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Meaning- a Paradigm

Updated on August 23, 2013
Tree of Life from Hartwig HKD
Tree of Life from Hartwig HKD
The Meaning of Life from Dominik R Photography
The Meaning of Life from Dominik R Photography
she contemplated the meaning of life from Antoinette
she contemplated the meaning of life from Antoinette


By Tony DeLorger © 2011

What I am is blood and bone caught in a cycle of evolving life. Who I am is what I have done within this entrapment: learned, experienced, loved, aspired, understood and expressed. I define myself by that which drives me, inspires me to want to continue, to have purpose and to acquire meaning for all that I do.

This meaning serves me well, gives me reason to pursue life positively. It is far less an inference and far more a concrete paradigm for seeking truth, knowing the limits of what life affords.

What I choose to accept and to pursue is my own reality of which none see as I do. It is my perception that rules environment and the outcomes of my existence, my pursuits and expressions. I am my driving force, my motivation to move forward and assimilate my discoveries and understandings into steps, incisive and well-chosen.

What misunderstandings cause strife and pain, are outcomes of my determinations and associate no blame. They are merely my chosen paths of learning of which I take responsibility. What meaning I find in their disharmony is the path of regaining balance; however it may appear to me and to others who judge.

My life is not limited by the conventions of any society, law, culture or circumstance unless I so choose. How then I appear to these, as subversive, nonconformist or radical is a product of their opinions and irrelevant to my truth. In my pursuits, provided I seek no harm or negative impact on my environment or those souls in connection with me, there can be no real affect on who I am. Persecution would be at the peril of imbalance created and therefore accepted in outcome by those perpetrating this action.

My pursuit of expression through arts is a major constituent of my accepted paradigm for life. It in itself promotes harmony through the open acceptance of creativity as a divine connection to my existence, and therefore a catalyst to change and learning. My lifestyle by circumstance is chosen purposefully, and my acceptance gives credence to its weight, regardless of other viewpoints or judgements.

Responsibility is mine alone, being what and who I am. All circumstances derived from my views are accepted regardless of nature. What suffering if any, is caused to me by my hand, is thankfully accepted as a path of learning, offered for that purpose. My life is without blame, an idea of misunderstanding. I accept, alternatively, understanding.

What meaning I find during my life is my view alone, relatable or not to others. How it appears is not my responsibility, nor a product of my intent. The world in which I choose to exist is guided by me with full and thoughtful acceptance. I bare only the result of my own decisions, regardless of appearance. I do not suffer the wrath of any omniscient or omnipotent being and whatever divinity I accept within me it is the flower of which I choose to unfurl.

I carry the creative spark with honour and a divine curiosity that drives my being to achieve that which inspires me. This process gives both purpose and meaning to this journey and I value it. Within me I have set moral bounds and developed understandings of the ramifications of impropriety and immorality. This is by choice and not the result of any oppressive influence, conditioning or manipulation. This is my personal responsibility.

Meaning is and continues to be a beacon of light within my journey.


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks for reading Phil, and your comment. Have a good day.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Yes, a life without meaning is merely, as you say, blood and bone. You give pause for thought in this hub, good job earning you a vote up.