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Marilyn Monroe Speaks Through Channel Michael Dennis

Updated on October 15, 2009

One evening some years ago I found myself thinking about Marilyn Monroe after visiting a friend who was a big Marilyn fan. What might she say and what might such a conversation entail? One thing I felt for certain was that it would not be so much about her life on the earth. It would not be tabloid Hollywood gossip information that feeds the curiosity of nosy soap opera type of people.

A few weeks after that experience I found myself thinking about Marilyn again and wondering what she might say to me. Could she speak to me mentally through a writing? I am a writer. I love words. Could Marilyn mentally relay thoughts to me, I asked again. Why not, I heard in my mind. As I thought more about Marilyn and hummed her songs, I had the urge one morning to go to my computer. I felt that some kind of communication was about to occur.

“Okay, Marilyn,” I said out loud. “Talk away to your heart’s contentment.” Immediately words started forming in my mind. I closed my eyes and somehow I knew that she had a lot to say. After all, she was a Gemini. Gemini is a mental sign that rules communication. What followed was a visit with an amazing personality. I will never forget it. Her words will be with me forever!

“Hello, This is Marilyn Monroe! What a delight to make an appearance and talk with you. This is an easy thing for me to achieve because the veil that separates our two realms is not as thick as many believe it to be. It certainly is not as thick for me, for as some of you know by reading books about me, I had a love, fascination and interest in the occult and the realms of ESP. I loved visiting psychics and astrologers. This was all part of my love and knowledge and natural curiosity I had for life. Call it a hungry mind or intellect if you will, for being of the Gemini sign of the zodiac, a characteristic of the Gemini personality is a strong inquisitive mind and a natural intellectual curiosity.

“I am alive and well and I am deeply moved at how many people have paid me their respects in their own personal ways over the years and still do so to this very day. I know I was called a ‘goddess’ by some people and although I do not claim to be one, I find it interesting and even amusing how so many people could immortalize a mortal woman. I will confess that I tried to live out the icon assigned to me and being considered a goddess is no easy feat, especially for a mortal woman. There was a price to being a goddess but it was one I was willing and had chosen to take on for that particular lifetime. I am really no different than other women, aside from the fact that I was blessed with physical beauty. I certainly had my share of problems and demons to deal with-more than many women, I might add.

“In spite of how Hollywood and the media have portrayed me, there was and is much more to me than meets the eye. While on the earth I had a strong interest in spiritual subjects and matters. I might add that my interest in them now is equally strong. There is so much more I have learned on the other side of life.

“As I said the veil that separates our two realms is truly much thinner than you might think. You actually pierce through it quite frequently when you think of your departed loved ones. They often equally make efforts to communicate and give you company and comfort. It is only outdated belief systems and ignorance that keep you apart from those you love. In the future this shall all change, and we here in the spirit realm are grateful for you who are forerunners of this new era when spirit communication will be as common as sending an email or dialing the phone and speaking with a friend.

“Although I have departed from the earth, I am still very drawn to it. Actually, I look in quite frequently and find it amusing and even touching that I am still so popular. It is natural that I should still be attracted to the earth since I have not given up all my attachments to men, just as they have not given up theirs to me. How could I not be aware of my effect upon men? Actually I am even more aware of it now because the senses are far keener on this side of life. The spirit astral world is close to the earth and even permeates and intertwines with it. The spirits here can see much more of the doings and goings on taking place on the earth than you could begin to imagine. We sometimes make efforts to appear to you. But most of you are not ready for this and when and if such things occur, you are too quick to dismiss them as whimsical fancies and imaginings or you will simply say you had a dream about such and such a person. There is far more to dreams than you also can imagine.

“With all this in mind let me assure you that there is far more communication taking place between Heaven and Earth. Your telephone rings when someone desires to communicate with you via this means of communication or you check your emails or answering machines. Sometimes, you will find yourself thinking of someone before you receive the phone call or email. This goes to show you that spirit communication and telepathy can and do take place between people on the earth. You don’t have to be dead for spirit contact to occur. Likewise, you don’t have to be alive either, alive in the sense of inhabiting a human body. If any of us knew the full implications of how much communication does take place on so many planes, dimensions and realms, our minds would simply be bogged and we would go into overload.

“For example, on this side of life I am capable of being aware simultaneously of each and everyone on the earth who is thinking about me at any given moment in time. I am also capable of sending thoughts back which are usually only received at the unconscious level. Still, I am able to recognize and feel the flame of desire that burns in the hearts and souls of so many men. Anytime we think about someone, and especially when strong desire and emotions are present, there is an impulse of energy that is projected and launched into the ethers. When that energy is directed towards me I am able to connect and tune into it.

“There is a certain exchange of energy which takes place; a touching of soul imprints if you will. Our personal DNA and soul imprints are registered in the etheric realm and we are able to perceive and glimpse the true essence of the soul imprint of those who think of us and send us thoughts. We feel out the energy so to speak and if it feels compatible and agreeable to us, we are able to respond and send energy and thoughts back to the sender. There is far more communing and communicating going on between the realms. This is a skill that will one day be common upon the earth. There is truly coming the time when telephones will be totally obsolete as well as email.

“Do not be so quick to judge or dismiss the hermits and recluses as lonely people withdrawn and shut off from life and others due to their own personal choice. Many of these people are communicating on different levels with beings and souls on other dimensions. They are simply finding more satisfaction and fulfillment from those encounters than the every day communications with people which, I let me add, can be superficial, unauthentic, and downright boring and unsatisfying. This is especially true with those people in possession of a powerful imagination and fantasy life. In some ways they are more evolved than your average person. Spiritual comfort and communion certainly have their place and can be more fulfilling than useless chatter on the phone, in bars, or at boring cocktail parties.

