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Messages From The Blessed Mother Mary

Updated on October 20, 2009

From Michael's book in progress "Wisdom From Beyond"

(Taken from Public Channelings)

Messages from the Blessed Mother Mary

I was born under the Sun sign Cancer. Cancer is an emotional water sign that rules motherhood along with other things. A dear friend jokingly calls me “Mother Michael” and once said, “If it moves you mother it, if it doesn’t you worry about it.” I have always had a strong maternal nurturing side so it does not surprise me that I would be attracted to the Blessed Mother Mary.

When I think about her wonderful energy I notice things that I have not noticed before. The dewdrops on the rose petals. The designs and versatile colors of my flowers. Facial gestures and the gurgling of a smile baby fill me with joy. What is happening? I have never been able to define or explain what transpires when I have such experiences. I just know that I began to feel more and more calm and a sense of peace descend upon me and remain several days before I do a channeling. That is one of the reasons I continue to offer them. They make me feel better and a part of something sacred, grand, and very special. And yes I am always open to the possibility and I have frequently posed the question what if Mother Mary really can speak to and through us?

The first time I can recall tuning into Mother Mary’s energy was at a Psychic Fair I worked in June of 2000. The director put me on the spot when we joined hands for our opening circle. “Would you do the opening prayer and meditation for us, Michael?” he asked. Needless to say I was caught off guard. I found myself chanting an om then asking everyone to take a few deep breaths. I asked everyone to close their eyes and to go into the quiet for a few moments. Immediately I saw this beautiful pink rainbow arch above my head and was filled with currents of love. Then I heard the line from an old Beatle’s song, “When I find myself in trouble, Mother Mary comes to me speaking words of wisdom, Let it be! Let it be!” I gasped and let out a little cough. “Greetings from the Blessed Mother Mary, dear one,” I next heard, “If you should desire, I would be most honored to give the opening prayer.”

Although I have had many spontaneous psychic and spiritual experiences, I was still taken off guard. I could feel the powerful energy of love that was pouring through me and making my solar plexus and stomach tingle. It was just too much. It happened too fast. I wanted to tell the Blessed Mother yes, but I got choked up and could say nothing. Then the energy began to dissipate. I knew that she had gently taken leave. I meditated a few moments more than softly sang “Let there be Peace on Earth.” I wondered if anyone else felt the energy or saw the pink rainbow arch, or smelled the lovely rose scent but I made no mention. How could I tell the other psychics and healers that the Blessed Mother had appeared to me? They would think me pompous or vain. So I kept quiet.

But I could not forget the experience. I felt a slight tingle in my solar plexus every time I’d recall that experience. When I was feeling down, I’d sometimes speak her name out loud and thank her for the love she had given me that day. I had been away from my spiritual work and readings for a long time, and had only recently gone public again, attending fairs and festivals. Perhaps this was a reward for my willingness to share my gifts once more with others.

I told the Psychic Fair promoter, Betty Sue about it and she asked me if I would be willing to do a public channeling of The Blessed Mary at the next fair. I took that as the sign needed to prod me so I thanked her for the opportunity and agreed to do the channeling. The week before the channeling I was led to go through my CD’s and I listened to various singer’s rendition of the beautiful Latin song “Ave Maria”. They were all lovely but I knew the interpretation rendered by opera singer Leontyne Price was the one to use for the opening meditation. There is a nice gentle orchestral Introduction that precedes the singing. Three days before the channeling I began to feel much calmer and was filled with that outpouring of love I had experienced before. It was like she was somehow with me, giving me loving and healing energy. Nothing upset or disturbed me. I felt I was in a cocoon of pure peace and love. I felt like I was floating on air the day of the channeling. Betty Sue walked me to the Speaker's room and introduced me. Then I sat down and closed my eyes. I kept my eyes closed for the duration of the channeling which I always do. Betty Sue took care of the music and for a few minutes I and the audience meditated to the lovely soprano rendition of "Ave Maria." When it was over I took a few deep breaths, and with eyes still closed, Mother Mary spoke through me:

“Love directs the journey of the wind.

She guides the seagull on his flight.
Never clearly can you see her invisible form

in the light of the day or the dark of the night.

She passes through forests and trees.

