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Memory Management

Updated on December 17, 2012

Memory Management

Recalling an incident/name or something which was once observed or talked about is memory. How does this happen? What makes us lose memory? Why do we forget things? When analyzed closely, it makes us understand that the retention of something in mind demands concentration. Secondly, to concentrate something, we need to pay due attention. The amount of importance that you give to a particular matter or subject decides your memory. Hope, you would agree to this. Fine. Let's see with simple examples.

Suppose, your internet is down and you're calling the customer support. A representative attends to your call and gives solution to it. Let's imagine that your problem is fixed. You've also been given his/her contact information for future reference. When the call ends, you would be having his email or phone number, remember, it is very common for us to forget the name. This is where the focus is required. We miss it at the first instance itself as our mind would be to fix the issue.

There are ways to keep things in memory. Initially, system helps us to improve memory. Take for an example, you go to office by byke. When you return hope, keep the key at a particular location, place the helmet on its stand, shoes and socks on a cupboard. You may fail but the system will not fail. Automatically, you're bound to get them effortlessly. You need not apply your brain to remember them as system acts a part of your memory.

Second way of remembering things is to maintain notes. Write down all important activities and set a remainder. In the beginning, you'll be referring to the notes as a ready reckoner and gradually, the mind gets tuned to it and gets all stuff to you ready even before referring to your notes. Once again, you're forming a kind of system for yourself.

Fine, if the amount of information is more and can't be written, there is a technique, which is interesting, silly but very effective.

Take a piece of paper, a pen or a pencil and write down as shown below. Let us imagine these are the items to be remembered. Check this technique. Write down the numbers and items against each number as shown below.

1. John

2. Scooter

3. Chair

4. Coffee

5. Blank

6. Brother

7. Scooter

8. Cool

9. Bye Bye

10. Happy Day

Suppose, these are the ten items/terms to be remembered. The simplest way is to cook a silly story that uses all these 10 items. It may not have any them, but should convey some meaning. Let's imagine a story like this.

John parked his scooter and pulled a chair to sit and relax and have a cup of coffee. His mind was blank. His brother came there and took his scooter and left. John was cool and said bye bye to his brother and spent that day as a Happy Day.

See the numbers and read the story 2 to 3 times. Now, relate your mind with numbers and items. This would help retain all 10 items. More you practice, more items you may remember. It all depends on story you cook.


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