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Medical malpractice- Reason, Effects and Preventions

Updated on April 21, 2013

Medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider does not follow standards for healing the victim. If the standards defined for healing the victim are not followed, the victim is hurt and malpractice has occurred. In other words, doctor or hospital provides substandard treatment which results in physical or economical damage to patient. These cases occur due to violation in medical malpractice.

When we suffer medical malpractice, we become victim of psychological problem. Additionally, we start fearing medical attention or people associated with it. This too can worsen our health.

However, there are majority of doctors who still care about victim’s health. The trust on doctors is in our DNA. We may be victim to any deadly disease, but we still have in our mind that doctor will cure us.

Detrimental effects of Malpractice Case

There are many frightening effects which occur due to medical malpractice cases. I am listing some of the most common problems occurring due to medical carelessness.

  • Huge Suffering- The primary effect of malpractice is the pain your body will suffer. You may also have to undergo major operation due to malpractice.
  • Deformation or Disability- There has been instances reported where patient’s ends up being disabled or deformed due to medical carelessness. These problem stay with patient’s life forever and severely affect their ability to perform a task. Additionally, sometime even society does not accept the patient.
  • Stress and Physiological Problems- The physical problem may heal with time, but physiological problem take months to heal. The negligence of other person does severely impact victim’s life. Even small negligence can lead to heavy shock in case of malpractices.
  • Financial Crisis- Majority of malpractice cases causes heavy economic loss. This is really expensive for patient and his/her family. Victim already has to undergo losses due to unemployment, and the bills keep on rising. The financial losses can in stabilize the full family.
  • Death- There are more than 100,000 death reported every year due to malpractices. It can be from negligence, wrong medication or poor quality medicines. It is the last and most dreadful effect of malpractices.

Reason for Medical Malpractice

  • Medical Inflation- It is the primary reason malpractice cases have increased rapidly across the globe. Expenses have increased rapidly as the costs of items are increasing daily. The inflation is higher than many other sectors. This is the reason professionals demand huge sums of money.
  • Health Sector Economy- This economy is increasing faster than combination of some of the economy. The payments are increasing at the same rate which also leads to expensive medicines. Research has proved that in upcoming years, we will see even more case of medical malpractices.

Stopping Medical Malpractice

  • Rules must be framed that health care providers take full guarantee of victim injuries in case of medical negligence.
    • The court must frame strict guidelines for health care providers who are not complying with laws of medical practices. Additionally, the law must be justified that patient get due compensation and health care provides are punished.
    • Due authorities must be framed which take steps to control medical inflation. This will lower the case of medical negligence. Authorities must work completely under the supervision of the court.
    • Punishment can also be used as tool to lower medical negligence. Doctors or staffs, who are found guilty of malpractices, must be heavily punished or put behind bars. If the victim has died during treatment, doctors must be counted as criminal murderers and action should be taken as per the criminal law.

The above actions will greatly solve the cases of medical malpractices.


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