Embracing the clouds, encircling the sky.
The moment you least expect it,

Love looks at you through a child’s eyes.

She warms your heart and caresses your soul.

She provides snow for a lovely Winter’s day.

You know her and you know her not.
Love speaks not, yet much does she say.

Her message is not grasped through words.

Only the soul understands her will.

Close your eyes and open your heart.

Hear her message when all is still.”

“It is a wonderful opportunity to speak with you at this auspicious time upon this beautiful planet, mother earth. I must admit that I am adjusting the molecules of the channel as well as your own. I have given you wings of pink light with white on the edges and gold on the corners to heighten your senses and open your hearts so that you may feel and receive my vibrations with all of your being. I assure you that which you seek and yearn for in the inner reaches of your heart is good and your dreams go not unnoticed by your guides and myself.

“As you noticed, I moved the channel up just a bit forward because I wanted to be close to the children. Because as you know, you all began this marvelous earth journey in the womb of your mother who chose to seed you for the gestation period it took to form your wondrous, magical, miraculous being that came to this world to grow and learn. And just as a mother is protective of her children, so do I feel a protection for my children as well. You are each very special and dear to me, and although I did not give you physical birth, you still feel like my children if you will permit me this indulgence.

“I do come upon the vibration of the Blessed Mother. But I would have you know that all mothers have the pink and white flame of motherhood activated in their heart chakra, and at that level, my dear precious sisters, we are one. There is nothing that a true mother will not do for her child; nothing she will not give up. She will stand in the way of Death himself, should he attempt to interfere in the destiny of her children and impose a premature fate which is not predetermined unto them. If it is not in cosmic design for this to happen, and should the dark ones attempt to take her child away, she would intervene should Death take her life.

“There is a lesson in this that I hope you will remember-the lesson of sacrifice; of sacrificing the needs of oneself for the life that has been given to them. This is an instinctual planting deep within the genes and the heart of all beings, and I would like to let the gentlemen know as well that half of your soul, and spirit is female. I hope that you realize this and I hope the sisters remind them constantly, because they too will bear the joys and burdens and ecstasies and sorrows of motherhood.

“In various incarnations the men will reincarnate as women. But let me remind you that just as the men will reincarnate as women and know the lessons of motherhood, so will you ladies bear the motherhood of giving birth to dreams, hopes, goals and aspirations. I would like to remind you that each of you in your cosmic evolution will have the opportunity to give birth to a Christ, a son of God/Goddess/All That Is. You will also give birth to a daughter, a goddess, a princess of the Great Mother. This will take place on a parallel world even though at this time in your evolution many are not yet prepared to philosophically accept this concept of knowing balance by giving birth to a great son of God, along with a Goddess daughter as well. You have barely begun to explore and experience the wonders and depth your divinity has to offer.

“I invite you to go into meditation to access the domains of spirit and to access the energies of the divine mother. These potent healing energies vibrate in the deepest recesses of the pineal and the pituitary glands of your higher brains down to your very heart and soul. When activated through will and intent, these grand cosmic forces awaken your soul faculties and perceptions in ways hardly imaginable to you. You will come to be filled with a grand love and compassion for all humanity similar to that which I and beloved Sananda, Jesus the Christ feel. You, too, will know this wonderful-what is a better word to use than-immaculate conception. I will not go into the physical and philosophical discourses which have been espoused and written upon for centuries. For those who wish to know whether I physically bore the son of God and who ask was the seed implanted by God the Holy Spirit, I say this is not the subject of my topic or what I am here to share with you.

“I want to speak upon the dimensions where the great God/Goddess/All That Is mind plants this need to give birth to a Christ son and daughter. For the circle to come into wholeness there must be both. And there will be both. This is why it is a great honor to share your energies. I know that several of you give great homage to me, and to various other goddesses in other cultures who bear their cosmic children. I honor and thank you for this. For my life as Mary was a destiny that I did choose to experience as you each choose your life experiences for your needed lessons, growth and soul evolution.

“Much did I learn and much sadness and sorrow did I know when my own son went through his tribulations. These sorrows and tribulations are something that only a mother can understand. And the mother flame, let me tell you, is where the will and form took hold and marriage took place with feelings and heart. There is also an impersonal manifestation of divinity that does not enter into certain spheres of duality. I would like to remind you that there is a place for the mother and all of the joys of motherhood and all of the sorrows of motherhood.

