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Martin Gibbons on Personality Application

Updated on December 24, 2012

Martin Gibbons

Martin Gibbons
Martin Gibbons | Source

Personality Affect Everything

The largest breakthrough I made in life was when I discovered that personality affects everything we say, think or do. Every decision we make is influenced by our personality type; from what car we drive to how we raise our children.

This is a scary thought at first. Yet the alternative is that we ignore it and pretend that we are rational, logical creatures making informed sensible choices - we are not.

Humans are emotional creatures whose choices are far from logical. They are however influenced by our personality type. Knowing and accepting this may lead us to make better choices.

Let's look at some of the areas of our life that are affected by our personality psychology. I talk about this at length on my personal Martin Gibbons blog.

Personality as it affects our career

One of the most common places you come across personality testing is when job hunting.

You either come across an employer who asks you to complete a personality test or you decide to use one to help you figure out what job is right for you.

Most often it is used to help you "pass" a personality test should you be asked to complete one.

Here is the key thing to note :

Your success depends upon your work being in harmony with your core personality.

You can tick every other box; skills, qualifications, experience But if your job is not in harmony with your core personality then you will never sustain success.

So the simple advice is this; make sure you know who you are. Ensure you understand what that means to your career.

Be clear as to what work environment is right for your personality.

Know what work will stress you and avoid it.

Work related stress is often found where your work environment is not compatible with your core personality.

You can read a lot more detail about career development over at the blog where you will also find a free career test

Career Test


Personality as it affects Management

People are complex but when you put two or more people together it gets very complex.

Managing other people is extremely challenging. There is a lot of training available to managers on managing processes but almost nothing is covered in managing humans.

Yet dealing with the human aspect of management is the most challenging. Getting along with people and getting the very best from them requires exceptional people skills.

PeopleMaps developed a library of personality topics that every manager can use to help understand how to get the most from each of their employees.

It is essentially the operating manual.

If you want to communicate more effectively with a staff member then you need to understand their personality and how to adapt your communications to suit them.

Most managers hope that the individuals will adapt to suit them but this is rarely the case. It is an unrealistic expectation.

However small adjustments to your own approach can see you achieve extraordinary results from ordinary people and surely that is the mark of an excellent manager.

Some tests were ran a few years ago where they looked at what happened to the brightest graduates from the top universities. The theory was that surely if an organisation hires the very best from the university then they will see exceptional results.

In practice however what they saw was very mediocre performance.

What happened was that they failed to recognize the individuals personalities at play and treated everyone the same way.

Exceptional results are only possible when you manage people in accordance with their personality type. What works well with one person is the wrong thing to do with another. it's a personality issue

Personality Affects Parenting

It shouldn't come as big surprise but personality is at play when we find ourselves parenting.

There is your personality and there is your teenagers.

An interesting thing abotu personality is that there is no relationship between your personality type and your children's.

There appears to be very little genetic influence at play.

THis makes things quiote challenging at times as you may have a child with a very different personality from your own.

In general we struggle to cope with people who have different personalities as they see the world very differently from the way we do.

As parents we are in danger of trying to get them to change and see the world we see. But if it's not in line with their personality type then it's not going to happen.

I think this is the route cause of many a problem parents have with their teenager.

So here is the answer.

1) Know your own personality and how it affects your parenting

2) Know your teens personality and accept it and work with it.

You aren't going to change anyone's personality no matter how you try. Many a parent is trying to change their child's personality and upsetting everyone in the process. Personality does not change.

Instead learn to understand it and manage it better. Learn to work with it. Forget about trying to change it.

Personality Quiz

view quiz statistics

Where to get a FREE Personality Test

There is little point in trying to fogure out your own personality type. However there are free personality tests avaialble and you should make use of them.

I recommend this personality test provided by PeopleMaps. It is 5,000 words long and is therefore the most detailed free personality test available on the web.

It's quick too, as it takes less than 5 mins to complete.

Despite being quick, it's incredibly accurate and over 1.4 million people have completed it so far.


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