“This may sound strange to most people who feel you must be in direct proximity or have a physical connection to exchange words, thoughts, and feelings. This is only because you are accustomed to relying upon and utilizing your ordinary five senses. Your abilities to perceive greater realities, beings, and dimensions far exceed your human limitation and restrictions that you place upon yourselves. That is one exciting benefit of being non-corporeal. We have the ability to stretch and expand our perceptions and potentials in ways you cannot begin to comprehend. Actually, everyone on the earth has this ability as well. You just are simply not encouraged or taught how to utilize the deeper potential of your minds. The potential is grand and vast indeed and I admit I am enjoying experimenting with and having fun with all the different types of communications I am learning about. If you can simply open your minds and hearts to greater possibilities, you too, are going to discover unlimited potentials that are currently dormant, yet available to everyone whether they dwell on the earth plane or in the spirit realm.

“Each and every one of your senses are operating at less than optimal levels. There is literally no limit to how much you can see, hear, touch, feel and even smell. What it all comes down to is what are you passionate about. Your desires and needs ultimately dictate your experiences. It is your will and intent that determine the reality you create for yourself. This is true on all levels. I dreamed and fantasized of being a beautiful woman that people would turn to look at when I passed them by. My intent and desire were so focused that I attracted the circumstances, situations, and people who would help me attain and realize my goal. Some call this the universal law of attraction.

“What is real for us is that which we direct and focus our thoughts towards. Posters of me which decorate the walls of many a gentleman’s studio or bedroom confirms the truth that I am greatly thought of still, long after my physical passing from the earth. My movies are still viewed and there is so much Marilyn Monroe paraphernalia out there. There are even Marilyn Monroe Christmas ornaments. That shows the impact that I made. I am still the lady of many a man’s fantasies. There are so many possibilities and realities contained within the realm of fantasy alone that it could take an entire lifetime to process and assimilate the information and truth. A few creative souls such as Walt Disney were very aware of this truth, and truly indeed were the creators of many a MagicKingdom.

“Fantasy, dear ones, is a necessary component of the soul and imagination. I do take some delight in being the current object of many men’s fantasies. I know that I can truly never fulfill a man’s dreams. But I can pretend that I can. I did a lot of that on the earth as the sex goddess Marilyn Monroe as I was frequently called. My fantasy and dream life are what helped me survive the God awful childhood I had in the orphanages as Norma Jean. Had I not had a vivid imagination, I fear I would have gone crazy, and had many of the same mental problems that my mother did, and as you have read, I had my own psychological troubles, insecurities and problems to deal with.

“I have realized much about human love since taking my leave from the earth. I have learned that to even partake of human love involves a great deal of projection and an excursion into the realm of illusion, fantasy and the imagination. We always create and sculpt an image in our minds of the qualities and characteristics we seek in our Beloved. Very seldom, if ever, can or do they live up to our expectations. Yet we hope, we dream, and we keep fantasizing our ideal love. We yearn and beg God and Destiny to bring us our Dream Love who will sail off with us into the sunset on a Pegasus or unicorn where we will live happily ever after.

“We are lonely for human love and attention partly because we are alienated from our own soul and spirit. So we continue in our efforts to portray that image that society dictates we should in order to attract the Love of our life. I was quite an expert in that department. Although I know I can really fulfill no man’s dreams, I can still pretend that I can when I’m in the mood. Excursions of fantasy and the imagination are fun and cause no harm. We can participate in each other’s fantasies and dreams and portray all types of characters.

“We can also open our psychic or spiritual eyes and senses to behold and check out other realms where people, and beings of many forms, shapes and types dwell and inhabit. Loneliness can be a very sad unfortunate experience, but it also has a positive aspect. It can push and prod the despondent person to probe deeper into their own minds and to push deeper into their imaginations where literally countless doors to other realms can be opened and explored. To some degree it requires a natural childlike curiosity and spontaneity to branch out like this and to go ‘where no one has gone before’ to quote the Star Trek theme. The term make-believe will one day be taking on a whole new meaning for you.

“It is time for those of us who spent so much time in the so called realm of ‘make-believe’ to realize that much more was going on than we imagined. The term is significant itself. In a sense we all do

‘make believe’; we make true what we believe. It becomes real for us. Therefore it takes on an energy and life of its own. We receive sustenance from this make-believe world and therefore know we can return as frequently as we need for nurturing, company, and sympathy.

“Don’t dismiss your invisible heroes and imaginary friends so easily as figments of your imagination. Talk to them. Take comfort in their company even if you cannot be in their physical presence. I wish had I known more about these things as a child. My loneliness in the foster homes would have been tremendously eased. This is not to encourage you to become recluses and reject the company of people in your lives. Not at all. Just know and realize that your friends and soul family are not limited to people on the earth.

“You should not be so hasty about dismissing the conversations that some of your family, usually small children, may have with their so-called invisible, imaginary friends. I am here to inform you that many of these so-called imaginary friends are not imaginary at all, although the imagination may well be the playground on which they meet. Whether the family believes in imaginary friends or not, as long as these visits are providing joy and companionship, why encourage your children or anyone to make their imaginary friends go away? Extend understanding, kindness and acceptance and you will see that they will not totally retreat into their inner worlds and imaginations.

“There is a place for both and imaginary visits and what one learns and experiences from them can make life on the everyday outer world much richer and more interesting. Some of these invisible friends can even be departed souls known as the so-called dead. Dead is hardly what they are. This is not an alien concept. It is just alien for the average Western mind. Primitive and eastern cultures have been communicating with spirits for eons.

“There are more of us than you can imagine who are attuned to and interested in the spiritual realm. I say it once again. There is always so much more to be experienced. So many more friends to make and know on many levels, planes and dimensions. This is important because so many of us did not have the proper teachers and guides during our formative years.

“If these words open your minds up just one fraction, then I am happy. I speak with passion and conviction because from where I am now, I see a much ‘greater picture’. I see that I was truly never alone, but I hid behind my desperation and confusion. I really was never alone but I thought I was.

