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Making a Murderer: Frequently asked questions about the Steven Avery case

Updated on August 25, 2017

The Guilters - Believers that Steven Avery is obviously guilty

The amount of evidence presented at trial was just too much to believe that anyone else could have committed the crime.

1. Why did Steven lie to his own brother about the photographer not having arrived as of 4:30 on Halloween ? She had already arrived around 2:30 (estimated), yet he was overheard telling his brother that she had not arrived when asked if she had shown up.

2. How did his blood get in her Rav4 in the first place ? There was not EDTA detected in the samples that were tested. Therefore, he had to have been in there.

3. How did Teresa's DNA end up on the bullet that was found in his garage ? The defense likes to refer to it as the "magic bullet". However, they have not given a legitimate reason how it got there other than someone planting it there.

4. Why did Steven use the *67 feature when calling Teresa on Halloween ? Some like to argue that he was trying to be anonymous because he had gotten a lot of media attention lately. However, he was calling a photographer that he was familiar with in the past. There was no reason to hide his identity from her.


Are YOU a guilter ?

How sure are you that Steven Avery committed the murder of Teresa Halbach ?

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The Supporters/Innocenters - Believers that Steven Avery is totally innocent of the crime

1. Why did it take so long to find the key ? The actual number of times that the trailer was searched has been argued over and over, but the one argument that will not go away is that that key had to be planted. It would have already been found on one of the other searches. Plus, D.A. Kratz said himself that even if the jury believed the key was planted, it doesn't mean that Steven was innocent.

2. Why did the Manitowoc officers continue to assert themselves after it was announced that the investigation was turned over to Calumet ? Even after the press conference, the Manitowoc department never truly pulled back, collecting most of the important pieces of evidence.

3. Where was Sgt Colborn actually located when he called in the license plates ? We have never gotten that question answered. It was obvious that he was looking at those plates, right ?

4. How could Steven have committed murder and burned a body all in that short period of time, yet no one noticed any of it ? There was just not enough time for all of the events that were presented at trial to take place in that short period of time. Plus, Steven knew that Bobby saw her (his own words), so why would he kill her, knowing that his own nephew would be able to testify that he saw her at his uncle's trailer ?


Steven Avery served 18 years for a rape that he did not commit.

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The Fence Sitters - Believers that Steven deserves a new trial, regardless of stance

1. How did Brendan Dassey know so many details about the case ? Most people are not thrilled about the methods used to get a confession from Brendan. In fact, it's easy to toss out most of what he says. However, some of the details he gives to police, along with things he tells his mother in phone calls, really make you wonder just how much he truly knows and what was made up.

2. Who were the two searchers who showed up prior to Pam Sturm's arrival ? Ryan Hillegas said that no one was sent into the salvage yard other than Pam and her daughter. Yet two searchers, a male and a female, showed up 45 minutes earlier and hung a missing person's poster in the office. Earl did not see where they went nor did he see them leave. It could be totally nothing. However, what if those searchers were relatives or close friends of the victim ? Could they have planted any form of evidence ? We will probably never know ...

3. If the case against Avery was such a slam dunk, why were they still interviewing other suspects/persons of interest months after so much evidence was collected on the Avery property ? Many supporters argue that the police never investigated anyone else. However, the investigation continued for months after the Rav4 was found.

4. Why did Steven, Charles, and Blaine pay a visit to the ex-wife of Charles only a few days after Halloween ? She told police that she felt like it was some form of a goodbye.

5. What ever became of the panties that were found in another vehicle on the property during a search ?


More questions that are unanswered

1. Since Steven was so devoted to Jodi, even paying for her attorney out of his own account, why was he calling and sending love letters to Deb Klemp from jail ? You would think that he would be consumed with his case and his family.

2. Why did Teresa keep the originals and negatives of the nude photos of Brad and his ex-wife ? They were found in a trunk in her bedroom. Brad has been cleared by Zellner, but there was a theory circulating about possible blackmail.

3. How did Steven know that "Bobby saw Teresa after me" ? This would have had to happen in a conversation before he was arrested.

4. Why was Teresa's cell phone number written down near the 3302 Zander Road address ?

5. What brand of jeans did Colborn take into evidence from Maribel Caves Park ? Is there a possibility that it was Daisy Fuentes brand ?

What lies ahead

Kathleen Zellner continues her work to get Steven freed from prison, although it is a slow and arduous journey.

Making A Murderer 2 is expected to show up sometime in the Fall/Winter 2017. Keep your eyes open for more details as they arrive.

Brendan Dassey is still keeping his hopes up to be released in the near future.


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    • fpherj48 profile image

      Paula 4 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

      I got only bits & pieces of this case. It was actually in the news for quite some time before I even became aware. I must have been engrossed in something else at the time because I usually grab on tightly to these high profile National cases & follow them like an obsessed spy, devouring every single fact and publicity available.

      I know that eventually I'll get around to researching in depth. It certainly is a fascinating case. At this time, I have no idea what to think, but after some study, I'll arrive at an opinion.

      Ken, IMO, they can all be very addictive cases. I was completely engrossed in the Scott Peterson case, Casey Anthony, Jodie Arias, Darlie Routier and of course, like the rest of the world years ago...OJ Simpson!

      Very interesting article. Thanks. Paula

    • jericho911 profile image

      Kenneth Claude 4 months ago from Parts Unknown

      Be very careful. It's an addictive case ! :)

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 4 months ago from USA

      I have Netflix and enjoy documentaries but this one escaped me. I'm going to find it and take a look. Thanks for cluing me in!

    • profile image

      Pugs 5 months ago

      Given all the hookup site he joined he was not devoted to anyone.