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Maytree Scholarship Program

Updated on February 7, 2010

Scholarship for immigrants with no parents in canada

The Maytree Foundation is offering scholarships for landed immigrants who are considered protected persons entering first or second year of a full-time University or Community College Program in Toronto, September 2010 to May 2011. CANDIDATES must be between 18 and 27years old and living on their own with no parents in Canada , and will be selected based on:

• Academic merit

• Financial need

• Community involvement

• Personal interview and references

Program guidelines including eligibility criteria and applications are available on-line at:

Maytree is a private Canadian charitable foundation established in 1982. Maytree is committed to reducing poverty and inequality in Canada and to building strong civic communities. The foundation seeks to accomplish its objectives by identifying, supporting and funding ideas, leaders and leading organizations that have the capacity to make change and advance the common good.

The foundation believes that three fundamental issues threaten political and social stability: wealth disparities between and within nations; mass migration of people because of war, oppression and environmental disasters; and the degradation of the environment.

Of these, Maytree focuses on the reduction of poverty in Canada.

The foundation also view society’s toleration of poverty as a fundamental threat to stability in Canada and the rest of the world. May tree believes that "systemic poverty is an unjustifiable burden to millions of people, which results in paralyzing costs to society. It perpetuates a vicious cycle by limiting opportunity and repressing the human spirit. The correlation between poverty and most serious social problems is a stunning indictment of society’s continuing toleration of poverty."

Maytree Foundation, therefore,  "believes that poverty can be reduced through initiatives that create opportunities for people to break the poverty cycle. Maytee also believe that progressive social policies play a significant role in alleviating poverty and supporting the common good."

Maytree looks for ways to maximize the impact of its work. It focuses on empowering individuals, funding innovative ideas, supporting effective leaders and finding ways to achieve change and enhance the public good For more information contact Katarina Vukobratovic Application deadline:Friday, March 26th, 2010 at 5:00 p.m.


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