I know I was looking for the love I never received as a child. I hoped the men I got involved with could give it. But even when they tried I was not healed and therefore I did not know how to receive. Looking for love in all the wrong places like the song says. Until we find that ‘great love’ within, we are not able to really take it in from others. Thus our lives and soul remain empty and lonely and we keep looking for someone to fill the void. It never works although it may seem to work for awhile and offer some temporary relief. I’m convinced that part of the healing is to go back and deal with the hurt and pain as a part of releasing it so we can move on.

“You are one among other forerunners who will bear and carry the torch of the future. Down with loneliness and neglect should be the battle cry! You have the ability to touch souls, minds, and hearts through your imagination, hopes and dreams. Never forget this. Be not so eager to stereotype yourself as imbalanced or missing a few cards or marbles if you have any similar experiences. Be open and see what your invisible friends and heroes have to tell and teach you. Talk to them. Get to know them. Pose questions to them. Test them. Do not accept any information or suggestions that would go against your integrity and dignity. Ask that only loving and kind souls be allowed to make contact with you. And so shall it be! For even the spirits possessing more mental powers cannot impose their presence upon you against your free will. And remember, you are never alone.”

“I have walked long hours down fields and wandered in the fields of loneliness, wondering if I would ever be loved, accepted and understood. Would anyone truly care for me? Sadly, I endured much horrible pain during such times. For I truly felt lost and so abandoned by life and others. I have nothing but compassion and I can totally relate to those people who are plagued by loneliness, alienation, isolation and that “something is missing” gut feeling that depresses you. Although I lived a life of glamour, fame and success I never really fit in. I tried in the foster homes. I needed and yearned to be a part of a family, but I knew I stood out. There was always something or someone to remind me that I was not a real part of the family. And those few moments when I may have felt a kinship and even convinced myself that I was a part of a family, something happened to cause me to have to leave. Only the lonely can relate to our stories.

“I know that many of you feel a connection to me. You have your stories to share. Many lie sleeping in the beds of your memories; waiting and hoping for that moment when the prince of remembrance will kiss and awaken you so you will be inspired to share and recall your precious stories. Many of you were thinking of me and knew me and felt close to me during my trials and tribulations and during my untimely death. You have your synchronicities and coincidences of things that happened during my final hours. For some of you, your clocks may have stopped at the exact moment I died. Others of you dreamed of me or had premonitions. Others had more far out and fascinating experiences.

“Be silent no more! This is the Aquarian age. It is the time to shake, rattle and roll so to speak. Time to shake up the old belief systems and usher in the new era where all paths and possibilities are honored and explored. Forgive yourselves for your silence and move forward. Forgive yourselves for feeling sad, alienated and alone when you have had more than ample communications from invisible friends who have been trying to reach you. It’s time to embrace yesterday for what it is and to let tomorrow become what it is destined to be-happiness, fulfillment and peace in the present.

“Dig out your journals and recall fond memories and the good ole days if you will. Make a few phone calls or do some internet website research on some old friends. It is time to touch base again. Make some time for those invisible friends you have never met in a physical body on the earth plane. And don’t forget those you have not thought about or spoken with since the boyhood or girlhood days. They are not only alive in the history, biography, or story books where you were originally captivated and introduced to them. They live now and not only in your memories. They live in your spirit and your heart and soul as well, and they have much to teach and share with you. Take a journey when you can, letting your imagination be the threshold that bridges spirit and matter, and go to them. There they will welcome and greet you once more.

“Your imagination can help lead you to your guides. If you have never met, ask your precious soul angel to introduce you to your invisible friends. Close your eyes and ask, who is my invisible friend and soul guide? Ask them for a sign, a message. One will be forthcoming. Know this. Many of your friends do not dwell upon the earth plane. They are just as wonderful and important as your earthly friends. There are so many souls you have never met but they are aware of you and they feel compassion and sympathy towards you.

“It takes resolve and determination to go beyond the bounds of the ordinary and often a crisis precedes such breakthroughs. Loneliness can be a great motivator for such breakthroughs. Ultimately it is our passions which motivate us to actualize our goals. Some souls will simply probe and push the mind and personality far beyond its normal human restrictions when the every day life is painful and unhappy. The laboratory of the mind offers as many possibilities for discoveries, and breakthroughs. Be grateful for the vast array of communications available to you.

“Like I said earlier, we can make believe-make ourselves believe anything we wish. And if the belief and faith are strong enough, we truly can move mountains and create miracles. Desire and hope are stronger than any restriction and limitation. Heaven literally comes to the rescue of the Dreamers. Never forget it for it’s one of the simplest and yet most misbelieved truths of the universe.

“In my case it was my obsession to be beautiful that led me to make believe what I wanted. Having been very lonely as a child, at a young age, I created the fantasy of me as a beautiful woman that would cause people to turn and look at me when I passed by. I somehow knew even then what role I was to play in life. My fantasy began to take on a certain reality once I began to mature and made connections which would give me the resources to create the image that I had of myself in my mind. Hollywood let me delve further into my fantasy. But it took a lot of dreaming and struggles before I really got their attention.

“I’d look up at the stars and wonder how many other girls wanted to be famous movie stars, and think how they were star gazing this very moment and dreaming too. But I said that I could dream harder than all of them. I truly believed this with all my heart. My faith never faltered no matter how many setbacks I had. I would tell Norma Jean that we were not always going to live in misery and I’d promise her that we’d be rich and beautiful one day. Our day and time was coming. This was something she could count on. Others may have let us down and my family was not there for me, but I told Norma Jean that life would get better. And it did. One can never dream, hope and fantasize enough. But one must also be willing to take calculated risks and actions as well.

“My dreaming and determination did get Hollywood’s attention until I had the backing to become as glamorous as money and resources could permit. Then I was able to actually look in the mirror and see the image that had come to life. I could tell myself I was a beautiful woman and the mirror would say back to me, “Yes, you are the fairest one of all.”

“In my own way I began to feel special and some of my memories of lonely times in the orphanages were even temporarily forgotten. I confess that I enjoyed the attention that men gave me. I still do although I know that no one can make us whole or complete. We must have self love to be able to receive authentic love from others. The mind and spirit know this but our hearts are content and ever wander in the fields of dreams creating this and that drama for entertainment and growth.

