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Building A Personal Timetable with Study Methods.

Updated on May 14, 2012

Study Methods.

In 2001 "Fox et al" defined Methods as "a way or manner of doing; and orderly system or arrangement."
Study methods are tools, manners or habits formed and developed into practical ability through conscious effort by which studies are undertaken and pursued successfully.
Study Methods can be examined under
Study Resources

Time: Time is duration, a very essential commodity in life and should be organized and used effectively.
Educational time can be separated into two: Official Time and Personal Time.
Official Time: This comprises time for lectures, Practical, Seminars, Study tours, Visits, Games, Clubs, Societies and any activity necessary in the search of knowledge.
Personal Time: This is the time spent exclusively on Private studies, Worship, Health care and Pleasure or Fun reading. It is best utilized with a Private Time Table.

Comprehension: comprehension means grasp or understanding that involves habits that generates into Methods for learning. It could be through Listening or Reading Comprehensions.
Listening Comprehension: This method involves the ear-drum, the ear-nerves, the brain and Oral or Spoken mode of communication.
Reading Comprehension: has to do primarily with the Eye, Optic nerves and the Brain and at the same time, with The Vocal cords and the lips.

Study Resources: can be divided in Human and Material resources that has a relationship in complementing each other.
Human Resources: These comprises of the Academic and Non-Academic staffs. For example, The Chancellors, Vice chancellors, Deans, Provost, Librarian, Heads of Departments, Advisers, Lecturers, Guidance Counselors, Registrar, Bursar and others...
Organizations and Unions
Material Resources: are the things a student requires in order to make a success of academic career. They are Books, Library, Lecture rooms, Hostel Accommodations, Laboratories, Seminar halls, Arenas and Recreational complexes.

The Different Study Methods are:
Tuning In: The Method of getting into the state of readiness for lectures and reading exercises.

Insulation: This Involves focus, attention on lecture activities and effectively hedging to oneself form any/ every form of distraction.

Thought Process: The art and act a common mind and active involvement of the brain during lecture activities or reading periods.

Appraisal: The evaluation of information and determination of relevant points and helps the listener or reader put important points together of Note taking.

Note Taking: note making leads to storage in documents.

Factors that Affects Study Methods are:
Linguistic: A low level of competence in English Grammar and Usage results in inability to decode units for a comprehension or text.
Psychological Factors: like Inattention, Fatigue and frustration can be a disabling factor.
Physiological Factors: Like impaired hearing or Sight defects and Venue of learning can also affect Study methods.
In formal education positive methods leads to Successful academic pursuit. Take the next step To Create a Personal Time Table.

Making A Personal Time Table.

Time is Money and Great Success, a Time Table is a compact arrangement of information in parallel columns with appointed periods, duration or occasion.
Making a Personal Time Table, will help reduce the Study load and utilize your Private time very well. It excludes time spent on Public activities including Sleep.

Here were some Guidelines for building a Personal Time Table.
-Decide when Your Day Begins and ends.
-Write Down all the Courses, Subjects and Practical, You offer.
-Evaluate each of the courses in terms of difficulty.
-Draw a Table Frame, from Sunday to Saturday, Using the time your Begins and ends.
-Divide Time to each course, allocating more to difficult courses.
-Once you are satisfied with the arrangement, type and make a Hard-copy of the Time table making as many photocopies as you desire.
Remember Official engagements and public meetings are exempted from the private time table, time spent on those should be left blank or filled with the public activity if desired.
Your Personal timetable becomes a treasure and in other to follow it seriously, you must
-Display your timetable conspicuously, where you can easily see it and remember.
-Make a Diary on how much you have gained from the time table every end of a week.
-Adjust your timetable to suit any of your needs; you can adjust it as many times to want.
-Decrease the number of extracurricular activities and socialization.
Keeping to your Time table will surely yield Great Success.

A sample of a Personal Time Table.

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