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Mathematics of the World, methodology, schematics, numbers and War

Updated on August 13, 2012
Copernicus Questing for answers in the Astral pathways of the Universe
Copernicus Questing for answers in the Astral pathways of the Universe | Source

Numbers derived from Ancient antiquity & advanced cultures

Our number usage today came from the Sumerians, The Egyptians, African Moors, Mayans, Greeks, Romans, East Indian, Asian & many ancient old Mesopotamian cultures, in many differing forms & has also transcended to our current day modern societies of the world mainly in the monetary form of Money.

All walks of life have either benefited or suffered in some sort of way when it comes to their usage of highly calculative numbering systems, and definitely how mankind has chosen to use such an objective knowledge against one another.

Equations Began for a Reason, Numbers is the Game

In a world full of things, there must be a way to somewhat organize it all, and out of the mass confusion it appeared to be at a distance to the passive observer. This daily, repetitious circular puzzle of sorts we call life, has infused and fueled us humans in such a way, that we've went to great lengths and far out distances to create such a massive subject known as math.

To only further influence our curiosity for adventure and the advancement of our species, or overall advantage over our natural environment, that once had complete dominion over us all.

This most important invention was brilliant to say the least, but it started off very simple, and has tantalized the sensations, but most of all the profound curiosities of great analytical minds of our time on earth, anywhere from ancient civilizations to modern man. We have excelled to greatness over the course of centuries & conquered our human desperation over the shear adversity of fighting things out with bear hands, being once separated by vast seas and oceans, and even being out matched by natures harsh and unforgiving ways. Our quintessential purpose on earth after we created numerical order, became more like a spiritual understanding at that point.

What had occurred though over time once the magical pixy dust settled from the newest physical expressions that had hit the scenes. A craving like no other had begun for more knowledge, it had out grown our previous appetites of simple fulfillment of our daily hunger pains of eat & drink, and this new trend of knowledge thirst had rapidly spread across the lands. The lust to understand more was born via a smarter vehicle and the need to discover more about the world we live in was contrived, and had become the total overlaying of this physical earth realm, and the eventual uncovering from the inner and outer most nature of matter and energy by us humans, hence fourth when the sciences was hatched it unleashed such a propelling force of immense unlimited potential for power, which seemed to be an all out attempt at making a deeper connection as to how we relate to all things, and how we are to manipulate it all.

End result has become a prosperous experience on the physical level for those fortunate souls who've inherited such bounties of wealth and extravagance, as well as the very unfortunate souls who've taken the brunt end of the logical blow from mathematical equations, and took some pretty massive losses mentally, psychologically, but especially physically, and ever since the numbers game began. This numerical motive force of sorts has also brought humanity the rise and fall of many tyrannies, from the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, ancient Egypt, Joseph Stalin, Benito Mussolini, Adolph Hitler, world Communism in Russia and in Japan, which furthered the launching board of our modern day democracies.

Numerical Terminology

The term known as Mathematics was crowned many years ago, as not only the term used, but it’s also become the underlining culprit behind such global conspiracy's of epic proportions against every native culture worldwide, whom stood the test of time & that of nature.

Unfortunately these innocent people, hadn't the technical know how or tenacity to survive the test of mankind's truly clever and ingenious, yet destructive inventions that were surely due to come soon after its birth (High powered projectile like weaponry or the gun).

The power and gripping hold of math on the educated mind over that of the non-educated, has seemed to spring about out of no where onto the earth by mans tenacious desire to rule what he deemed was his territory, and so math's birth and initial baby steps, were quickly followed by some truly Jurassic leaps of faith into the empirical unknowns. This eventually led to it all further spiraling out to levels of ludicrous and utter ridiculousness, when it came to its derivations of complexity and analytical difficulties such as Newtons Calculus would become, which led to Newtonian physics also known as Classic Mechanics according to Wikipedia.

Of course prior to that there was algebra, trigonometry, geometry, truth theorems and postulates as well as so many other illustrious mathematical subjects, that all have helped to pave the way for humanity through nature. To not only observe the world as it truly appears to be, but to also claim it as their own and by shear force, and surely once they began to master their new found methodologies. All new aims were to become victorious over that of the earthly crusted terrains, untamed vegetation, and wild animals as well as all people who were seen as enemies, friend or foe.