“My message to my gentleman admirers would be that yes I do see you where you are. I feel your thoughts and I can measure each and every pulsation and beat of your heart that registers depending upon which fantasy you are entertaining about me. Since the sky is the limit in the spirit realm, there is no limit to how many of you I can spend time with. Likewise, I can make mental and intellectual excursions with others whose interests are of a more mental intellectual nature. I truly did have a love of learning. I always regretted not having more formal education. So why would I not continue intellectual pursuits on this side of life? I don’t even need a library card to check out the great books of knowledge available in all the great halls of learning here. I am seen for who I am at the soul self level. I don’t have to worry about men getting bug eyed and unable to have an intelligent conversation with me because their lust and hormones are working overtime. Up here, I’m more or less seen as a plain Jane type. I enjoy that, but I also still take enjoyment in my former image as Marilyn Monroe that is so strongly imbedded in culture and society, that I’m all but considered a goddess or even an icon. In that regard I could say that I have the best of both worlds-the best of heaven and earth.

“Part of me is still intrigued with this concept of what a sex goddess is and I continue my learning and growth as I have many different degrees of contact with people on the earth. I am very real to those who think about me as they are real to me. With practice they could even learn to recall their nightly rendezvous with me. Calming the mind and awakening the soul takes discipline and effort, but anything worthwhile takes effort, do you not agree? I truly do enjoy all my visits and gentleman callers. I have always had an extroverted side and since I wanted it all so to speak, the love and splendors of Heaven, as beautiful and fulfilling as they are, simply cannot satiate my spirit. Being a Gemini, I am in possession of the dualistic nature inherent to the Gemini character. I am very much at home in Heaven, but my spirit also welcomes and needs the company and love of my earth friends and family as well.

“I confess that I am in need of more attention than the average person because I had a difficult childhood where love, emotional stability, and nurturing were lacking. The scars from childhood wounds do not disappear overnight. It can take an entire lifetime or even longer for complete emotional healing. Unhealed emotional wounds go right with you to the spirit world when you pass on. There is no quick exit or easy way out. I did choose to make an early exit for my own reasons, but this did not exonerate me from my need to heal my emotions. I am still working on that up here, and will have more to complete in my next life. There is much progress that can be made on this side of life. Likewise, there is much progress that can only be made on the earth with those souls with whom we have karma. There is much to learn from our human relationships while on the earth.

“I won’t go into detail about my other lives or what led me to choose to go through the ordeals as poor Norma Jean Baker, but I will say that all of my learning experiences were not in vain and I chose all of them. I even chose to have a mentally imbalanced mother and to spend time in the orphanage and foster homes along with my difficulties with relationships and various romantic involvements.

“Now I would like to speak about beauty, the goddess, perfection, sex, and love and hopefully give some insight as to why men were so enthralled by my presence and company. Now that I exist on a higher dimension, I am in possession of some wisdom and knowledge that I lacked while on the earth. Hopefully, sharing some of my accumulated knowledge can ease some of my pain for the mistakes I made there. For life is truly different once we make the physical transition. Up here nothing is hidden from the self or others. Our mistakes, self deceptions and failures stare us in the face with what can often be brutal, honest clarity and intensity. If one soul through reading these words is eased, inspired to self-improvement, and helped in any small way, and perhaps spared some of the mistakes I made, then I shall not have spoken these words in vain. Service is truly the best repentance there is!

“Now that I have spoken of my obsessive passion to be beautiful, I’d like to explore the concept of beauty with you. I have developed quite an interest in psychology and I now see that I was a personification of the sensual or sexual Venus archetype; especially after I dyed my hair blond. Some people still believe blond haired people to be less intelligent and perhaps more easy to deal with. Thus you still have your dumb blond jokes. Of course, such thinking is ludicrous. There are dumb and intelligent people with hair of many colors just as there many women more intelligent than many men and vice-versa.

“Perhaps there is more going on subconsciously than people are aware of. Could it be that the lighter features and hair reflect a certain divine radiance one would attribute to an angel, god or goddess? I wanted to fully look the part and my darker hair was not as affective as the platinum blond look I adopted. I was often called a goddess. In a certain sense that took me from the realm of the mundane where I was transported to the realm of the goddesses. At least I was transported there in the minds and imagination of so many of my fans. As you may know from your studies of mythology, a goddess is not human. She may take on human form but she certainly is not human. She is divine, and being divine she is not restricted to human limitations. Gods and goddesses possess many super, even super natural, powers and attributes. They can appear and disappear at will and come and go as they please. They can alter their shapes and forms and they are known to be able to stir up the most powerful passions. The goddesses are immortal and in a certain sense Marilyn has achieved a type of immortality because she is still alive to so many. One has but to view all the Marilyn Monroe paraphernalia to see just how “alive” she still is.

“There is a need for beauty but one need not be in contact with a god or goddess to satisfy this need? I believe this deep craving to experience something of the ‘divine’ is what led many men to put me on a pedestal and elevate me to the statue of goddess. One quality of a goddess is her evasive nature and her unavailability to most people. It is the goddess who chooses which mortals she wishes to encounter. Since most of them never met me personally, they did not have to confront or deal with my humanity.

“When a certain woman is named or claimed by a culture and society at large to represent or embody an archetype, she is then put on a completely different level and regarded differently by those who put her there. She does fulfill a certain role. I chose to play the role of ‘goddess’ for a certain time. I certainly enjoyed being an embodiment of the archetype of the goddess of love. Fantasy certainly has its rewards. The image I created certainly allowed me to live a lifestyle of wealth, luxury and comfort that I may not have otherwise known.

“One could ask if it’s remotely possible of ever attaining the statue of god or goddess. I’m not sure that could happen, but what I do know is that the interest in gods, goddesses, and the mythological characters that dominate movies is very strong and is not likely to fade or disappear any time soon. Why these archetypes are so active and alive in the human psyche is a question that interests and intrigues me. You have but to look about to see these archetypes active in people’s minds and lives. Comic books, novels, songs, and films are full of superhuman characters that children and adults identify with. Whether gods or goddesses create mortals or whether mortals create them I do not know, but it seems to me that they somehow need each other. Perhaps a touch of mortality makes a god or goddess whole, and a touch of divinity makes a mortal whole.

