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Making Connections Through AYUSA

Updated on April 22, 2015


Martin applied to become an exchange student back in the spring of 2014. It was an extensive process of interviews and documentation before Martin was approved to become an exchange student.

Once he applied, he was not guaranteed that he would get the opportunity to come to the United States for a semester or academic year. There are many students that apply each year, and not every student is lucky enough to have a family agree to host them. Martin was hopeful that he would be selected and have the opportunity to improve his English while experiencing American life here in the United States.

At the end of the school year, a host family made the decision to host an exchange student. The Miller family had hosted students before (Venezuela, Norway, Netherlands), so they were completely aware of what hosting entails.

1. Another child at the dinner table.

2. A willingness to share their home with a stranger.

It didn't take the family long to choose Martin. He was top notch academically and presented himself as a responsible and caring young man.

Martin arrived in August with a blank slate. Every since his arrival he has soaked up the American culture like a sponge. His English was excellent when he arrived, but he has since learned the "teen talk" that eludes the majority of American adults.

Martin made friends quickly through class and the soccer team. In the classroom, Martin asked questions that proved he was vested in his education. He grew by leaps and bounds during the fall semester, and started expanding his activities. Martin joined DECA and most recently the track team. He qualified for Regionals in track without a lot of prior knowledge of the events.

He and his host brother, along with other members of the school workout on a routine basis. Martin has many friends and is known all over campus. He has participated in community events and has given a lot back.

Martin is one of many exchange students that take the leap to the United States, but he has made his mark on Forbush High School. His family, friends and the staff at the high school has enjoyed the year spent with this young man.

Congratulations on a successful year Martin and good luck to you in the future! Hope to see you again soon!

Martin attended the prom with his fellow classmates last week at Bermuda Run. As a junior exchange student from Sweden, Martin got to experience this tradition thanks to the open arms of a kind family in the area.

Playing soccer

Martin joined the men's soccer team in the fall. Through the team, Martin made many friends and now has memories that will last a lifetime.

What is your favorite memory of Martin?

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