Math has become the universal language in which global empires have leaned upon for 10’s of 1000’s of years, depending upon it for their integral usage of formula, in the physical make-up of anything made to be structurally sound, or to have true rigidity such as the building of a house structure, which has always tended to project itself for extended amounts of time especially when designed correctly. So mathematics stood this firm ground as the sort of backbone base of analytical support for all of the more modern so-called civilized race of mankind.

Johanus Kepler's quantifying and making calculations of the Elipse within a circle to manifest his 1st Law and theory of placing the Sun at the focal point of an Elliptical orbit
Johanus Kepler's quantifying and making calculations of the Elipse within a circle to manifest his 1st Law and theory of placing the Sun at the focal point of an Elliptical orbit | Source

The Wars were waged and Battles were won using pure strength in numbers

Math has helped wage wars on humanity like the cunning and sharpest precision of a blade from a double edged sword. Its blazing accuracy has appeared to bring down cures from the heavens, when formulated chemical elixirs used by scientist and eventual doctoral scholars of medicine would help to heal the sick and wounded.

This tool and instrument, that has been formed from the amalgamated and accumulation of centuries of thoughts from the human mind itself. Has been humanities greatest watch tower during harsh times, and has also brought plagues like no other, upon the planet and man-kind in the form of physical possessiveness, also known as greed.

Many weapons that mankind has crafted to wage actual battles against one another, wouldn't have been as effective if it wasn't for the whole number game, and math being its means of ingenuity and inner working designs, hence fourth the engineering of massive weapons of our modern day era, such as laser guided missiles using satellite global positioning systems (GPS), Stealth bombers, and even the infamous atomic bomb.

Sir of all Sir's "Sir Isaac Newton"


The Mathematician (numerical magicians)

He or she is always cut from a finer grain of silk and fabric of the best of minds, coming out of a state of wonderment, and brought into the realm of the unknown of numerical symbols. These symbols all seem to stem from the very thing known as counting. All the way from the early days of civilization human beings use to have the desire and or need to keep track of things. This is where the mathematical magician, or formerly known as Mathematician comes in handy.

So there had to be a person in the family amongst the 1,000,000’s of families that had existed across the entire globe a particular point in time, whom actually had their very own incline to take count of things, and according to a specific set of coordinating and precisely intricate proven methods.

This is where stone tablets or etching things into stone came in handy, and many ancient people actually decided to leave their mathematical genius of drawing what these numbers meant onto walls, inscribed into drawings on rocks, and even built into their structures that began to erect over ages upon ages of time, with the ingenuity of this number crunching game they chose to play.

It appears that it went from counting animate living objects at first, such as animals, and livestock, then to people, and finally towards the inanimate things that definitely have found its place in human perceptions and perspective view points.


How did a simple calculation become a sophisticated means to an end?

The skilled number crunchers seemed to be relentless at creating newer much more well refined methods, in which they were to make such calculative measures of the world around them. Soon things began to turn into even more organized forms of human designed shapes, structure, and overall physical tapestry of fertile lands and untouched soils, this seemed to then stem into the emergence of entire cities, which have also brought rise to the age of education, schooling, of government, and of cultivation of the lands into highly advanced food crops, farming, and the extraction of raw materials also known as modern day agriculture.

I do believe without the skilled mathematician who was now able to even etch out the day into periodic formats of measurements using calendars, and astrological maps of the universe they're would be no technology today. This was done with the help of clashing of cultures, in which mathematics once again was the cause, since in order to create even a boat or a huge ship to navigate over huge bodies of water, it took a higher knowledge level of dimensional spacing, dealing with sizing, shape, contours, weight, volume, length, width, height, and the overall density of a given object such as wood, also the basic fundamental understanding of fluid of dynamics and especially that of the buoyancy forces.

A scene of the French Renaisance
A scene of the French Renaisance | Source

How did it all get so complex

The actual fact is, many of the other continents around the globe have already experienced their very own ages of enlightenment, and it appeared that the European continent had simply began to play a rough game of catch up, and with no holds barred subtractive and divisive chess strategies.

They were truly determined and sought out to become the dominant game players in the world & especially in terms of making numbers their preferred method in which they could gain complete and utter access to the known universe.