“Many of your movie stars and performers are elevated to the level of god or goddess. Their fans will sit outside for hours in the rain or cold waiting to purchase tickets to their concerts. They will wait in long lines to receive an autograph and if they should be so lucky, they may even get to have a word or two with their stars. Should they be able to physically touch them, receive a handshake or a hug, you will hear those loud sighs and see people swooning. To them it is as though a divine being had touched them. It is such a powerful experience that their hearts burst with excitement, and they get dizzy or sweat from so much adrenalin pumping.

“Why do you call them star and starlets? Because on some level they are unreachable just as the stars in the Heavens are untouchable. Most people know they will never meet their idols in person and this feeds the flames of the fantasies even more, along with our pocket and inflated egos and self images. I am again reminded of the need for a rich fantasy life. Just take someone to an idol’s concert and they melt like putty and lose themselves in the fantasy and fanfare of the stage performances with all the displays, fireworks, lighting and sound effects. If that is not fantasy in action then I am not Marilyn Monroe.

“I was called a goddess and men the world over admired and sought my attention and love. This is no new phenomenon by any means. The goddess of love has been popular for a long time. The Romans called her Venus, and the very sound of the word Venus is pleasant to the ears. One of the planets of this solar system was even named after her. This should tell you something about how important she is. People often refer to Venus as the planet of love. The dictionary refers to a beautiful woman as a Venus. There are famous art works with the name of Venus, such as the famous renaissance Venus de Milo, and much further back in history, the famed Venus de Willendorf which dates some 20,000 B.C. years or more. This fertility figurine was not given this name by chance. The power of this feminine archetype of love transcends time and history.

“The concept of the beautiful goddess has been around for centuries and no doubt will be for ages to come. As long as men need to fantasize being loved by a beautiful goddess type woman, women will attempt to fill this need and go to great personal sacrifices and financial expense to maintain this image. Looking upon a beautiful woman, it has been said by many a man, was the most exciting pleasurable experience of their lives. Such beautiful women certainly capture their fantasies and are the object of many of their imaginary wanderings. A dream lady may be an actual woman, or as is more often the case, she may be someone he watches on TV, at the movies or someone he sees in a magazine.

“There is something about the element of perfection that men tend to attribute to their fantasy and concept of what constitutes a goddess. Let me remind you that gods and goddesses do not live solely in our imaginations and dreams, and in our fantasies. They live in our art, our music, sculpture, poetry and in other domains. Many works of art portray this goddess. Musicians, poets, playwrights, painters, sculptors, and many other have paid tribute to this glorious goddess of love as the Greeks and Romans so named her. She is a central character in Wagner’s opera, Tannhauser, and a recurrent character throughout Roman and Greek mythology.

“She has had her place in the imagination since time immemorial. One thing that is certain here is that there is a need for the imagination to be kept occupied. This is because the natural home of the soul is not the human body or even the earth itself. One way to expand and extend one’s senses and to make some contact with the soul is to utilize the imagination. Imagining falling magically in love with a beautiful woman certainly takes a man outside the domain of the ordinary and the mundane. This is why some men are even insistent and willing to support the woman who will play that role for them. It’s as though they don’t want her to be too soiled with too much earthiness. They like keeping her on a pedestal where she occupies a place on their created throne which places her above and beyond the human domain. To be escorted by a lovely lady at important events and social functions is all part of the fantasy. Their dream lady can lift even the most bored man a few feet above himself and keep his gaze upward into the realm where human foibles and fallacies are not noticed are cared to be noticed. These women take on a certain reality to these men, and it’s a self created reality. We all see what we desire to see. In the fairy tale when Beauty finally saw Beast’s true inner beauty that is when he magically transformed.

“From a young age that happened to me to a great extent. I’d see myself being adored and admired. I would be escorted by rich, handsome and important men. We’d go to balls and important functions. My clothes would sparkle along with my diamonds and my eyes. I saw this image of myself long before anyone else viewed me this way. This dream took me outside of myself long enough to escape some of Norma Jean’s pain. It grew stronger and stronger until it did take up a reality of its own.

“This desire to experience perfection is very strong. I will even go so far as to say that there is an innate need to experience a state of perfection. Some call this the yearning for the original garden of Eden state of being that the Bible mythically portrays as the place of our origins. A woman whose features are perfectly chiseled and her figure ideal takes on that flawless look, offering a man a glimpse into some longed for past time where everything was beautiful and perfect. Movie stars, models, and other such goddess figures are willing to spend hours in the make-up room being made beautiful. Many would never risk being seen looking natural. How could they possibly burst the bubble and appear as ordinary and plain? For the image that has been created for them is a near supernatural or extraordinary one so to speak. Living up to and maintaining such as image gives these women a sense of transcending the mundane and the ordinary.

“In the imagination anything goes and all is possible-even perfection and a lovely full-figured woman provides a visual offering of just that. I will even venture to say that every woman is a goddess of her own right, or that at minimum she is part and parcel of the goddess energy and essence. The core of her soul is beauty and perfection. It’s just sad that so many women feel they have to look the part from an exterior vantage point. It is fine to wish to become physically attractive and to make efforts to do so, but to become obsessed with the physical appearance to the point that many women have half starved themselves to maintain their figure, is a tragedy and assault to the very goddess they wish to resemble and portray. They will go in debt to keep up with the latest fashions and wear the most uncomfortable pumps to highlight their legs, without thinking about the back aches and discomfort that come after prancing around in high heels for hours. They will risk their health by having plastic surgery to enlarge their breasts in order to be more attractive to win the attention of men and to compete with other women. I was guilty of much of that vanity and seen from this side of life I see how superficial it all really is.

