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Messages from the Dead via Automatic Writing

Updated on October 30, 2011

Spiritual Guidance - It's been there for a long time.

The writer at seventy-five.   Spiritual guidance in the form of excellent advice over forty odd years have made a big difference in my life.
The writer at seventy-five. Spiritual guidance in the form of excellent advice over forty odd years have made a big difference in my life.

I was thirty-two when I discovered I could 'channel.'

Welcome to Messages from the Dead via Automatic Writing.

I was thirty-two when I discovered that I had a gift of Mediumship. That is, I could ‘channel’ via a pen and paper. That was back in late 1968. Of course, my immediate response was that this ability was simply a part of my being able to take down messages from my own personal unconscious mind. That this turned out not to be so, put me through a lot of angst for a lot of years, but that is by the way now. Now, I am convinced that all human beings, both those alive on this earth and those who have passed from it, are in some way linked. And I don’t mean by some amorphous reference to history. I’m talking about a real ability to communicate across this barrier we refer to as death.

Spirit Communication. We're all subject to it, whether we know it or not.

My contacts tell me that many a thought we think is ours actually orginated in the mind of another.  We pick them up, a bit like a radio-frequency scanner picks up a signal.  The station tuned into?   Our interest/s.
My contacts tell me that many a thought we think is ours actually orginated in the mind of another. We pick them up, a bit like a radio-frequency scanner picks up a signal. The station tuned into? Our interest/s.

Three to four million words over forty-three years.

In the early 1970s I commenced writing a book on the subject of Automatic Writing – my particular medium – but it was never really finished because I continued writing, on and off, over the years. By the time I retired I must have taken down somewhere between three-and-a-half and four million words in this way. I’d filled note books, large and small. I filled pages of the now defunct foolscap-size paper. There was so much: handwriting, typing writing, then from the computer keyboard. Then, shortly after my retirement in 1995 I started to sift through this lot. It was a huge task. Had I been able to channel that much?

I selected a reasonable amount of what I considered would be of interest to people other than myself, and finally finished that book. I called it, as I had earlier, Ghost Guidance & Automatic Writing.

Spiritual Medium - Messages from the dead.

Over the years I’ve written more than a dozen books, novels, non-fiction, an autobiography, short stories, a heap of essays, poetry, even a few film scripts. I am a spiritual medium, so some of these are about spirituality. Around two years ago I decided to dig out the manuscripts, tart them up a bit and send them off to a printer to get a few copies of each. Thought perhaps my family and friends might like to see what I’d been up to over the years. When those books came back, I promptly stuck them on a shelf and admired their symmetry. They were all the same height on the book shelf and all of the same cover-type. I felt quite proud.

Spritual Guidance. Apparently when we reach a certain level of spiritual advancement our spiritual guides begin to take a more active role in their communications with us.
Spritual Guidance. Apparently when we reach a certain level of spiritual advancement our spiritual guides begin to take a more active role in their communications with us.

Spiritual Guidance is available - when we're ready for it.

Then, a few weeks back I did something very unusual. I picked up one of those novels, written way back in the late 1960s and read it through. Yes, I read it through as though I was picking up that book for the first time and that it had been written by someone else. I actually enjoyed it. It was a good yarn. So what did I do? I picked up a second one and did the same, then a third. Good reading I thought – and from yours truly. Great! So I can write.

The fourth book I picked up to read through was Ghost Guidance & Automatic Writing. In this one, I'd been a channel. It is this book that I particularly want to bring to your attention. The reason is that, in the reading, I came across several passages purporting to have come from famous people, celebrities in their day. Some of these people I’d heard of, some I had not. One that I had not was a man claiming to be a mechanical engineer by the name of Philip Moseley. I’m assuming by the way this fellow wrote that he would have been a scientist, probably a professor or a Ph.D. What he wrote about was ‘cutting edge’ technology at that time. And the amazing thing was that, even in his afterlife, he was still into such work.

A spiritual medium - messages from the dead.

What he mentioned to me seemed so far-fetched as to be preposterous. Strangely, though, the day before I read through this particular section of the book, there’d been a documentary on television where scientists were working with nano-technology and the expansion of physical objectives, particularly in its possible application in medicine. So when I came across Doctor (I’m assuming Philip Moseley had had a doctorate) Moseley’s presentation in my book, I was tempted to ‘Google’ his name to see if there was something on him on the Internet. Lo, and behold, I did come up with a number of Philip Moseley’s one of whom had written a paper on the same sort of thing my Dr. had been dealing with. I looked up this fellow and it seems that he’d written that paper for presentation at Northwestern University, wherever that is.

Spiritual Guidance comes in many forms.

