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Making the Best of Life

Updated on February 20, 2013

Men who are always grumbling about their poverty,complaining of their difficulties,whining over their troubles and thinking that their lot in this world is mean and poor will never get any happiness out of life or achieve any success . However mean our life maybe, so long as we are living we must meet the world of contention. In this world of competition we have to live our lives.The individual should search for truth,new knowledge,meaningful existence and human happiness are inexorably linked to to the objective and subjective aspects of the mind.The individual is whole and healthy when the objective and subjective aspects work in unison. The widening gap between these aspects is created by the egoistic desires.The greater the gap the greater the confusion .

The Man who is perpetually hesitating which of the two things he will do first, will do neither The man who resolves but suffers his resolution to be changed by the first counter who fluctuates from opinion to opinion,from plan to plan and veers like a weather cock to every point of the compass can never accomplish any thing great or useful..Instead of being progressive in any thing,he will be best at stationary,and more probably retrograde in all.


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