“What is all this need for a woman to have ample full breasts about anyway? Are these men remembering the tenderness and warmth they felt when they suckled at their mother’s breasts when they were babes? Are they longing subconsciously to go back to a time when all was secure and safe? And can they only experience softness and tenderness if they have a woman around them who is docile? Hollywood and the studio were constantly capitalizing on that soft little girlie raspy voice I created that was so innocent and non-threatening. When I think of that “Mr. President Happy Birthday song” I rasped out to President Kennedy, being half-dazed as I was, I am so embarrassed. It makes me wonder just what fantasies and needs of men do we women put above our own?

“Many call their girlfriends or wives baby and their wife mom or mother when they get older? Now just what is that all about? It would be interesting to see what the Freudian Psychologists have to say about this along with the obsession with womens’ breasts. What a fallacy to think that to be beautiful a woman must have large breasts. And how my heart breaks when I see women fret and panic if they get breast cancer and have to have a breast removed. Some of them feel as though they have no reason to be on the planet anymore.

“There is nothing wrong with a woman doing all that she can to make herself attractive, but women must also learn that true beauty comes from within. Too many cultures have overemphasized the outer appearance. No one needs to constantly fretting and obsessing in front of the mirror over their looks. Women need to honor the goddess and the feminine and all it represents. There is much more to the eternal ‘feminine’ goddess than mere outer physical looks. It is time for women to cease obsessing on how they look in front of the mirror and to hide behind make-up. The sad thing is that these women ultimately lose self respect when they compromise who they really are to create a look to feed the fantasies and expectations of men. In her heart of hearts every woman wants to be loved and accepted for who she is without all the material entrapments.

“Women’s imaginations can run wild too and a need to experience the natural beauty and perfection of the soul drives many of them to obsessive behaviors. Since your culture does not exactly place much value on inner soul beauty, women will try to meet the expectations of men and go out of their way to create a sense of perfection via their physical looks.

“On the earth, which is an imperfect world, perfection or perfect looks cannot really exist because every culture and society create their own standards of what constitutes perfection. On the higher planes perfection does exist and one means to catch a glimpse or experience some of that perfection is symbolically. The diamond is one such symbol. This is why the diamond is considered the most beautifully perfect precious stone and the choice stone of the wedding ring to seal and bond the perfect union that marriage is supposed to represent. It symbolizes the union of two souls; two hearts that become as one. To possess a diamond ring, and hopefully one of many carats, is the dream of many a gal. There is something truly lovely and even other worldly about this stone. Its brilliance alone is breathtaking, and there are other healing qualities inherent in the diamond which I will not go into here.

“Esoteric discourses could be given on the many qualities of the diamond. Just suffice it to say that people are drawn to diamonds for more reasons than they are consciously aware of. There is something truly magical about the shimmering rays of light that so illuminate a diamond when the sun shines its light upon it. You are truly light beings at the core of your being, and you all came forth from the light when the soul sparks ignited at the burst of creation. This is why so many of you love bright lights. Some people are so captivated by colorful lights and find them so beautiful that they keep up their Christmas lights up far longer than the twelve days of Christmas. Because we are all light beings, we naturally gravitate towards the light. It is natural and healing to take in some sunshine on a daily basis.

“Enjoy life and be de-light-full. Take in the light to the fullness so that you and your soul can know gladness. The soul is truly glad when we take in truth, beauty, perfection and love. I am here to tell you that you are truly magnificent, grand, and beautiful creatures and you each need to let your light shine more and more as the old song goes. “This little light of mine. I’m gonna let it shine.” Let the diamond remind you that en light en ment, to play with words “In the light is meant to be”. We are each destined and meant to be in the light and not to remain victims who suffer from the affects of too much inner darkness. Perfection is the innate pristine purity essence of the soul which the diamond reflects. For that very reason “diamonds are and will continue to be a girl’s best friend.” And a friend to some of the fellows as well.

“It is the inner self which mirrors the pristine reflection of your soul. If a diamond can remind you of that and fill you with joy, then by all means purchase one. Purchase two or ten according to your means. If you don’t have the means to purchase a diamond, then find a picture and have it nearby. Let the light of this magical jewel fill your soul with gladness. When the soul is glad, ego is likewise joyous.

“There is more to the saying “Blonds have more fun”. It is this spirit of lightness that the blond color represents. One need not have dark hair and remain always gloomy and serious. Of course we know that the spirit of lightness and playfulness cannot be determined by something as simple as one’s hair color. But there is the component of lightness that gave blonds the reputation of being simple, awkward, or even stupid. I need not tell any blond jokes to make my point. I’m simply telling you that there is meaning to everything. Words, colors and images can evoke subliminal emotions in the subconscious mind and cause people to respond to the most simple and ordinary aspects of human daily life from a deeper standpoint without even being aware of it. Becoming a blond or wearing diamonds can remind us of truths that we are not consciously aware. Nonetheless our soul is aware of these truths which the outer symbols represent. Many black women are now dyeing their hair blond for the same reasons.

“One day we will all come to realize that we have far more in common with the angels than we realize. We love the bright lights that surround them; the halos and glows which emanate from them. And we love seeing them appear as ‘Light Beings’ all dressed in white. The color white is a symbol for purity and perfection, so by donning white we can feel a little more of that state of inner perfection. Those who shy away from diamonds for themselves and the color white are often the very ones who are attracted to blonds and may wish to indulge them with diamonds. If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, then having his girlfriend wear the diamonds he gives her makes him feel very proud and special. Maybe some of the magic, purity, innocence, and perfection even rub off on him. Men have been known to comment that a certain woman had a look, an air about her. Authors have dedicated a book to a special woman who they refer to as their special angel. Some will go so far as to say she looks like an angel or that there is a special aura about her. This is sometimes truly the case, and I might add that all angels do not have wings.

“There is an angelic nature in each of us as well as a diabolical one. One way we attempt to contact our angelic nature is to seek perfection and love in our search for the ideal relationship.”

