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Mesothelioma and Best Mesothelioma Law Firms

Updated on July 4, 2013
These banners should be displayed more frequently.
These banners should be displayed more frequently.

What is Mesothelioma?

In short Mesothelioma is a form of cancer. It is more commonly known as 'malignant mesothelioma'. Mesothelioma is however a protective membrane inside of our body that keeps our internal organs safe. Although it is present throughout our body, the cancer usually occurs around the lung region and you will know why.

How is Mesothelioma is caused?

You probably got an idea about this if you saw the displayed banner above. Yes, Mesothelioma cancer is caused by Asbestos. Working around asbestos and inhaling the substance are the most two frequent modes of catching Mesothelioma cancer. But the danger does not stop there. A worker working around asbestos may also act as a pathogen carrying the cancer around. By that sense, a wife washing clothes of the husband working at or near asbestos, had quite a high chance of catching Mesothelioma as well. So nobody is quite perfectly safe from this deadly disease.

Diseased Mesothelioma lung.
Diseased Mesothelioma lung.

As shown in the diagram to the right, Mesothelioma is most commonly caused around the lung areas. The main reason for this is probably that the most common way of asbestos entering into our body is through inhale of asbestos ridden air. Also Mesothelioma cancer could also occur in the regions of inner chest wall, abdominal cavity, surrounding the heart and even around the testis.

Form of Asbestos...

Asbestos may occur in several forms and still could result in the same danger.

  • Chrysolite - found in roofs, ceilings, walls and floors of homes and offices.
  • Amosite - AKA Brown asbestos. Found in cement sheets and pipe insulation.
  • Crocidolite - Blue Asbestos-best heat resisting asbestos and also the most dangerous asbestos. Found in insulated steam engines, pipe insulation and some cement products.
  • Tremolite - Found in Chrysolite asbestos, vermiculite and talc powders.
  • Anthophyllite
  • Actinolite

The last three are not commercially used.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma...

  • Shortness/difficulty in breathing.
  • Chest pains and heart pains
  • associated symptoms such as weight loss, irregular sleep, tiredness etc.

Watch this video on Mesothelioma Symptoms and Treatments...

Mesothelioma Law Firms...

Due to the extensive benefits of asbestos (excellent fire resistant, excellent electricity resistance, cheap and easy to handle), it was used in mass quantities for construction purposes. And so began the growth of Mesothelioma cancer patients.

Some Mesothelioma law cases have been identified as longest running tort cases in the history, running even up to 20 years.

But with proper legal consultation such troubles are not necessary. With the strengthening of the rules and regulations on the use of asbestos, Mesothelioma law cases are easily won now.

some renowned Mesothelioma Law firms:

  • Connelly & Vogelzang - provides free consultation
  • Shrader & Associates - provides free claim evaluation
  • MRHFM Law Firm - attorneys dedicated solely to Mesothelioma Law Cases

It is quite important to find an attorney who will work on a 'contingency fee' basis, which means the law firm will get paid only if the case is won. You should discuss about this with your legal firm before beginning any consultation.


There are various types of compensations that you could obtain legally should anyone be diagnosed of Mesothelioma due to a workplace hazard.

  • Any loss of wages due to inability to work further.
  • Medical charges associated with the disease.
  • Travel expenses associated with medical treatments.
  • In an unfortunate event, funeral expenses.
  • Emotional support for you and your family.

Not all of these could be claimed in every case. So it is advised that you meet up with your specialist Mesothelioma specialist for further consultation on the compensation related matters.

Preparation for legal actions...

It is quite important that you prepare yourself for the legal actions beforehand. You may want to prove that you were exposed to asbestos at the workplace but the employer will be looking to prove otherwise.

You will need to have your employment record straight to prove that you actually were an employee at the workplace when you were diagnosed with Mesothelioma. Further information should be collected on your work's association with asbestos directly or any form of asbestos or even a workplace constructed of asbestos. You can get the aid of legal consultants to further investigate this matter. Once you have got the information ready and with your specialist attorney's help a case should be filed.

How to find a good Mesothelioma lawyer.
How to find a good Mesothelioma lawyer.

What is your experience with asbestos?

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