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Methamphetamine Facts

Updated on May 23, 2013

Video About Meth

To get you started, allow me to show you this video (It shows you how it destroys people):

Reasons NOT To Do Meth:

It's scary when you get high off of it...

It's one of the WORST drugs...

It obviously kills brain cells...

It 'wrecks' your looks...

It tricks your brain, stops your from eating or sleeping...

It's very addictive....

It's illegal, and cops are searching for it, so you're most likely to get caught...

It's very obvious when you're high off of it...

This goes without saying, but it's, in general, really bad for you. It poison.

Why It' Scary Doing Meth:

Users, as you can tell in the video above, say it makes you talk about things that aren't real, or see things that aren't real. Such as dead people, hanging on ropes, it get you very paranoid. It makes you want to do acts of violence you wouldn't normally do. You hear things, and you feel people are coming after you, anyone, even the people you would trust 100% off meth. Cooking meth is stupid and illegal enough, but doing it, then you really have no point to live, if you're a meth addict, UNLESS you can find a way to quit. Here's a funny, yet, true video down below, comparing meth to Marijuana.

Marijuana VS. Meth...

Cute, huh? True, huh? Not saying that we should all go and just do pot, but it's a lot safer of a choice then doing meth, as we're going to show you right now...

Why Meth Is Addicting and How It Kills Brain Cells

Meth is stupid! Users who have only tried meth once say that:Still to this day their brains are messed up, slowed down, 'sizzled', and 'scatted' after four days of not using it. Hmm. Allow this video i'm about to show you to give you an example of how this poor mouse is addicted to Meth (I hate that they would give him any, but it's the only way to educated people without hurting any 'humans') and how it kills your brain cells. WARNING: If you are against animal abuse (even know, we ARE animals) then you shouldn't watch the video below. (Even know they don't kill it, they feed it Meth)

See? It makes you to were if you're not on Meth you're not happy, because happy is erased by Meth. Don't do Meth, even if your friends do, don't even try it once, because that alone ruins a lot of your intelligence and pleasure. Meth is lame!

Why and How Meth Ruins Your Looks

Allow me to show you some pictures of people before and after Meth, it causes zits, ruins your skin, ruins your teeth, etc. We'll explain later...

Someones top teeth after Meth....
Someones top teeth after Meth....
Handsome Man Vs. Same ol' ugly man (after doing Meth)
Handsome Man Vs. Same ol' ugly man (after doing Meth)
Doesn't look to happy...
Doesn't look to happy...

This one below is very disturbing, and the worst of them all. Get ready...

VERY beautiful-WAIT, HOLD ON, WHAT?? That doesn't even look real. BUT, it is. Meth can really ruin such a pretty ladies look that badly. And women look in the mirror and think they're ugly.
VERY beautiful-WAIT, HOLD ON, WHAT?? That doesn't even look real. BUT, it is. Meth can really ruin such a pretty ladies look that badly. And women look in the mirror and think they're ugly.

Before I show you how Meth ruins your looks, just remember, there are lots of celebrities who have done Meth, and still look-*ahem*-hot. Two words: Plastic Surgery.

We've repeated a lot of videos, as you can see. But, only to refresh. Meth is not good. I would say people who think of doing Meth need more help then the people who already did. It angers me, they're idiots! Meth destroys your looks because meth causes the blood vessels to constrict, it cuts off the steady flow of blood to all parts of the body. Heavy usage can weaken and destroy these vessels, causing tissues to become prone to damage and inhibiting the body’s ability to repair itself.

Comparing Meth To Marijuana

We already know it's worse then Cocaine, Alcohol, and Marijuana, and much more, but HOW? Well, let's compare it with other drugs, let's compare the 'highs', the affects, the 'after-highs'. We'' start with Marijuana. Marijuana (as you can see if you look at my 'Marijuana Facts' hub) can slow down cancer cells, and can cure symptoms, such as Insomnia, pain for the body, it lowers high blood pressure, it calms the mind and body, it makes you happy and makes you lose paranoia, combats nausea from chemotherapy, the lower eye pressure in patients with glaucoma, treats AIDS-related wasting syndrome in order to stimulate appetite, and much more! Although, Marijuana doesn't help you lose weight, it gains on your appetite. But that doesn't mean you should do Meth, take Herba-life or something. Cannabis is used to treat over 250 medical problems. But, just because Marijuana is from the ground doesn't mean it's not a drug, because Cocaine is also from the ground. But Meth isn't even natural, as you can see in the very first video, it's made from man made equipment. But Meth actually does have some medical use...

