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Making the Environment Great Again

Updated on August 15, 2017
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Tilly is Penn state University graduate that writes articles because she has the passion to write


The environment, everybody lives in, but mostly nobody cares about or knows how to take care of it. Despite signs that indicate people should take care of the environment like littering signs people ignore the issue. Many Millennial are into social media and TV mediums where documentaries have stressed the importance of the environment, but still nobody cares. Shouldn’t we take care of the environment? We live here right? The problem for most people is that saying something and doing something are totally different things. People want to help save the environment, but don’t know how. Educating people on how the environment affects you and the people around the world will give people more emphasis on helping preserve the environment. There are so many solutions to help saving the environment.

Saving The Environment From Home

One way is to start from home and in your own backyard. Many people don’t realize that saving the environment starts where you live. Simple acts like: turning off the lights, and not running water will preserve resources for our environment, and save you money. The second way to save the environment is to get involved in your community about the affects you can have on the environment will have a lasting effect on your kids because they are very impressionable ,and will reinforce positive attitudes towards the environment . Also meeting with community councils to enact laws to protect the environment and forming environmental groups within your community will benefit the environment as well. The channel of social media and television can also help the environment by reaching a large number of people who have different demographics and values. Looking at environment as a necessity to survive will convince people that the environment should be given more attention than ever before. The environment starts with you. Look around. Mostly everybody has a place where they call home whether it be a house, apartment, condo etc. People are always asking, how can I save money on my bills each month? How does this tie into the environment? Well, simple acts like turning off light switches, not running water, not leaving electronic devices on, and not running the dishwater when it’s not full can save people hundreds of dollars on their bills each month. Furthermore you are doing the environment a favor by not consuming too many resources. According to “Energy Daily”, by Dan Smith, leaving light switches on when there is no reason too could leave you with the most expensive bill at the end of the month (Smith). Making sure that light switches are off when people or you are not in the room is crucial to saving money. Another alternative to saving moving using light switches is to change the type of light bulb you fix into your home. Some light bulbs draw more energy than others. Energy saving light bulbs are more efficient because they are more cost effective, save energy, and last for long periods of time, and can be found at mostly every department store. Water is vital to life on earth. We use water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing our car. Water is vital to life, but can be another reason why your bill is high at the end of the month. The main reason water is high on a bill at the end of the month is because people take longer showers than necessary and run the water while brushing their teeth. In the article, “Save water”. By Sarah Kat, it states, “nearly a billion gallons of water goes to waste to because consumers take longer shows than normal, and leave the sink running for a long period of time (Kat). A normal shower takes two to three minutes on average , but research suggest that people take five to seven minutes showers in the morning, afternoon and evening adding up to a lot of water wasted in a single day, spread out to a week. Washing your hands should take no longer than thirty seconds, but the average person takes two minutes. Brushing your teeth should take two minutes, but averages about out to three minutes for an average person. With all the time accumulated, water is being wasted and money is being wasted as well. The old notion is right time is money. What can people do to save money on their water bill? Well, people can take shorter showers, don’t let the water run when brushing your teeth and washing your hands. To make the adjustments concrete, take a stopwatch into the bathroom and put a time that is half the time you let your water run. When the stop watch goes off immediately stop your water. As time goes by you won’t need the stop watch anymore and saving on your water bill will be routine. Planting trees and plants in your backyard are helpful ways to help the environment. Trees and plants produce oxygen that help animals and the people around you breathe easy. Planting trees and plants also help give food and shelter to wildlife that wouldn’t have the resources to find their own home. Helping the environment mainly starts with helping your own personal environment. Knowing how to help yourself improve the needs of your helps when you are trying to give advice to people and show what you know about tackling the environmental issue.

Environmental Education In The community

Education is power. Filling yourself with knowledge on a subject can help people in the present, or in the near future. It is especially vital to start learning when you are going because you absorb th9ings faster and more impression morals, and norms to kids when they are young so they will routinely show what they have learned and absorbed in the future generations as well. With the environment kids should be target of learning about the environment. Adults are mainly stuck in their ways bemuse they are accustomed to a norm and have accepted it. Kids are the niche market for environmental education because they can absorb what they have learned and act upon it creating an example for their peers. “According to kids daily”, by Lauren Scott, Most communities are reaching kids about the environment so they have a positive association with the environment (Scott). Many communities have adopted summer camps that emphasize learning about the environment. The camps focus on the basics of the environment like: air pollution, trash, recycling, and conservation energy.Many camps have worksheets and skits that are performed by the children to reinforce what they have learned about the environment. What has been instilled in the kids will make positive solutions to them routine. By 2020 researchers have and educator predicts less pollution and more forms of renewable energy because of the environmental programs initiated with the children in the environment. It’s not all about the kids! Many adults have created programs and groups that are dedicated to creating a great environment to live in. some groups go as far as: picking up trash, recycling bottles found on the ground, riding bikes instead of cars, and speaks at events and schools around the world some people even go to community councils and bring laws into action that bring fines to people who litter and don’t pick up after their dog. Your community should be important to you and giving back to the people in your community by becoming involved is the environmentalist best hope of becoming healthier.

The Environment and Social Media

Social media and TV as a medium for the average consumer is more prevalent now more than ever. You can’t walk out of your house without hearing about what somebody has posted or seen on social media. according to “Social media is everywhere:, by lee wan, social media is used by eight percent of the millennial generation and doesn’t seem to be slowly dawn anytime soon (Wan).With social media on the rise, people are getting their news faster and more efficiently by the tip of their fingers. TV, which developed and grew in popularity in the 1950’s, has grown over the years as vital part of bringing families close together and giving news about pop culture history and entertainment. With TV pulling in billions of viewers each year TV is one of the dominant forms of mediums for the millennial and average consumer. With social media and TV as the dominant two way communication channel, environmental causes can be and are used on these two channels. Many environmental issues such as air pollution and water are hot conversations on social media right now. If there are issues with the environment and people want to voice their opinions and give solutions social media is the place to go. Many people are starting conversations on social media about the environment that has caught the eye of such public figures like Leonardo Deicaprio and Michael More. These public figures have enough influence on pop culture and society that when their documentaries came out about the issues with the environment, people listen and gave notice to the environment issues projected in the film. People of influence can take notice and regular people can take notice and create pages on social media site to dedicate to solving environmental problems, or alert groups on social media sites dedicated to solving environmental issues. TV is great for showing PSA’s Some PSA’s that are helpful and still successful are: The do something maing campaign and the know you more campaign. These two important campaigns showcase problems and solutions that are society is dealing with and promotes these issues by doing a thirty second PSA with well know actors ,musicians and athletes . The PSA’s have proven successful and still air to this day. Environmentalist can do the same thing they can pitch a PSA to an environmentally friendly network and get funding to do there on PSA that would tackle environmental issues


The benefits of looking after the environment are endless not all of the alternatives and solutions are explained in this paper ,but there are many to look at and try. The environment has been with us with millions of years we should try to take care of it


Taking care of the environment starts with you and ends with you. Spread the word,get involved and have fun doing it s well.


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© 2017 Till Anderson


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