Many other cultures had already been in hot pursuit of such a thing but more balanced at it all, and judging by all the knowledge they had already uncovered millenniums before that of the arrogance of the dark ages of the Euro-centric imperial leadership whom of which wielded a mighty magic wand at others in their path of wicked mindsets and destructive mentality's.

This all must have been reason why throughout the ages of time, on and across the historical pages, they’ve seemed to grace the covers of it all with a wielding sword of dominance, and all knowing dominion over that of the mathematics, and scientific man-made view of the world as opposed to any other view point and persepctives.

This is a very well known and undeniable fact of history, but has changed for sure as the world has progressed ever since the ages of global infamy, and inhumane atrocities, but recently we've seen its ugly face show itself once again, with an 8+ years war against humanity in that of the Middle eastern countries (Iraq & Afghanistan) by that of the United States of America.

In actuality this war which is not much different from ancient times, happened to be more of an occupation then that of a war, and to some appears to only be a numbers (money) game issue once again, some people also think the fighting was over raw materials as in Fahrenheit 911 & Loose Change documentary films, many others think it was for the protection of our precious homeland and security. The fact is only the Lord knows, and those whom were responsible for wielding such a destructive force upon their brethren.

No matter what side of the pendulum the ugly face of war swings or that of the equation of divisional lines, we do know that Mathematics will always be behind its monstrous lash, and ever lasting flare for power

The enlightment brought rise to greater tyranny

This historical occurrence known as the enlightenment was purely calculative and didn't come by some error in time. It was purely designed to bring forth the rise of a newer much more accurate form of imperialism, which come to think of it is the direct result of a massive empirical formula of sorts. The ancient master minds & heads of each nation would organize secret military meetings together, to come up with strategic plans that were well thought out prior to any invasion, any retreat, any surrender, and most of all any alliances. It all boiled down to that of numbers and who had what, who owned what, and the likes for these world leaders who sought out global conquest and dominion in the name of their God or Gods.

This had most to do with what became well known by many as ownership of property, of land, and of people, also at one time given the title of slavery. People we’re property at one time as well, and the selling of souls had commenced to the highest bidders, all in the pursuit of higher statistics for the purpose of control or power equating to even more wealth. This is where the whole money issue began, and was also yielded, cropped, and sewn into existence as to fully represent that of one’s physical worth, or actually the amount they were to be taxed upon in a given system.

These highly calculative masterminds etched & sketched out huge plans for global dominion, and informative detailed maps of the entire globe, where once upon a time they had thought it to be flat, until the scientific geniuses arrived to save the day like Copernicus and Sir Isaac Newton.

Each of them seemed to take a smarter scientific approach of viewing the universe and with a much more factual set of, observations, and discoveries from theoretical probabilities to actual proof finding evidence of fact, but of course once again it took a great deal of time to overturn such a tide of popularity and misguided belief of the European Church, whom of which was governed by Kings, Queens and the Monarchy. Those who simply fell into their domains were doomed to follow in their footsteps, whether they wanted to or not, and had been force to accept and or abide by their ruling laws by force, or be tossed to the side as well as potentially exiled completely from what became known to man as a league of nations over time.

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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      I just thought it all up yesterday after I watched a cool documentary on Hulu about Indian culture with my wife, it was awe inspiring actually, and so I was compelled to release this info about math that I learned many years back throughout all of my years of schooling and including college.

      I must admit though I been holding back for the right timing I guess, as they say timing is everything, right!

      I figured I'd spice it all up with a little flavor though for a sort of shock treatment for those who choose to read it all. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

      Thanks Audra for the cool review, and for sharing with me, The only thing I researched here was the links, LOL. Its all good though, and also thanks for voting writing this was a pure joy for me indeed.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Wow, this hub took alot of research and planning! I give you an A for effort! Voted up for the time you were involved in writing this!

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      @Phil Plasma, Thanks once again for the comment and for giving my hubs a chance, I love mathematics, and figure why not give credit where it is due. I think most people never look at it all this way, but I surely did in my learning when I went to school, and college. Mathematics is one powerful subject indeed.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 

      6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Very interesting coverage of math as the icon of good and evil. I knew I was done for when I had to learn Fourier and Laplace transforms.


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