Marijuana makes you happy when you're on it, Meth makes you happy-at first-then it gets you paranoid, violently active, delusional, and crazy.

Marijuana can be smoked in blunts, with a mixture of Tobacco, in pipes, or water pipes (bongs). Meth can be shot in you, eaten, or smoked with tin foil.

Meth makes you depressed without it, Marijuana doesn't make you anything without it, unless if you're addicted, which is very uncommon, actually.

Meth is much more addicting then Marijuana, and Marijuana actually isn't averagly addicting. In fact, cigarettes are more addicting then Marijuana. On average, Marijuana is used only twice a week. Cigarettes, are up to two packs a day. Meth-on the other hand-is strongly addicting, as I already cleared out. Once you use it, it erases the happiness in you, and makes you want more of it to get happy for a little while-while on it.

Scientists are actually starting to get that Marijuana can help your brain cells GROW with learning. Meth, once again, kills your brain cells and only makes you focus on Meth, stops you from concentrating, only on getting more Meth, even if you're not high off of it, not matter how many times you did it. So don't even "try" Meth.

Marijuana wins.

Comparing Meth To Cigarettes


Cigarettes are pretty addicting. But are they as addicting as Meth? No. Me personally, I hate cigarettes, but unfortanitly, well fortanitly actually, cigarettes are not as addicting as Meth, but still highly addicting. See, if you smoke cigarettes, at first, you get dizzy and your head hurts. If you smoke (or do) Meth, you get paranoid, see things etc. You already know, and cigarettes calm your stress, and makes you lose you appetite, Meth gains your stress, makes you get violent, and makes you forget about appetite. Cigarettes don't even get you high. Meth is more addicting. Because, if you do cigarettes only once, you can quit 'cold turkey' and just forget about it. If you do Meth once, you think about Meth and 'need' more.

Cigarettes CAN ruin your heart, and cause throat cancer, and can easily happen, but 80% of Americans who quit cigarettes are in just fine conditions, and haven't got cancer. It can happen, but hardly does. Now, if you mix cigarettes with weed, you do most likely get throat cancer quick. Meth is meth. You already know what it does, so i'm assuming I don't need to repeat it for the 1000th time, but just in-case, I will. Meth can ruin your life, ruin your looks, and kind of cause it's own cancer, addiction, and it only makes you think of Meth.

Cigarettes win.

Comparing Meth To Cocaine

Cocaine is a drug boost on personality, and builds up confidence, Meth boosts up your energy, etc. Cocaine intoxication is the reason people like Cocaine. Cocaine sucks. Very bad for you, but Meth is worse. Still though, Cocaine sucks.

The cocaine high involves psychological changes -- changes to how the person thinks and feels emotionally -- and physical changes. Some of these changes are caused by the effects of cocaine on the brain and nervous system, and some are due to personal feelings that the cocaine user brings to the experience. This is why, although there are similarities among cocaine users' experiences of the cocaine high, the effect cocaine has on each person is different. So although aspects of cocaine intoxication are common among cocaine users, they may experience some, but not all, of these cocaine effects. So Cocaine makes you happy. Cocaine high and Meth high (once it comes to happiness, confidence etc.) are the same.

But, before we get to comparing, don't think that Cocaine doesn't have it's downs. When people take cocaine over a longer period of time, they can experience the opposite effects during the cocaine high -- a kind of blunting of the emotions, sadness, and withdrawing from other people. This can be particularly frustrating for cocaine users who take cocaine to self medicate in order to give themselves more confidence, to socialize and to feel happier. Being high on cocaine also makes people feel different physically. Physical cocaine effects include a general feeling of stimulation. Cocaine can cause changes to heart rhythm or breathing, sweating, feelings of being very hot or cold, muscle weakness, or nausea. Although some of these physical symptoms of cocaine intoxication can be quite unpleasant, with repeated cocaine use, the brain can start to associate these physical symptoms with the pleasurable feelings of the cocaine high, so as people become addicted to cocaine, they may be surprisingly tolerant of these unpleasant cocaine effects. If cocaine intoxication is taken to the extreme, the experience can be dangerous as well as unpleasant. In particular, there is a risk of heart problems, seizures, and even death. Because cocaine is illegal, there is no way to predict how strong it is going to be, which can lead to cocaine users sometimes taking more than they intended, and the cocaine high taking a turn for the worst. A stronger dose can also increase tolerance, so that next time more of the drug is needed, which is the physical side of the addiction.DON'T DO COCAINE! It's one of the worst drugs, but if you think cocaine is bad enough, Meth is worse. For reasons already explained.

