten Physical Education Games include:

Fish in The Net - Pick two students to be the Net, they hold hand and they are the taggers, tagging others only with their unheld hand. If a student gets tagged, come over and stand by the teacher. When the teacher has two students, make them into a net until all are nets and none are fish.

Line Tag also called Police Car Tag - All students run on the gym lines. Pick 2,3 or 4 students to be Police Cars(taggers). If a tagger catches someone, they sit down and become a road block. Other untagged students cannot go thru roadblocks.

Children in PE Class

favorite PE Activity

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Holiday Games

When the holidays roll around it's always nice to have some holiday games to use as physical activities. It doesn't matter which holiday, there is always something.

Some sample games I've used in the past are

Turkey Hunter - Thanksgiving time game - put hoopla hoops down on the floor to represent safe spots where turkey's hide. Choose one turkey hunter to try to catch turkey's. Turkey's can be caught when going from hoop to hoop allow only one or two turkeys in a hoop at a time depending on how many students are playing or how many hoops are available.

Frosty -

Old Mother Witch - Halloween Game - line students up on baseline. The witch stand in front of them at the wall. The children recite "old mother witch fell in a ditch picked up a penny and thought she was rich". Then the witch asks "Who's children are you"? The line of children each time say " mommy's and Daddy's unless they get a signal from the teacher to say "Yours" at which time they will turn and run to the opposite wall as the witch chases them. Anyone caught helps the witch the next time.

Egg Hunt. Find a small object. Hide it in the gym. Have children look for it. When someone sees it they do not tel they just quietly go to the circle until almost all have found it. One who saw it first gets to hide it next time while it hers hide their eyes. Good resting game.

Reindeer Games - have one person be Santa in the middle, other students on end line. When signal given, reindeer run across the gym while Santa tries to catch them. If caught, reindeer helps Santa catch others.

The Great Pumpkin - one student is in the middle of the gym as the great pumpkin The others are trying to cross the pumpkin patch and the great pumpkin will turn them into a pumpkin if he catchs them. If caught they must sit down where caught and become a pumpkin until game restarts with new Great Pumpkin.

these are few wonderful elementary physical activities that are perfect for Elementary gym classes. Children will love these games during these holiday seasons.

With a little creativiy, these games can be adapted during each season and used for any holiday season.


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