Sun's rays hitting the high ground on MacQuarie;s eastern side in October.  Time is probably 2-00am.
Sun's rays hitting the high ground on MacQuarie;s eastern side in October. Time is probably 2-00am.

In 1975 I assumed such to be I'm not so sure.

The similarity of these two different men, both studying in the same field in the same discipline seemed to me uncanny. How could this be? Are they related? Is it a father and son, or a grandfather and son? I don’t know. But what I did do is promptly emailed the Philip Moseley at, hopefully, Northwestern University, and then pasted the very part of my book which had been dictated to me by the Philip Mosley who had contacted me from a world of spirit way back in 1975.

What the earlier Moseley was saying is that he’d come up with a method to both shrink and expand and shrink again – as required – containers. A sort of miraculous scientific breakthrough which I assumed was absolutely ridiculous – until I saw that documentary on television.

Spiritual Medium - Messages from the Dead.

So what did the original Moseley channel to me via automatic typing way back in 1975? I paste it below for your eyes to see. On reading it you might understand why I gave it little credence. Now, that is far from being the case. But only those of you who understand these things – and I certainly do not – the molecular scientists and educated and intelligent laymen, will fully comprehend its ramifications.

Here it is.

The text from pages 179 to 185 of my book, Ghost Guidance & Automatic Writing. Spiritual Guidance of a different sort.

On 30th September, 1975, I received a lengthy piece from an entity who said he was ‘probably known to me,’ but who would not reveal his identify. He said that he had prepared his essay in advance. It dealt with the early history of Mankind. However, despite its length, the main point he wished to make was unsuccessful, due to my growing tired, I think. Because of this, I have not included it here.

However, the next day, 1st October, another communicant was introduced. Once again, the subject matter presented was in a field largely unknown to me. Here is how it went.

Self: “Hello, U.R., and Jerry. Are you able to communicate, please?”

“This is U.R. Tom. Can’t you see that if you don’t believe in us, the communications won’t be accurate? (Here’s) what happened. During the last couple of sessions we have had amazing accuracy- and all because you were coming along so well in your belief as to our ‘existence.’

“I know I can’t alter your views. Lord knows I’ve tried often enough. Too often, I think. But let’s get on with it.”

Readying one of the Australian Army LARCs.  We carried three.   It would take a full week to unload all the stores for a year's sojourn.
Readying one of the Australian Army LARCs. We carried three. It would take a full week to unload all the stores for a year's sojourn.

Spiritual Medium - Messages from the Dead.

At which, the new communicant introduced himself. I, of course, was both the channel and the recipient who took this down. I don't pretend to understand it.

“I am Philip Mosley. Yes, Mosley. I cannot help it if you don’t know me. I will get on with what it is I wish to talk to you about.

“Mechanics, Mr. Ware. Mechanics. Now, I know from your reaction that you know little or nothing about the subject. It is a specialization unto itself.

“I am an engineer. My specialization is the drum. Yes- not the musical drum- the container. Now, you might wonder what the hell the drum, or can, or metal container has to do with your world and our world. Let me enlighten you. “The drum is an economical, strong, and very useful piece of equipment.

“I am not going to tell you about drums. But I am going to tell you something that I feel should be passed on to your world. It is this:

“The rudiments of any system depend upon the manufacture of the materials from which that system is devised. I have devised a system of manufacture that is in itself both simple and cheap. It is this:

Spiritual Guidance and Ghost Guidance & amd Automatic Writing. These were not 'ghosts.'

“The world’s containers are mostly made of material that is either too flexible to be stored under pressure -steel being the exception- they are perishable, i.e. they rust, or they break down due to decay. They (the containers) generally cannot be recycled.

“To get to the point. My invention, discovery, if you like, is this: the use of inter-penitrable box joints. Let me restate that: the use of inter-penitrable box-joints.

“Now, I have this new discovery in mind. It can be used. Let me demonstrate. Imagine a steel girder. The girder is lying on a flat area. An open-ended girder can be attached to another girder of similar dimensions by bolting, riveting, or welding. But there is another method. And I don’t mean bonding or gluing or anything of that nature. A girder can be extended indefinitely by a process of centrectrat.”

Self: “This is the sort of thing I find extremely hard to receive, it seems. I don’t think I have copied anything here which will be of use. I am sorry, Mr. Philip Mosley, but I must ask you to state your case in a few short paragraphs or else desist. I am feeling a bit tired.”

“That is all right, Mr. Ware. I will state it explicitly. Knowing that matter cannot be increased in size without raising its temperature, another and entirely revolutionary approach must be used. Bring the material that one wishes to expand into the conglomerate state. That is, melt it down to any shape it wishes to become. The...

Self: “Sorry. I am getting nothing out of this. It is too difficult. I am sorry. I must refuse you. Perhaps another time.”

