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Many of you know swimming and love to swim

Updated on May 29, 2016



Fish in a lake


Animals, like the whales can hold their breath for a long time while under the water

In a swimming pool, under the care of an instructor, we may dive into the water. When we swim, we keep our nose above water so that we can easily breathe. A diver takes a deep breath before diving. Once he is under the water, he does not breathe. When he feels he has to breathe, he comes up to the surface of the water so that he can breathe with his nose above the water. Though we love water we cannot say we live in water. To live in water means moving in water with ease and finding our food in water. What about the animals and plants which we find water?

Animals, like the fish live in the water all the time. The shape of its body helps the fish to move faster in water.

A fish has fins with which it pushes the water very much like the way we push water with our hands when we swim or like a boatman who `pushes' the water when he rows with his oars. Like all other living organisms, fish also need oxygen to live.

Luckily for the fish, a small amount of oxygen is found dissolved in the water and the fish can take in this oxygen from water with the help of gills.

A fish opens its mouth to take in water. When it closes its mouth, the water is pumped over the gills which are located behind its mouth on their side. When water flows on the gills, oxygen enters the blood stream and carbon dioxide is given out.

Some animals, like frogs and turtles, can breathe both in water and on land. Animals, like the whales can hold their breath for a long time while under the water. When they need to breathe in air, they come to the surface of the water to take in the air. All these animals find food in water. A fish eats smaller fish. The small fish eats tiny animals or plants that live in water.

We see birds living close to water - bodies. These birds spend most of their time near water - bodies as they find food here. You see a bird diving down to scoop a fish and fly up again.

Swimming birds



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