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Market Analysis on College Athletic Recruiting Industry in America

Updated on December 10, 2014


The General sports industry in America is a potentially a reluitive industry that is projected to grow to by $145.3 billion by the year 2015. The industry is further set to flourish with a number of opportunities in different areas such as marketing, sports media both social and traditional, sports facilities and educational institutions which are arguably growing at a tremendous rate. However, potential investors In this industry should understand that although there are many opportunities in this sector, they should also prepare for the intense competition.

In the past three decades, there has been a tremendous development and growth of sports management and recruitment agencies around the country. These management, education and recruitment entities have gained ground on educational institutions such as high schools, colleges and universities. Since 1980 to 2010, the number of sports management programs, as well as recruitment entities has been continually rising to more than 500. This rise had made these sports to be easily accessible to students, as well as potential sports business entrepreneurs and professionals to find the right college that that harbors their preferred sport.

College athletics

The trend of male, high school football and basketball players in America

There are many students in high school, both male and female who involve themselves in playing different types of sport. Those who become effective in their specific sport at the college level must have a good start at high school. It is essentially true that most high school athletes do not find the opportunity to play. In most cases, chances of a student earning an opportunity of playing football, baseball, athletes or basketball is based on the grades earned, as well as the potential in playing the particular stop.

According to the estimates by the NCAA, there are few chances and opportunities for students in playing at the preferred sports at the collegiate level . In particular, only a small number of athletic players (3%) get chances of playing at the college level. However, these figures do not take into consideration the available opportunities in the lower division of NJCAA, NCAA and NAIA.

The high number of boys participating in various sport activities in high school translates that there is high opportunity for college sport recruiters in this industry. In the year 2000, the number of youth in America who participated in a specific sport was found to be 54% of children who were between the age bracket of 6-7 were active members of various sports teams in high schools. A national survey of children’s health conducted in 2013 found out that among the youth of age group 10-17 years, the participation of sport in these age group had jumped to 59%. Moreover, this participation was also projected to increase on a regular basis. A similar study by Rosandich produced both positive and negative news. The study findings showed that the participation of team sport was at its peak at the age of 11. Further, the study identified basketball as the single most popular team sport, but which has not received good participation from both boys and girls.

A related study produced a mixture of good and bad news. It revealed that team sport participation peaks at age 11, basketball remains the most popular team sport, and participation in sport by girls has never been better, but frequent participation by both boys and girls in team sports is declining. A closer look, however, reveals a host of problems. Perhaps the most alarming statistic is that by some estimates, over 70% of participants drop out of youth sport programs along the way to high school. Speculation is rampant as to the cause, but no clear pattern has yet emerged. Possible causes of youth dropouts in sport include the following. Studies have also confirmed that in regard to gender, boys have a more likelihood of participating in sport at any age group and more likely to engage to multiple sports as more of these boys had a tendency of aviding sport participants. Many girls had a tendency of engaging themselves in sports later in life when compared to boys.

Involvement of Parents and Guardians on College Sport and Athletic Recruitment

A survey conducted by Rowley (2010) found that the dynamics of league change and expansion have highly contributed to the rising gap between parents who are unconcerned on their children’s sporting endeavors and those who are interested on the same. The author’s notes that activism and sensitivity of parents in this matter plays a role on the kind of colleges the students choose to attend.

However, in the perspective of U.S, the involvement of parents in their children’s sport has drastically fallen. According to a survey by the U.S Department of Education, several reasons can be citied on this lack of parental involvement in youth sport. Key among them is that many parents have an attitude that children should only concentrate on education matters and not sporting matters.

A national survey conducted this year on the concern of parents on their Children’s sports revealed many concerns in relation to youth sport with variables such as recruitment of these youth to specific colleges, cost of participation and the interaction of coaches with these youth. This report established that over ten parents who had children in high school were very much concerned on the quality or behavior of their youth coaches, and the colleges their children could get the best training. In fact, 61% of these children called it a “big concern”.


Demographics for parents with children playing basketball, football or atheletics are unavailable

Sports Recruitment Organizations

Currently, there are various organizations, both local and online recruitment services which are conducting the services of high school recruitment. Among these are,,and 247sports among others. In essence, college recruitment services is an ever rising industry which offer facilitation for high school youth and their parents to find the right colleges for their sport. Companies that offer online services such as,,and 247 sports, Star Sports, among others offer links and tips to NCAA associations as well as other packages at a fee. Some of these packages include talent evacuation, connecting players with other professionals around the country, video preparation among others. Other local agencies include but not limited to College Prospects of America, Athletic Scholarship Recruiting Services, and ICAC Sports which are major players in this industry.


In conclusion, the college recruiting industry is potential one for would be investors. Despite the huge competition in this sector, there are still many factors that make it a potential one.


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