“So please continue to give me homage to me if this suits you. But also please open your third eye and ask to be shown the great flame of the mother that would burn in your heart. When I say burn, I mean to get fired up, to vibrate and awaken tenderness, yearning, longing, and hunger. For these desires are pure and are encouraged for you to know. The joys of the mother flame are many. The lessons are many as well.

“One is the lesson of tenderness. You can and should embrace “tenderness into your lives. Tenderness can be expressed in so many ways. Tenderness is indeed one of the attributes of love. I speak of tenderness in the poem that I quoted at the beginning of my talk. Michael did not know it at the time, but I helped him write this poem. The line that I imparted to him one day when he was sad was, “The moment you least expect it, Love looks at you through a child’s eyes.” Why did I give him this poem? Because he was struggling with personal love at the time and I wanted to remind him that tenderness can be awakened from children as well as those you would find yourselves, how does one say it? “madly in love with” or “crazy about.”

“The words madly and crazy in themselves point to the reality of the irrational illogical aspect of love. Yes, this human love can be quite challenging at times, don’t you agree? As many of you dance the dance of life, you do indeed embrace personal love which I might add is challenging, painful at times, ecstatic and joyous, and to quote one sister in Italy, she said, “It drove me to drink.” (Laughter) There is truly much for you to learn about tenderness and love. We could speak for days and barely tap the surface. Perhaps in another talk we can go into more detail and give some more clarity on this “loaded topic, Love.”

“This is a wonderful period in your history, and I am speaking through many channels. Of course, I merge with their molecules, for spirit is pure energy. Naturally I do not communicate with and through one channel the same way as I do another. And yet by the same token there is a oneness that links and joins me to each of you. That we could relive those long past olden times. Long ago before duality took birth, you were all dancing in the light. You were all sacred sparks of pure undulating, uncomplicated, passionate energies. Little by little the masses and the sparks moved about. Matter and waves of energy and particles merged and gave birth to different forms of life. I will not give you the precise moment that your soul emerged from the great being you call God or the Divine, but I will say I knew you then. And I watched you and I loved you. And you knew me as well.

“You are all mothers and I do wish for you to call upon the Great Mothers when you need help. I am very sad that the name “mother” as well as the name “God” has often been desecrated and used in a pejorative manner. There are those who are very angry and when they are angry I would not begin to use such language as comes out of some of their mouths. I am not saying that I have not traveled the path of tribulation, and I have not borne my karmic lessons and had scars. Every sorrow that you have known I knew as well. Long before I was worthy to drink from the chalice of the grail that granted me the wondrous opportunity to give birth to Jesus who is now Lord Sananda on a higher dimension, I went through my own trials and I still am not perfect. This may or may not come as a surprise to you.

“In my own soul journey back to perfection I have not totally taken control of my emotions, so therefore I still have much to learn. I am not yet ready for complete perfection I might add. I am happy to be able to feel the suffering of humanity, and I get very sad when I hear, for lack of better words, curse words being tossed around. They will call someone a mother this or a son of a this, that. I stand in horror and I weep because such profanity is a desecration of the mother flame. It is not who and what motherhood is about.

“Please open yourselves to tenderness. Touch is so important. A mother touches, caresses, and hugs her child and should do so, be he or she 70 and she 98 and ready for the grave. She can still give more love through touch. If you but reached out and hugged more upon this planet, and allowed the silent embraces as well, there would be much healing.

“Another gift of the mother flame is “the silence.” I encourage you to please welcome the gifts of the silence. Make time for meditation and quiet time. Meditate upon the chakras, especially the heart chakra to activate the mother flame. Open your ears to hear the music of the spheres. Do not be afraid to walk forth and carry the torch. When wrongs are committed in the name of greed, bigotry, and prejudice, I want you to stand up against this and call upon me, and the goddesses of all religion. For the true religion of the heart is pure love.

“I speak in many ways. I speak through music. I speak through poetry. I speak through rock and roll. (snickers). I gave the song “Let it Be” to The Beatles. Do you any of you know the words to that song?”

