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Mandate for a Personalized Gun Law

Updated on January 3, 2013

For Emile, Noah, and all the children who died, let's enact a fingerprint decoding technology law.

Personalized guns could have prevented the last two shootings and make stolen guns unable to fire!How? By having smart guns. This technology uses computer chip technology to determine the fingerprint and only fire if the rightful owner is using it.

The pictures of the beautiful children who died in the last gunman shooting spree have touched us all so much. There are no words that could explain the mass heart crushing pain and senselessness living through another shooting trend. It is a dark hour for New England and our nation. As we are faced with the faces of Emile and Noah and all the rest, we ask ourselves once again," How can this happen?" We need answers. In loving remembrance of the lost children that had so much to give us and now gone forever, I am asking all to consider a madatory Personalized Gun Law.
Personalized guns are weapons that have fingerprint decoding technology on the trigger. The ability to fire the weapon by anyone other than the legal owner is made impossible. This would have prevented the last two shootings saving lives and saving children. The gunman at the Portland area mall stole his gun from someone he knew. Twenty year old shooter Adam Lanza stole his mother's gun. In both of these situations these guns would not have fired. Personalized weapons will not prevent all of these criminal acts of violence but, it will save lives and make stolen weapons worthless. It will also make street guns unsellable.
In April of 1999, following the attack on Columbine High School in Littleton Colorado, I wrote to newspapers all over the country advocating for personalized guns. No one listened back then. Maybe they will listen now. The time for a personalized guns law in long overdue.

By Joanne Kathleen Farrell

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    • janeenjesse@yahoo profile image

      Joanne Kathleen Farrell 5 years ago from Rensselaer NY

      Thanks for responding Peter,

      You have made valid points. Again I never said anything about banning guns. We have a Constitution that in all legal aspects really prevents that. Opposition will follow any infringement of civil rights in the states. However, thousands die here from bullets flying from stolen street guns. Chip guns will make street guns worthless over time because new brands will not be able to fire. In a street sale, even if there is a promise that the chip was removed buyers will doubt it and be reluctant in purchasing something that may not fire when they need it to. I feel half of all gun violence incidents in the US would be prevented with personalized weapons. There is another problem. The US manufactures so many guns we cause violence all over the world. Peace, JKF

    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 5 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear joanne,

      Thank you for your reply, I was not aware of the use of his mothers gun or using someone else's gun.

      Again in the UK they have a system which may be useful in the USA whereby in my case, my guns are kept in an armoured steel case to which only I have keys, my wife's guns are kept in a similar locked case for which only she has keys. I have no access to her case and she none to mine. Our guns and ammo must be kept in separate steel locked cases

      So that one is useless without the other. We are subject to spot inspections, even in the middle of the night, and any transgression results in our firearms certificate being cancelled and guns confiscated.

      This system is applied for certain offences including an acrimonious divorce, drunk driving etc. It appears and is draconian and quite frankly does nothing to address the problem of illegal guns or mentally disturbed people.

      It is a sad fact that until people stop wanting to kill people the problem will continue.

      I wish you a safe and pleasant day, kind regards Peter

    • janeenjesse@yahoo profile image

      Joanne Kathleen Farrell 5 years ago from Rensselaer NY

      Dear peter,

      I just wanted to say that the last few shootings here would not have taken place if they had personalized guns. Lanza could not have fired his mothers guns. The shooting at the mall in Colorado was perpetrated by an individual who took someone elses gun. No it will not stop every act of violence. Howcver, it will save lives and would have prevented the Newtown children from being murdered in a first grade classroom. JKF

    • Peter Geekie profile image

      Peter Geekie 5 years ago from Sittingbourne

      Dear janeenjesseyahoo,

      This is an excellent article with an innovative suggestion.

      However, I can only speak for the situation in the UK. You may be aware some years ago the possession of hand guns was banned and every single legally held hand guns, without exception, were handed in. What was the effect? Absolutely nothing, gun crime continued in the same old way by the same old criminals using illegal guns. Most illegal guns come into the country as war trophies, or overseas countries who have no control.

      A chipped gun only prevents anyone other than the owner firing it - this raises two points 1. The gun owner is the maniac. 2. In my experience legally held guns are rarely used in crime.

      If we ignore the hundreds of thousands of "normal" gun currently in circulation, chipped guns will make little or no impression on weapons available.

      In the UK apart from trophy war guns from Afghanistan, Iraq etc we have (and I'm sure you do also) ex army weapons experts who can make guns from replicas or spare parts. These guns are hired out with ammo and if not fired they are returned. If they are fired then they are returned and totally destroyed to prevent identification.

      If we are to stop senseless random killings it is not gun control that is required but moral education and weeding out and removing from society the unstable. Guns are just one weapon used to kill, should we look similarly at knives, baseball bats, fire, poisons and beatings which account for far more deaths than guns.

      Society may tut tut over gun crime but very few actually want to stand up and be counted or offer a practical solution.

      Thank you for raising this issue. Kind regards Peter