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What Kung Fu Panda Teaches Us: Part 2

Updated on July 15, 2014

Most of us go through life, in an imposed mode, without even realizing it. This is true especially because of the conditioning we have gone through in our lifetime, either through friends, family, work-group or others in our society. We tend to make an image of ourselves, based on the feedback someone had given us, at some point in life.

The easiest way of finding out this is, to ask yourself about the dreams you have. If the person talking about the dream is in the age group of three to ten years, then in all possibility there would be at least ten answers within a minute. On the other hand, if the person is more than ten years old, then the answers slow down in comparison and in fact, few people would completely have no answers because they have forgotten to dream. Why does this happen?

As a kid, I always wanted to do something about the air pollution that was prevalent around, but as I grew up, I heard things like, “Get a good paying job”, “Entrepreneurship is a difficult thing”, “Invention requires a lot of money and you don’t have it now”, “Engineering has a good future”, to name a few. Many of which shaped the way I looked at life and therefore, the choices I made. Over a period of time because of this conditioning, I almost forgot my real dream, to the extent of forgetting ‘How to Dream’. Thankfully, I had a good teacher who taught me dreaming again, but what about the vast majority?

It is a known fact now that most of us are living someone else’s expectation of us and not our own. No wonder Steve Jobs, said that we should not waste time living someone else’s dream and should concentrate on our own. Well, Kung Fu Panda too gives this message, although the beginning was sad. Watch the video below:

Who do I choose to be?

Here is what Soothsayer (the goat) tells the Panda:

"Your story may not have such a happy beginning, but that doesn't make you 'who you are'.

It is the rest of your story - 'Who you choose to be'......................"


"So, who are you Panda?"

This is true for most of us, while the blessed minority is actually living their dream. Our beginnings may not have been great or even in many cases, continues to remain not so great, but that does not change the fact that we have a choice. We have a choice at the age of three, and we have a choice at the age of 100. But how do we start?

We start by writing down our dreams. This is the tough part. Let’s say that I want to go on a world –wide trip, we will immediately hear things in your head like “You don’t have the money for that”, “Let’s get real that is not possible”, “How will you manage work and travel,” and many other limiting thoughts. Just let go of all inhibitions, all current realities and all constraints. Just think of yourself as having no limits, no boundaries and just write. Let’s become the three year old that we once were. Once started, continue till at least twenty dreams are written because the first few dreams will be most of the time materialistic, which is fine, but only when we continue beyond ten to twelve dreams will we get in touch with our true self. That is when we will emotionally feel wanting to do those things.

The excitement of writing itself will start moving us in the direction that we wish to head, and things will start working. First get to know the Dreams and then the “How to” will follow.

It is fine what we are now, but we have a choice to decide what we can be. So make your choice and move forth to live your dream.

"So, who are you Panda?"

Disclaimer: This video and the pictures are not a property OR intellectual property of the author and is used only for representation purpose.


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    • sokolenko profile image

      Anton 2 years ago from Penza

      Gosh, i love this cartoon so much.