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Marijuana - Benefits and Risks of Legalization

Updated on April 2, 2012

The debate over the legalization of Marijuana is an intense battle that has been going on for years. Some states have gone to the point of legalizing the drug for medicinal purposes which has led to the expansion of hundreds of dispensaries. Although this drugs can help the sick and contribute the the economic welfare, it can also have negative consequences if it were to be legalized.

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  • Medicinal Purposes. The use of medical marijuana can help many different people. What is it about marijuana makes it medicinal? THC the drug that is in marijuana causes a drop in blood sugar. This gives the user the desire to eat. Cancer patients have trouble eating and marijuana can aid them in eating. Marijuana can also aid patients in chronic pain. Get it chronic pain?

  • Taxation. The debate over making marijuana legal has a lot to do with taxation. Legalization would lead to an increase in revenue for the government. Medicinal marijuana in Colorado made 2.2 million dollars in sales tax alone. There are definitely profits to be made in the hemp industry.

  • Economic Expansion. Not only can the government make revenue on the taxation of marijuana, it can also help the expansion of this industry can lead to economic stabilization. It is a known fact that the job market is sub par and the legalization of marijuana could lead to the expansion of industry in America. I am resident of Colorado where marijuana is medicinally legal and there are dispensaries all over the place. Not only does marijuana create jobs in dispensaries, but also marketing, growing, and industry. We are seeing hard times as far as the economy goes. Could marijuana provide a way to help our economy?


  • Gateway drug. Marijuana is less harmful then drugs like cocaine and heroine, but marijuana can be considered a gate way to doing more harmful drugs. The use of drugs as an escape and to treat depression can cause a reliance on drugs and can be extremely harmful. The legalization of marijuana can cause people to do harder more destructive drugs.

  • DUI Driving under the influence of alcohol has cause many deaths all over the world. By making marijuana more available, more people would be at risk of driving under the influence of marijuana. Studies have shown that driving high is not as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol, but it still is a great risk.

  • Release of drug related criminals. Many people are locked in prison for the distribution of marijuana. If marijuana would be legalized these criminals would be released and could be harmful to the well being of society.

  • Use of marijuana by children. The use of marijuana in children can be harmful. Especially in young boys. Marijuana causes a decrease in testosterone levels and can lead to problems in development. The legalization of marijuana would increase the available of this drug to children and could cause harm.


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    • kittykfree profile image

      Kitty K. Free 5 years ago

      I don't smoke anything period, but I definitely think it should be legalized. There is no way that cigarettes, which can kill me second hand, and alcohol, which can kill me because of some irresponsible drunk driver, should be legal, but marijuana is not legal? That utter BS. Cigarettes are a gateway to death, but they are able to lobby their way into our lives. It's all about money. Pisses me off! And it makes absolutely no sense that hemp can be imported, but can't be grown here. Between hemp and marijuana, there'd never be another recession. We could stop killing trees for paper & use hemp. What a hypocritical criminalization of a product. Cocain does so much damage, but it only stays in the body for 3 days. Marijuana stays for 30 days so it can be used to prosecute more people and keep the privatized industrial prison complexes full, because they have to make their money. The hypocrasy of it all is maddening!