“By ideal I mean that which is considered perfect or as the perfect model. Idea is something existing only in the mind as an image, fancy, or concept. When dealing with the domain and realm of the ‘ideal’ we must understand that the words ‘perfection’ and ‘ideal’ can truly only exist in the mind and imagination. Each and every person has their idea of what constitutes perfection and the ideal for them. In one culture a shapely, voluptuous woman with a beautifully sculpted face might be considered as having a perfect figure. In another culture a tall skinny woman with small breasts would be revered and admired as possessing the physical qualities of beauty. Definitions of beauty vary according to the values of a particular society and culture and these definition can also change over time within a particular society.

“In spite of how individual and personalized the concepts of perfection and ideal are, there is still some universal significance to them, and most people if they admit it, would enjoy meeting the ideal love of their life and to have what is often called the perfect relationship. One reason surveys are interesting is that there are so many different ideas and opinions expressed as to what defines and constitutes various qualities.

“I am the first to admit that Marilyn Monroe was constantly trying to find the ideal man in hopes of having the perfect relationship. I felt there was such a man out there somewhere who would make me as happy as I would make him. As the stories reveal, I had my experiences with different men, ever hoping this one or that one would turn out to be the perfect love for me. It is natural to long to know and experience our natural state of perfection. But that level of perfection exists on a plane far beyond the human. One does not tap the realm of the ideal and perfection by focusing all of their time, energy, and efforts on the human aspects of life.

“One comes to gaze upon, sense, or intuit perfection when one becomes more attuned to the spirit within. Perfection has been glimpsed and tapped by certain gifted composers, scientists or artists via the outlet of a vivid imagination which finds expression in some form such as science, art or music. A genius such as Mozart was able to bring some perfection to this world via the expression of music. So yes, perfection can be tapped but never fully attained by the mere human self. The human mind cannot begin to grasp or capture the most miniscule portion of perfection as it exists in the universe. It is the spirit and the imagination that can take us to the realms where perfection exists in its purest forms. Or perhaps I should say the spirit and imagination can bring the realms of perfection to us.

“Beautiful bodies grow old and become wrinkled. To begin to approach perfection and the ideal one must step beyond the time oriented third dimensional realms into the higher realms which poetry, music and art give glimpses of.

“In our search for the ideal love most of us have had those rare experiences where we felt that what was taking place between our self and our beloved transcended our mortality and took us to heights beyond the human self. The feelings and experiences were too intense and beautiful to be defined as a mere physical encounter. There were glimpses and touches of divinity in some of our moments together. I am sure you have had your own experiences, whose memories when they do surface, give you a wistful look. Perhaps your eyes glow and twinkle as a bit of the old magic comes back to you as you enjoy and treasure memories.

“As I said the soul’s true nature is one of perfection. One of the qualities of perfection is beauty. Beauty arouses and awakens our higher passions and guides us to the domains of the sacred and holy. The soul hungers and yearns to experience beauty in the outer world. It is constantly urging us to behold beauty in its myriad forms; a lovely sunset, the morning dew glistening on rose petals, a twinkle in a baby’s eyes, the sounds of music. Beauty elevates us and reminds us that we belong to and are a part of something more than the mundane.

“Words, notes, colors on a palette, or a beautiful man or woman’s body can only point in the direction of beauty. But even a glimpse, how shadowy it might be, is most satisfying to the soul and aesthetically pleasing to mind, body, and spirit.

“The fact that my physical body was appealing and considered beautiful put me in a position to stir up that soul longing in men to glimpse, and partake of beauty. Matter and spirit are intertwined. Physical beauty always has its spiritual counterpart. When men looked upon my physical body they were not only viewing me with physical eyes. They were also viewing me with soul vision. Many found themselves utterly lost in my presence. I truly stirred more passions in them than the physical one although most were not aware of it. They just felt a compelling magnetism towards me.

“I can assure you that Hollywood took advantage of such desires. The movie screen made me somewhat available, and the imagination could conjure all types of pleasant experiences. The movie screen also made me unavailable, at least in the physical sense. A movie can be so real to us that it can evoke the deepest emotions and cause us to laugh or cry, as we identify with this or that character or situation. Still everyone knows that a movie is a movie and watching a movie is not quite the same thing as being in the physical presence of someone. Nonetheless, the fact that I was unavailable physically in some ways enhanced the experience. Beauty stirs up and heightens the physical senses as well as the subtle psychic senses and reminds the self of its true nature which is divine as well as mortal. Put another way, beauty is synonymous to perfection which is another attribute of the soul.

“Unfortunately, most men have a tendency to not seek out beauty through its many forms, but rather to seek out a woman. Men’s excessive dependency on women for love, beauty, and wholeness is in reality little more than a projection of a portion of their own soul desiring to know and understand itself. Few men understand this so they project this need upon women and hope they find one who can fill what is missing in their own lives. Women are often just as guilty at feeding these illusions and unrealistic demands that men make of them. Many like to keep men dependent upon them and can be expert manipulators and players of this game of love.

“No one can give you something that you do not possess within your own being. No woman can fill a man with magic and the gifts of the intuitive, sensuous, beautiful, nurturing, and the feminine if the man is not aware and in touch with this part of himself. The feminine is in reality an energy, an archetype that dwells in the male as well as the female psyche. It is most unfortunate that most men are taught that only women are in possession of the quote feminine qualities. It leads men on the constant search for the ideal woman to fulfill them.

“Will they ever find her? Sadly, I must tell you the response is no because such a woman does not exist. No woman is perfect only except as she is sculpted in their mind and imagination. She cannot fulfill the soul needs of a man. Why? Because she has her own destiny and self to discover and explore as does he. We must ultimately be able to stand on our own and find happiness and fulfillment within. No person can give us that. You may ask why? The reason is that each person must merge with their own soul and spirit. The ego must wed to its deeper self and know inner wholeness and completion before it is ready or allowed to meet the soul mate. I spent my life chasing love and men when I should have stopped long enough to look in the mirror and see who I really needed to be seeking-my own self. Because I failed at achieving happiness and fulfillment in relationships, I am all the more interested and fascinated by the subject of human relationships and am grateful for the knowledge I have acquired up here.

