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Mature Students: How to Find Time to Spend With the Family

Updated on April 2, 2015

Mature Students: How to Find time to Spend With the Family

Time is very precious for mature students because they are trying to balance family life and education courses. Mature students are those diverse groups of students having completed the age of 21 and who have substantial life experience and family responsibilities and still wish to continue their studies. There are many reasons why a mature students return to higher education. They may include a change or advance in career, an updating of qualifications, fulfillment of a particular interest, a craving for intellectual motivation and an opportunity to prove themselves.

Returning to study by mature students is made easier by supportive family members and friends. But at times this support from family and the dear ones may become the reason to resent their studies. The reason for this will surely be the change in their approach towards them. Family members may have started feeling that they are ignoring them or giving them less importance. So it’s all up to mature students to make them understand why study is so important for them. Although these students get very less free time, they must make sure that they negotiate quality recreation times or activities with their partner/children.

Time Management Tips For Students

The following tips will help you seamlessly blend the enjoyment of spending time with your family while devoting time to your studies.

  • Timetable: Prepare a time table for yourself. It should be carefully organised. Schedule times into your timetable for your studies as well as the time for your family. You may also involve your family in creating a new housework roster that includes everyone.

  • Communication: Plan extra fun activities for your family in the holidays and after exams. Talk with your family about your experiences in the college, about your study or any thing related to it. While doing homework that doesn’t need much concentration try to pick a place in the room where you can do your work and still be a part of the family interaction. At the same time encourage them to speak their problems and also find a solution for it. It will make them aware that you are concerned about them.

  • Find extra time: Some mature students do not get enough time to spend with their family even though they try hard. In order to spend more time with your dear ones, have a special activity slotted for a certain time.If you wish to spend an extra one hour with your family, try to wake up one hour early and do your studies at that time.Determine where you can make cutbacks and where you can add an hour or two for your family.

    Make your children feel comfortable: Mature students with responsibility for children should explain to their children the reason for doing this temporary class work. Make them understand that doing such courses would help you gain a better job and you can spend more time with them in future. Let your children know that you are available to them even while you are studying and also remind them of times when you need to be undisturbed. This method of explanation to your kids will provide you with more support from their sides.

  • Breaking down of homework: It’s easy to find more time to do your homework if you divide your work into smaller tasks.

    Never try to close off your education from the family members as it has got a number of benefits to the family. It may become an inspiration to your children. As you start practicing the above mentioned tips, you'll find that you are getting used to making the most of all the time available.

Time Management Tips For High School Students

High school period is a time of life when it becomes very essential for students to be organized. It may feel to them that they are always running out of time and all they do is study while preparing themselves for college and the real world. They don’t get enough time to spend with their family and friends. Hence this time may be very frustrating for most of the students and time management is becoming a vital asset for them. Listed below are some tips on how to manage your time doing all of your activities without being overly stressed

5 Time Management Tips for High School Students

Prepare an activity list: Make a list of things you have to do for the next day. Ignore the unimportant activities as too much of them will make you feel uneasy. This would help you to do everything done more efficiently and faster. Make sure that you have listed only the activities you need to achieve, i.e. you have to be realistic. You can also include difficult tasks that are reachable.

Arrange your list of activities: Arrange the list in an order such that the most important ones come at the top. It’s better to include long term priorities at the bottom of the list. Never forget to include extra curriculum and social activities along with studies. But give more importance to academic studies.

Scheduling the time: As soon as the list is ready, set time for each activity. Difficult subjects should be scheduled at specific time when you think you can study more efficiently. Include some free time while scheduling the tasks. It would help you deal with activities that needed more time than you expected and also with unexpected activities. Don't spend too much of time on a particular activity. But never rush through your studies as time and concentration is very necessary for it. You can use an alarm clock, so that when it rings, you can go to your next activity and reset the alarm. When you complete one task, cross it off from the list. This would give you an inspiration to complete all the tasks in an easier manner. Communicate your schedules to your friends, so that you are not distracted while you are doing something very important. Ask them to call you at a fixed time if needed.

Wise use of free time: Most students don’t notice that they have a lot of free time. For e.g. the time you spend on chatting with your friends while on the way to school and back can be utilised to do some reading or you can use this time to make a planning on how to finish your homework effectively when you get home. This will help you do your homework faster and provide you with some extra time for other activities.

Wake up early: You must get at least eight hours of sleep daily. Do not force yourself to study if you feel asleep. If you do so, you are wasting your time. Try to wake up at five. It’s the best time for studies. If you take a shower when you wake up, it would make you fresh and smart.

Methods to Maintain Good Health.

Make sure that you prepare the activity list for the next day, before you go to bed daily. The above mentioned tips would help you to manage your time in a better manner. But while you are busy with these activities you should take necessary time to give care to your health. Include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables along with your diet and drink plenty of water. Doing exercises and yoga would also help you in maintaining a good health and sharpen your ability to concentrate on multiple tasks. A good support from the side of family is very necessary for high school students. If you possess this skill of managing your time in a perfect manner, it would be a great asset for you in your future.


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