Yes, spiritual guidance comes in many forms. But to be able to channel such is something I'm really grateful for.

MacQuarie Island on a very fine summer's day.
MacQuarie Island on a very fine summer's day.

Is the 'George Jetson's 'brief-case car' really that preposterous?

“This is U.R.. It is not very polite. You have rebuffed a willing worker. He wanted to go through you with something he has been working on for many, many years.”

Self: “Okay. I will try one more time.”

“This is Jerry. I will try to restate Mr. Mosley’s ideas.

“If you retake the material. Expand it. Cool it. Heat it again, and then, using a process of vaporization, heat it further, you turn the solid into a gaseous liquid. This liquid, if cooled sufficiently rapidly, begins to harden to become another solid. That is, it remains in its larger dimension- but once more in a solid state.”

At some point, I’m not sure where, Jerry leaves off and Mr. Mosley takes up.

“A few grams of, say, mercury oxide, heated to many thousands of degrees, and then, snap frozen. And I mean, snap frozen; in a twinkling of an eye, not over a period of minutes or hours. Then the area that gas displaces becomes instantly solid. A few grams cover in displacement of, say, .05 of a litre, can be displaced to cover an area as big as an average room. If snap frozen, by a method I have discovered, then that matter can be used to displace what is contained in an area as large as a room.

“No, I am not discovering something from nothing. All I am doing is changing the volume of a thing without significantly changing its characteristics.

Spiritual Medium - Messages from the Dead.

“You are not an engineer, but you can understand the uses this could be put to. Hydraulics, for one thing. But, it could be used in containers. You see, it is a two-way process. The containers can be expanded for use, and re-shrunk for storage. I have only worked on containers, not their contents.

“Imagine, Mr. Ware. A portable vehicle. One that can be shrunk to the size of a bean and left in a desk draw, only to be re-blown up for the trip home.

“Incredible. Of course it is. That’s why I told it to you. You can doubt it. And I can see that you do. But I will go on to explain how it can be brought about.

“The snap freezing is the secret. Freezing is not done by temperatures outside of the containers. It is done by submitting the containers to a series of harmonious impulses. Harmonics is the secret.

“Just as in radio every frequency has its harmonics, so in solids, every solid has its harmonics. A note, at a certain vibration, can shatter a solid. A note can also be very swiftly brought down through the frequency scale so that it stops intermittently at exactly the harmonic of a certain material. It might be, for example, one eighth of the frequency’s resonant frequency. Then one thirty-second, then one sixty-fourth.

The writer at forty-one.

Yours truly as a member of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) on MacQuarie Island 1976-77.
Yours truly as a member of the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) on MacQuarie Island 1976-77.

Spiritual Guidance. No. This is a lesson in physics.

“You got the fractions wrong, but no matter. Let us state it this way. A note of, say, 1200. It is doubled, quadrupled, doubled again, and again, and again, and again. The doubling is done instantaneously. As is the quadrupling. Well- seemingly instantaneously. Actually there is a short delay.

The miniaturization comes by exciting the molecules with the appropriate harmonic. The electrons jump to a closer orbit in their respected molecules. This releases energy. But before it has time to escape, another harmonical change is introduced, and this reduces them once again. This is the theory, anyway. It works. It shrinks things to much, much smaller than they are, and yet they still maintain their same properties.

“I have one more thing to say. If I could bring it to the notice of your world scientists that it is possible to shrink objects by this use (method?) would you be prepared for the ridicule such a discovery would initially bring? For everyone will laugh at you. Except a few of us here. Of course, you could blame it on us. After all, this is where the ridiculous idea is coming from.

“But I mention one more thing. It is the suppressing of harmonics and the introductions of harmonics that is the secret to the molecular changes. Music might contain the same harmonics theory as my system for miniaturization, but that is where the parallel ends. When one is dealing with solids, one is dealing with something much more volatile than the compression of sound waves in the atmosphere

"The technique of harmonic snap freezing."

“Solids remain as solids, whether they are big or small. I don’t know what causes this. But it is correct. The use of snap freezing by harmonics might seem unregisterable in your mind, Mr. Ware, but in certain areas of scientific thought it is already being explored. However, so far, no one has applied it using my technique of first melting, then letting the solid resume its normal density, then applying the technique of harmonic snap freezing. If this is done, then the technique seems so much more easy to achieve.

“U.R., here, Tom. I have to let you go now. Mr. Mosley wants to continue, but I cannot permit him. Goodbye.”

I hope you enjoyed Messages from the Dead via Automatic Writing. It is, of course, just one small part of a lot more infromation gleaned in this way.

Keep happy.



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  • Drew6405 profile image


    6 years ago from Central Vermont

    Great hub Tom! So interesting. It's amazing the automatic writing and messages you can get.


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