“I have finally learned that the purpose for relationships is not to make someone else whole and complete. No one can do that although most people believe the contrary and seek out the ideal mate for that very purpose. To depend on a person to fulfill us is to give away our power and our self love to the other. We must never forget that destiny can call the other away any day through death, a new love interest, a career move, or even the muses themselves could strike any woman with a lightning bolt of thunderous artistic creativity that will so rumble and stir her inner depths that she will be compelled to answer the call of the muses and forfeit human love for a period of time.

“To find the perfect, beautiful, feminine a man must go within his own depths and find her in the chambers of his soul. She dwells deep within his heart. She lives in the corners of his mind, and sleeps in the rooms of his psyche, occasionally making an appearance in his dreams, imagination or fantasies. She comes to him in dreams because he can accept her there. He can relegate her to night time wanderings of the imagination, and not have to deal with her or accept her as part of his own soul. She knows that she is part of him, but also that he cannot accept that, so she does not interfere with his belief system or try to rock his rational boat so to speak.

“Yet, she, the feminine counterpart of his own soul still longs for him to know and accept her. She grieves when he constantly looks outside himself for an external woman to meet all his needs for tenderness, emotional support, love, affection, nurturing, playfulness and so on. A man should seek a woman to share the wholeness he has discovered within himself, not to make him feel whole. No one can do that for another person no matter how many songs or movies may state otherwise. People try ever in vain to find wholeness with someone else. I did so, and from my current spiritual understanding and perspective, I see that such thinking is erroneous. No woman outside himself will ever know him, understand him or be able to love him as his inner muse does.

“Although most people look outside themselves for love, love must first come from the self. When “self” embraces and accepts love, then one feels love from everywhere. It is at this time, and this time only, that destiny allows a man to meet his ideal woman.

“If you want love and your perfect ideal woman to appear to you, you must do the following. Take the journey within, and discover the wonders of your imagination and your creativity. Allow yourself to experience tenderness, vulnerability, longing, yearning and all the emotions that love arouses. Wed your soul, mind and heart and then I guarantee you that so much love and passion will emanate from your aura, energy and presence that your ideal woman will sense it, and destiny and the very goddess of love herself, will bring her to you. It can be no other way. For the qualities that you cultivate will be qualities in your beloved that you will attract. Do not for a moment think or fear this will make you less manly or masculine. You will not be a sissy. On the contrary you will be more of a man. Any woman with any sense prefers a sensitive, imaginative, intuitive, nurturing, creative man to an unfeeling, macho one.

“Women, by the same token must find and bond with the masculine component of their psyche. They must find the masculine qualities of strength, resourcefulness, drive, will power, and intellect and not expect a man to provide them for her. When such a man and woman do meet and fall in love the heavens truly rejoices. Those are the marriages made in Heaven, and what a joy they are to behold, for they rarely take place on earth. Few men believe it possible or are willing to make this inner journey in the psyche to find their soul’s other half and counterpart, and unleash the passion and intense creativity that dwell within them. But for those who do the rewards are truly amazing and extraordinary; you might even say out of this world.

“Mortality and divinity ever desire to dance together and to know one another. One of the greatest attributes of divinity is creativity. To create is natural. The soul is creative and ever needs to be creating, be it writing poetry, songs, building or designing houses, painting a picture, creating a garden, landscaping or giving birth to a baby. Women experience this marvelous miracle of creation during pregnancy and when they give birth to a child. There are no words to express what she can feel as the new life moves about inside her, growing more each day. Men experience creativity when they seed a child. For a man to plant his seed inside a woman gives him an even greater sense of his own divinity and reminds him that he too is a creator and giver of life.

“Some older men still feel this need to be creator and often pursue a younger woman. This is partly because of the youth fad in American where beauty is still associated with being young, toned, and trim. Their older wife reminds these men of their own aging. Once a woman is no longer fertile some men unconsciously feel the need to plant their seeds in a younger fertile woman even if they desire to father no more children. If your subconscious urges that influence your desires were to be revealed, you might be most surprised. There are far more in operation than you can begin to realize. One of them is this need to take part in the creation process and the knowledge, albeit it unconscious, that the woman is capable of producing life.

“This gives them gratification on levels they are not consciously aware of, and it helps explain why so many older men have affairs with women in the prime of their lives, many younger than their own children. It also buffers them from the reality of their mortality. You are all no doubt familiar with stories where men indeed do father second or first families in their middle years. I cannot help but snicker when I see so many older men strutting about like peacocks. They can be as bad as or worse than women, fixing their hair, applying this or that cream or lotion to make their skin look better. Going to tanning beds. Some even go so far as to have plastic surgery, tummy tucks, or hair implants.

“Fear of aging and being reminded of it when they see the wrinkles, gray hair or excess weight on their wives can create a fear of sexual impotence in the man. Fear of sexual impotence haunts more men than you think. If a man cannot get aroused then he cannot plant his seed and guarantee his immortality on a symbolic level. I personally think that one of the reasons that some men tend to be more sexually promiscuous than women is because there is a strong subconscious need for them to plant their seeds in different women to assure them an even better chance at immortality.

“I do believe I have gone on long enough so I will wind down now. I will tell you that my next incarnation will be very different. I will resemble what you call a plain Jane type of woman. I have learned about true beauty, love, sex, and the goddess. I won’t need to play that role again. I will say that I have had lives before where I was very poor as well as deformed and scarred in various manners; one was deep burns from a fire. I felt very ugly for the rest of that life. To balance out and help heal some of my emotional wounds I chose a life where I would be far more rich and comely; thus one of the reasons for my life as Marilyn Monroe. We experience many lives on the earth plane and keep coming back until the earth has no more lessons or allurements for us. I hope you have found some interesting thoughts and ideas in this writing. I must run on now, because I have an appointment with my beautician. Find the love inside you, and Marilyn blows all of you a kiss!



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