“Yes, said someone beginning to softly sing, “When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary speaks to me. Speaking words of wisdom. Let it be. And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me. There will be an answer. Let it be. Let it be!”

“Yes, indeed so. By speaking these words which I gave to The Beatles, you indeed know now that there will be an answer if you let it be. I could discourse for an unlimited amount of time, but at this time I would like to open the floor for questions.”

“What can I do to improve my life?”

“What an interesting question. What can you do to improve your life? Voice your feelings. Open your heart to your soul. You do not sit still very often. Take time to feel and hear the rustling of the tree branches. Let the warm embrace of the sun caress your body. When is the last time you held a flower and took in its scent? She says what has that to do with my life? Let go. Let go, dear one. There are chaotic vibrations. It is time to release them. Water is refreshing and cleansing to the soul as well as the body. When is the last time you had a nice long bubble bath? Embrace the four legged creatures more. Let them give you slurpies of love. When is the last time you had a tender uncomplicated embrace? (laughter).

“I also encourage you to cultivate and develop your sense of humor. The old axiom, “Laughter is the best medicine” is very true. You all need to laugh more often, preferably many times everyday. When is the last time you had a good hearty gut laugh from the pit of your belly? Such spontaneous laughter cleanses all of your bodies and does you far more good than you can begin to imagine.

“Dig out some of your old nursery rhyme books. Some of your nursery rhymes are most amusing and delightful. I glimpse in upon you upon occasion and I can be known to pass around a few jokes myself. You ought to hear some up here that we tell. We can be the laughing life of the party. It is true. We have wonderful senses of humor up here. Are there any more questions?

“Is there any way that we can help to dissipate the anger that is so prevalent upon the planet?”

“There are several options. I hope you will exercise them all. One option is to get a big frying pan and whop (laughter) all these angry people on the rear so they will scream and get their frustrations out into the open. There is a tremendous amount of rage rampant upon your planet. It has to move. The only way to move this energy is to move it. This is the only way that emotional healing can come about. People must stop denying their anger, rage, pain, and hurt. There is much to be learned in allowing these emotions to be expressed in a healthy positive manner. Your dark side is not your enemy unless you repress and refuse to acknowledge it. I encourage you to open this door to your dark side. Everyone has a dark side. This is as should be. For where there is light, there is darkness. The darkness seeks the light. The light seeks the darkness. The calm is after the great storm. The yin. The yang. It is all polarity. There is an imbalance of energy on the earth. People do not know what to do. They are so afraid of upsetting someone. Of rocking the boat. Maybe I’ll lose my job. Maybe my husband will not love me anymore if I tell him how horrible he can be. Maybe he needs to be the first to get the skillet whop. (Laughter)

“Look in the mirror sometimes. Hear what you hear and invoke your soul and your heart. Listen to your intuition and feelings. If you are feeling something it is for a reason, and it needs to move. It is very important to get to these repressed and blocked feelings that many of you have been shoving aside for an entire lifetime or even lifetimes. Singing, drumming, and the shaking of rattles are wondrous means to shake up the barriers that block you from your deep subconscious layers of your psyche where much rage, pain and hurt lie dormant, waiting to explode.

“Some of you were brutalized, abused or raped in past lifetimes. In Muslim and other countries some of you were desecrated. You carry some of these memories in your subconscious minds. Past life healing therapy is beneficial. Yes, there is much rage and it is time to be willing to shake and tremble and to tell this or that person that what they did was wrong and to not always worry about protecting their feelings or worrying about the consequences. Often they have a huge ego investment in having you respond in the way that caresses their egos. It is time for honest sincere confrontation with those who have offended and hurt you. It is time to equally confront your own unhealed fearful parts that would sabotage and keep you from your happiness and bliss.

“It is not good to take these chaotic emotions and heart wounds with you when you make the physical transition. The way to mastery is to resolve your internal and external problems on the plane where they were created-the third dimensional earth plane. There is no cheating allowed. Your soul knows that you chose to be here to learn lessons and have adventures and diverse experiences. Remember this when your mind and ego forget what you are all about and doubts whether your life is worthwhile or not. Each and every life is worthwhile and of value to the creator and myself, I might add. I do feel compassion and have much sympathy for those of you enduring pain and disappointments. But I do assure you that these hard times shall pass like the ominous mighty storms that break out in the skies.

