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Mars moon Phobos: Are Aliens From Another World Living Inside Phobos?

Updated on July 13, 2016
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C. E. Clark has had a curiosity about the universe and other possible intelligent life there since she was about 10 years old.

Is the Monolith Located On Phobos a Sign of a Civilization That Has Come and Gone? Or a Civilization That May Still Exist Inside Phobos?

Was there once life on a moon named Phobos (pronounced Foe-bes), that orbits Mars? Phobos is heavily cratered, considerably smaller than Earth's moon (Phobos has a median radius of about 11 km while Earth's moon's equatorial radius is about 1737 km), and looks a little like a potato that would be better off planted than eaten, because it appears to be pretty beaten up.

Phobos is a focus of space junkies everywhere, because of a strange structure, now referred to as a monolith, that was photographed by the Mars Global Surveyor in 1998 from about 165 miles away.

It has also been suggested that Phobos is not a naturally occurring body, but a Martian made space station, because of it’s highly irregular appearance. Have a look for yourself by clicking here. Even Carl Sagan found this moon interesting, which you will hear when you watch this short video.

The Phobos Monolith
The Phobos Monolith
The Phobos Monolith
The Phobos Monolith

Is the Martian Moon Phobos Really an Alien Space Station In Disguise, and Not a Moon At All?

This author is not convinced Martians made Phobos, if indeed it is an alien space station and not a moon, because I am not convinced there ever were such things as Martians. Intelligent beings from another galaxy may have created it in order to watch the development of Earthlings from a closer vantage point. Aliens from another world may have built Phobos, but not necessarily Martians.

If aliens from outer space are watching us, as some astronauts have suggested (read my previous hub titled “Colonel Gordon Cooper & Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Former NASA Astronauts, Both Agree, Extraterrestrials Are Here!”), Phobos may be their home base nearby. Do you know for a certainty that it is? Or is not?

Is the Phobos Monolith a Natural Rock or Did Someone Put It There?

No, this is not new information, but it may be new to you. It only just came to my attention for the first time a few months ago even though the monolith was photographed back in 1998. I’m thinking there are other people who have not heard about it yet either.

There is much conjecture on how the monolith got on Phobos. Did it just happen naturally? Or is it a structure made by intelligent beings? It is hard to tell for sure with the photo, but it does not look like anything that would just naturally happen from what we know about it, and what we can see of it at this time.

The monolith has been estimated to be 280 feet wide and as much as 700 feet high. The height is estimated according to the shadow it casts when the sun is at a particular angle. While that might seem like a pretty big structure, and it is if you consider there is no other similar structure anywhere close by on Phobos, it still is not as big as some of the tallest buildings here on planet Earth.

Buzz Aldrin Thinks We Should Visit the Mars Moons To Learn More

Our second astronaut to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin, is perhaps the most outspoken of our astronauts when it comes to the Phobos Monolith: “There’s a monolith there . . . when people find out about that they are going to say, who put that there?” Aldrin believes we should visit the moons of Mars and explore. Listen to what Buzz Aldrin had to say in a C-SPAN interview in the following video.

What Are The Answers? Does Our Government Know The Answers? If So, Why Are We Not Being Told Those Answers?

If you viewed the videos in the above links you know there are more questions than answers about not only the Phobos Monolith, but other structures on the planet Mars also. Some people viewing these photos believe they are nothing more than pictures of rocks, while other people are not so sure. Could these photos be proof of a long ago civilization? Might the Mars moon, Phobos, in fact be a deserted space station? Or perhaps a working space station?

For now, no one seems to know the answers to these questions, or maybe they just are not sharing the answers.

Many government officials believe the American public is beyond comprehending the possibility of some things, and so they fear the general reaction of the public if certain information were to become known. For example, some people might freak out if they thought there was other intelligent life in the universe, and not very far away from us. Life that is in fact more intelligent than ourselves. What might intelligent alien beings from another world do, or be doing to us already, that we are not aware of?

Protecting us from ourselves and from the truth, whatever it is, seems to be the most important government goal on the subject of other intelligence in the universe at this time.

© 2012 C E Clark


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