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Making Apple Pancakes with the Recipe from "Curious George Makes Pancakes"

Updated on November 17, 2016
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Seafarer Mama/Karen is a joyfully home-schooling parent who holds a B.A. in Psychology and M.Ed. in Elementary Education.

Steps to making delicious apple pancakes ~

Curious George's pancake ingredients
Curious George's pancake ingredients | Source
A child whisking together the pancake batter at the counter
A child whisking together the pancake batter at the counter | Source
Pancakes cooking on the griddle
Pancakes cooking on the griddle | Source
A plat of apple pancakes garnished with raisins and pure maple syrup
A plat of apple pancakes garnished with raisins and pure maple syrup | Source

A total culinary art experience

Every culinary adventure begins with a book - a recipe book. Sometimes there is extra literature about subjects related to cooking, such as paintings by artists who enjoyed a particular type of food, or of those who produced lovely paintings of food, or cultural traditions around food. They are fun to read while you wait for the food you have prepared to cook.

As a parent who teaches her daughter at home, I believe that all activities have the potential to teach children basic skills that they can use throughout their lives. By preparing food in the kitchen, children learn a bunch of practical skills while having a good time, and our favorite foods have stories behind them.

On Labor Day morning, my daughter and I decided that we would make apple pancakes, using the recipe on the back of Curious George Makes Pancakes , by Margaret and H. A. Rey. It is our favorite recipe because the pancakes the batter produces are so fluffy. Since we always begin our days together with a book, I read the story to her on the couch before we headed for the kitchen. Then we gathered together the ingredients and began working together to make our pancake brunch, which we enjoyed with a topping of pure maple syrup.

Step 1 Gather ingredients

The first step in the process of making our pancakes was to gather the supplies and ingredients needed for our culinary adventure. We used the recipe on the back cover of the book as our guide.

In September, apples start ripening and there are entire cookbooks dedicated to recipes that use apples. Folding sliced apples into pancakes is quick and simple, with results that will bring to mind cozy moments. They can be eaten for breakfast, brunch, dinner or dessert ~ especially after a family nature hike in the crisp autumn air. Serving them with a mug full cider will heighten the coziness factor.

Your Autumn harvest will love you for using the recipes in this cookbook ~

Apple Cookbook
Apple Cookbook
There is a very good recipe for Italian apple pancakes in this recipe book that I use very often beginning with the first harvest of autumn. There are also many other recipes for delicious entrees and desserts within.

Step 2: Mix the batter

This is the best step for a child to help with. With the use of a step stool, my daughter can reach the counter at a comfortable height and mix together the ingredients using a whisk. She used to call it a "whisker." She began helping me with pouring ingredients into the mixing bowl and stirring when she was 3 years old. Now, several years later, she does a fabulous job cracking the eggs, scooping up flower to mix in, and pouring the milk, whisking it all together without much help from me.

Children learn so much from working in the kitchen: the chemistry of how the product is different than the sum of the parts you mix together (science), measurement (math), hand coordination (developed by the whisking motion), and basic kitchen etiquette related to handling food (social/cultural). It is best for parents to do the chopping if any is involved - which is most likely why George's pancakes were featured with blueberries that he could just throw into those batter circles. We did not have blueberries in our refrigerator on Labor Day, so I cut the apples and she mixed the wedges into the batter.

Step 3: Grilling the pancakes

This step requires an adult. My daughter likes to watch them cook, but knows to keep her hands away from the burners of our electric stove. I am always right there, supervising and flipping.

Step 4: Eat with your favorite toppings

Finally, you have reached the best moment of the process, where children can taste the results of their efforts. There is much to say for cooking as a family activity, for it is good for keeping the parent-child bonds strong and gives the child the experience of working cooperatively with others.

*You may also enjoy your pancakes topped with any of the following garnishes: cinnamon, sifted confectionery sugar, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, chopped nuts, whipped cream, additional fresh fruit pureed or whole, and pure maple syrup.

What type of pancakes do you want to make?

Is this a recipe you would like to try?

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© 2010 Karen A Szklany


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