“You are not alone and you are in good company. The channel has not liked life to some degree on the earth since the moment of his inception. Others of you have felt or feel the same way. Why do you think some of you gave your mother such a terrible time in the womb? How many of you had troubling pregnancies? (Several women said yes and raised their hands) Or perhaps you lost a child. Some souls simply cannot bear being here and either don’t come at all, or they die at a young age. This is not the case with each miscarriage or young death, but it accounts for some. It is so sad when I look in and behold the sad and sorrowful faces of those pain and rage filled souls. They have such emotional difficulties to resolve. Some simply cannot find their place and this grieves my heart. If they would only call out to me, or reach other to others. The call always compels the response. It is a universal law and can be no other way. Please encourage them to reach out for help, and take their hand and walk with them to get help. For the problems which are not resolved in this life always come back to be faced in your future lives.

“Let yourselves know and experience tearful ecstasy. Allow yourself to be pushed, to be expanded. This is a time where people want quick results. They do not want to feel so deeply. They want it comfortable and snug. This has its place. But you must not stay there or you do not grow and evolve. I honor your vices and the vices of all spirits and beings who are moving upward on the evolutionary scale back to the great All That Is. But on the way there are many paths to travel and many adventures to be had.

“Invoke your guardian angels and your spirit guides for they are there with you and they can show you visions and images from these lifetimes of sorrow. Learn the art of self-hypnosis. You can put yourself in an altered state through music, through meditation, fasting, vision quests and such. If you will invoke, you will be told and given guidance. For those who wish to move past the rage, and to understand its depth, and its fiery intensity, this too shall come to pass. For knowledge and understanding are there for each and all of you. This is a time on your beautiful planet more so than ever, that knowledge and understanding are so readily available to you from so many sources both near and far, both from your inner self and outer guides assigned to assist you. Yes, there is a lot of rage and fire in the creation of universes. This is vital unadulterated fire core magnetism and it needs to move.

“Your Native People should be invited to help you understand and move with this process. So I would encourage you to treat yourself to an occasional session of unadulterated hollering. Sometimes just get in the car and yell. Crank up the music so no one else can hear you. They will just think it is a rock and roll song playing. Why do you think your rock and roll music is so popular and what some call “hard rock” which even is wilder and louder? The energy and rage have to move somehow. Some can move this energy by swaying and screaming at a wild concert. The moving of the anger through the chakras and all through your body will do wonders for your well being. There is much power in sound. As you probably know it is a very efficient healing tool and instrument.

“Everyone talks about meditation and spending time in the quiet. How beneficial and healing it is to go outdoors and adore and enjoy nature. These are wonderful things to do. But also in order to know the gifts of the silence, and the gifts of solitude and serenity, to truly come into balance you must know the nuances of all sound. The sounds of nature are grand teachers for you. It is helpful to stop and listen to them more. Believe it or not there is much healing and balancing that takes place when your skies rumble and shake. When your volcanoes erupt and burst and spew forth. There is more to a volcanic eruption or storm than you might imagine. From destruction comes cleansing and clearing of energies and rebirth. A mother in labor can tell you this as she is biting on something to hold back her pain during the time she is giving birth to her babe.

“So let her rip from time to time if you feel comfortable or if you do not feel comfortable let her rip as well. You need not intellectually understand the eruptions of energy, but mind you, often times when you feel so blocked and frustrated, if you would just yelp and holler, as the channel did often while working with his therapist, you will find that amazing releases of energy occur. This leads to internal cleansing of the chakras and organs and molecules. Think of it as a needed “cosmic cleansing”. Your heart and blood rate may increase for a time, but in the long run the far reaching affects will do far more to benefit you. You have my permission to no longer have to always be Mr. or Ms. nice girl or guy. You can become a rip roaring you know what. Beating pillows or punching bags can help too.

“There are many means and ways to accomplish healing and evolution of the soul. I ask you to take advantage of any and all which appeal and resonate to you. It is your destiny to evolve and heal at this time. This is one reason you are drawn to listen to some of the teachings from the spirit side of life. The timing of your healing and evolution is, of course, all within the realm of your own choosing. I could try to use the channel’s clairvoyant skills and give you some predictions, but remember, on your third dimension what we see is strong probability but relative. For free will is always involved. People’s will and destinies do change along the forks of life in accord with their free will.

