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How to Teach Kids to Trust Their Common Sense?

Updated on September 10, 2022
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As a kids' author with two darling granddaughters, Sheila has learned some neat life lessons she wants to share with her readers!

You Must Instruct Your Child

Children discover an incredible lot during regular times of play, when it's deemed positive and even when it is a rough style of play. Playtime adheres to the successive growth and maturity of every child.

When playtime is fun and ethically challenging, your child will learn primarily to trust his entourage. He will learn not to be afraid and live his life to the fullest. When playtime is restrictive or monotonous, your child will learn to distrust the world he lives in and develop feelings of inferiority or worse yet an inferiority complex.

Spending countless hours playing an exciting video game in a closed space will not help to improve the virtuous understanding of your child, or the deeply sought-after common sense skills. Such interaction will hinder your child’s growth, and cause him to develop an antisocial behavior, to say the least. His common sense skills will dwindle or diminish, and become underdeveloped as well. Your child's emotional development will be at a slower pace when compared to children who play tag, and ride their bikes in an open space, for instance, or play board games with their parents and friends of the same age at an early start.

As parents, perhaps you're fooled to believe your child is safe and happy playing with his latest video game in his favorite room in your house. However, he is learning within to gird himself. He is slowly developing deeply rooted, self-indulgent skills with inflated expectations of grandeur.

Such a child will learn to trust no one in the long run and will grow to see the world as a sharply violent and uncaring place. He may even be deemed clinically depressed, or an introvert, as his thought process is racing to tackle ways to beat his new video game gadget. This is an unproductive endeavor!

Build Lovely Memories When Playing with Your Kids

On the contrary, when you allow your child to play modestly with their friends in a park, or play games of hiding and seek, ride their bikes, go fishing, and build tree houses, etc., he will learn to trust his entourage, and instinctively learn how to appropriately express himself.

Interactions during this type of play with their friends and family help to build self-confidence and will teach a child about real love, and how to care genuinely for others. Family bonds and friendships are inadvertently strengthened through this cherished time at play with grand memories that last a lifetime. Isn't this great!

When my daughter was a budding gal, I often played house with her and went bike riding with her. We played dollhouse and played dress up games of Cinderella. These were extraordinary times indeed! I read story books to her before she turned one-year-old and up to the time she turned eleven. Her favorite was the Little Mermaid and Alice in Wonderland. Then I became her dance instructor and helped her to choreograph routines with her friends for certain school plays.

I made it a point to meet all her school friends and regularly invited them over to play with her at home. This way, I became acutely involved in most of her after-school activities. I tried to be extra careful not to sound overpowering by budding into her girlish secrets.

We formed a particularly close bond, and my daughter learned to trust me totally. She was not ever too shy to share her concerns with me no matter how silly they seemed at the time. I treated her with respect, love, and admiration. She grew up to become a lovely young lady who is happy and married with two children. I truly am a proud grandparent!.

Through play and interaction, a child learns he is a distinguished member of your family. Your child will easily understand his needs always count. He will learn to intuitively trust and genuinely love others and thereby become more confident through the strengthening bonds formed during this type of real old-fashioned play and caring love at all costs.

Do You Play Games of Tag or Dress Up Games with Your Children?

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© 2011 Sheila Craan


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