“Do know that we can help you come into the great fulfillment of your grand destiny, and each of your destiny is truly grand, for you are each and everyone so very dear and precious and unique to your creator. We can help you know yourselves better for we are part and parcel of the same family be we in the spirit realm now. Although we dwell in the spirit realm, we are aware of you on the planet earth. People put us on a pedestal. (Laughter) They have put so many veils on me that I have tossed them away. (More laugher) I’m unveiled. Isis unveiled. I cannot take all this adulation and praise as a holy icon. I am a spirit. I am holy but so are you. Please remember this, and if nothing else that my son taught, know that “Greater things than he did, so shall you do also”. You are all beautiful children of God. All the pomp and those who insist, “Only I can channel Mother Mary?” That is rubbish. You can all put yourself into that vibration.

(Comment from a lady in the audience) “Anger and fear can only be neutralized by love and courage. Isn’t that really the essence of dealing with rage?”

“We could speak forever on anger, fear, love and rage.”

“Can’t we all do that part of neutralizing that anger and fear by feeling the love within us with our spiritual growth?”

“We are speaking words now, dear one. We are relating on an intellectual level, a mental plane. Anger and fear and rage are energies that move through the emotional or feeling body. You have your gut reactions, feelings gush and rush through you. This is not the same thing as talking about feeling the love within us. We can never truly feel and tap the love within us until we face and deal with our emotions. What you say is part of this healing process, but there is more. The anger needs to be addressed and respected and allowed a constructive outlet. You cannot feel the love within if you do not feel the anger and pain as well. As you acknowledge your anger and pain, you will come to be more courageous and loving.

“When there is anger in a child, friend, or whoever, if for no other reason than for the catharsis of the person, allow them to speak and express their feelings. You may wish to knock them in the head if they have really pushed your buttons. You may both need a punching bag to get rid of some excessive energy. I encourage you to move the anger and encourage those who are angry to move the anger and work with it. This is the inner child that is upset and so when you are angry there is inner child work to do. The feeling mode comes from this little “fearful self”, and this is the fear you are speaking of. It is from the “little self”-the ego. The great self is the part of you who gives you the courage, victory and love that wins and overcalls all. This is your reward for getting in the arena and dealing with your anger, hurts and pain.

“Remember, the mother always tenderly and unconditionally accepts the child for where it is at the time if she is a truly loving mother. This does not mean that she give her child her last twenty dollar bill as some of you have been prone to do. Or she allows him to knock on the door at 3 am when he has been out carousing, having smoked, what do you call it, Mary Jane.

“It is all a cycle, dear One. Emotions are rampant on the etheric astral planes and many have no place to go because there is the lack of encouragement and assistance given to you on how to deal with them. Your planet is going to undergo many more violent disruptions and natural disasters if measures are not soon taken to balance these emotional energies. So many people are like walking atomic time bombs. It is only a matter of time before they blow up. This is why kids are blowing up in the schools and shooting whoever happens to be in their aim. They are dissociating and dark angry spirits from the astral planes are semi-possessing some of these children. This makes me weep, because so many of you feel you do not have an acceptable outlet for your anger. You tell your little Johnny or Patty, “Now, you must love and be nice to Aunt Rose. Tell her you love her and give her a kiss.” Truth of the matter is that Patty and Johnny might not be able to stand Aunt Rose. Why have them fake it?

“Getting the anger out is part of the healing. If you do not make space and get help, your child will become so consumed by the rage that it will subconsciously invite spirits from the lower worlds who feed on rage and anger. These angry spirits magnify the rage even more. This is why you have people who say things like “I don’t know what came over me. I was not myself.” Often times, dear ones, they are telling the truth. Especially if they are emotionally imbalanced and have a lot of repressed rage; especially at the mother. Many angry men have not resolved their mother karma, and they take it out on the women. Why do you think that awful curse word “mother f” is so often used by those enraged? It is connected to an imbalanced relationship with the mother energy and often such angry men take out their anger and frustrations on women in general.

“The channel’s poor father never forgave his mother for what he interpreted as abandoning him. The child needed someone explain it to him, “Little Joe, do you understand why your mother had to leave the abusive relationship that was destroying her spirit and dragging her down? This was a young child. He did not have the intellectual ability at the time to perceive what an adult would understand. He needed comfort. That little boy inside him never forgave his mother.

“This child needed to express the anger before it turned into rage at the age he was when his mother left. Had he had someone to help him see that his mother did not leave to desert him, his life may have been different. Instead he spent his entire life perceiving her as a deserter because his father reinforced that erroneous belief about her. He hated her on some level and it made his life miserable. Because the anger was not dealt with he wound up repeating many of his father’s abusive patterns and never had respect or trust of women. He abused his wife for years. I tell you this story because, sadly, it is an all too common one that many of you can relate to. You have all heard stories. So please do whatever you can. Do not be afraid of moving the energy and facing the rage. It can literally eat you and gnaw at your soul so much until a black rottenness sets in.

“Many of your therapists are not up to par, for they do not understand the need to cry, to scream, to pray, to engage in therapy. And so does Your Mother Earth weep for you. I do not wish to see Earth Mother cry anymore. And she will tumble, and rumble and overflow the oceans and drown those who will not let in her love, and the watery feelings that are all a part of the heart and emotions. All this lunar energy is about the mother. As some would say, I am going to use some of your jargon, “It is time for mother to kick some booty.” (Laughter)

“One person said you can fool some of the people part of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. And I say, it is not original, because it was on a TV commercial “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”. And I say you cannot because a true mother sees with the eyes of intuition, and she feels. When you do not understand your child’s sorrow, and the tribulations that he or she puts you through, close your eyes and invoke the Great Mother. Talk to me and the mother of all faiths, and paths.

“She has many names. I am but one thread, a vibration carrying the wings of motherhood on the great bird which makes the flight of life. There are many others. And the Great Mother dwells within you as well. You have but touched the tip of the iceberg of your full being. This idea may seem strange, but only to your third dimensional ego self that is focused in this particular lifetime. The personality is complex. There are many sides and aspects of your being. Do not fear them.

“You are making major breakthroughs and accessing deeper layers of your being and your soul. You are going to feel that you are lifted. And this is as it should be for my dear ones, you are all being lifted vibrationally. And with the Earth changes that are going to come faster in the next ten to fifteen years, you will need your spiritual radar and your spiritual vision opened or you could be swallowed up so to speak.

“The women of the olden tribes always sought the elder sisters and mothers. This is something that has been lost; this great art of sister bonding. I do wish to encourage you to open the doors once more to the drumming circles, to the healing, to the holding of hands and welcoming true feminine sister power. I encourage circles that are just for women, and I encourage circles where the men are invited so they may get more in touch with “the woman within” I have said enough on this for now. Would there be a final question before I take my leave?

“Are any of us space beings?”
“Spacey yes, space beings (Laughter) now let me see. Kidding aside, actually, some of you have had extraterrestrial communications and many of you have been on other worlds. Want me to tell you how many of you here are aliens? (Laughter) I can read your thoughts. Some of you are asking if Jesus was an alien? The answer is yes he was in other incarnations. See, my dear ones, the soul is very vast. You have aspects of your being that are alive and well on many dimensions and planes at this very moment. Have you had a parallel experience where you saw yourself somewhere else and knew it was you? Yes, many of you have been on different worlds and shall continue to sojourn there for learning in the future. For most of your starry origins are not from the earth. You are children of the stars. Why do you love to star gaze and look at lights? Your soul is remembering! And this creates some melancholy and yearning for one's starry home. It is time to take my leave now! Love and Blessings to you all!


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      hello I would like to know why does god anwere my bad prayers now about tommy dunas he know what he does

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I too am a cancer born, the feeling part of it for a man is often difficult but well worth it overall. Mary spoke to me 45 minutes before Katrina abated where we live. We were worn out one block from the gulf but I watched the clock as she instructed me and to the minute the wind stopped and all was quiet safe and at peace. We have remained close ever since. She is not an apparition as some say, she is real, I know her presence. I am grateful, she has said she will never leave me, that would have to be a thought of mine. She is love, pure love, ever at hand.


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