Let's compare! Meth makes you go faster then cocaine, and makes your more scared then depressed from Cocaine. Meth, when you're high, you barley get happy, and always paranoid, etc. Cocaine is a crappy high, at first, cocaine is a better high then Meth, but in the end Cocaine gets you depressed etc, but still a better high then Meth. So far, Cocaine's winning. Yet, still a terrible drug that should not be tried.

Cocaine can be snorted, and rubbed on teeth, Meth can be smoked, shot in (by a needle) or eaten. Ugh!

Now, if Cocaine is sniffed, it can eventually erode and burn away your nostril. Cocaine can mess up your insides, lungs, and heart with their looks. This is looks we're talking about. It can also erase your teeth. Meth can screw up your skin tone. It can also mess up your lungs and heart just like Cocaine, it can also ruin your teeth just like 'coke'. Still, though, Merth can mess up your looks more.

Cocaine can really mess you up physically, mentally, etc. It's one of the worst and and most dangerous and illegal drug, yet Meth is still worse! Now, which is more addicting? That's hard. Depends...Many people thinking about whether or not cocaine is addictive make the mistake of focusing on the drug rather than the person taking it. Statistically, the rate of addiction among people who have ever taken cocaine seems quite low -– research shows about 80% of cocaine users are not addicted two years later. However, the remaining 20% may be in for serious problems. You could be one of those 20%! That's a big number for percentage. I ain't gonna mess with it! F no! If you're considering trying it then you might want to see a docter. But, Meth programs the mind for more and more. Meth is more addicting, but in some cases, in 20% of cases, it barley is. You are more likely to develop an addiction to cocaine if you have low self esteem, if you have a mental health problem such as anxiety, depression or psychosis, if anyone in your family has an addiction or mental health problem, or if you have a history of abuse. If any of these issues are affecting you, you should avoid cocaine use, or indeed any substance use, and seek help for the problem itself, rather than trying to overcome or avoid it through cocaine use.

Cocaine barley wins.

Comparing Cocaine To Alcohol

Alcohol can kill brain cells, not slow down brain cells like weed does, or maybe even helps brain cells, alcohol KILLS brain cells. Well, it depends on who you are. Ask your docter, mother, or father if you have "Alcohol Syndrome". If you do, you don't wanna mess with ANY drug but Marijuana. Because every other drug (ESPECIALLY ALCOHOL) has the same high as Meth if you have Alcohol Syndrome. And, no matter how scary it is, Alcohol can be VERY addicting. If you don't want you children to have Alcohol Syndrome then don't drink beer while pregnant with them. If you have bad Alcohol Syndrome, you might be mentally handicapped. But, if you like the taste of Alcohol, and you're a happy drunk, you can be just as addicted as people WITH Alcohol Syndrome. So just experiment with it. Other then that, some people can control it, and only use it on their birthdays, someone else's birthdays, or New Years. So, it depends on the person, and the person's power. When drunk off Alcohol, you can't remember what happened the next day, and you have a Migrain. (AKA a hangover) You can also commit violent acts, but it depends what kind of drunk you are. But you always have the 'hangover'. With Meth, you always do violent and rowdy things, no matter who you are. Alcohol, still, sucks though!

Alcohol Wins!

Comparing Meth To Heroin

Shortly after using, a feeling of euphoria will come over users, in which they have a warm flushing of the skin, a dry mouth and the feeling of having "heavy" arms and legs. After the initial rush, users will go into an alternately wakeful and drowsy state sometimes called "on the nod."...Because heroin suppresses the central nervous system, the user experiences "cloudy" mental function. Users will begin to breathe at a slower rate and their breathing can reach a point of respiratory failure. Oooo. That doesn't sound to fun. But those were the short term effects. Here's the long term ones...

Repeated and chronic heroin users who fail to use sterile technique or share equipment will begin to experience the long-term effects of such practices:

Infection of the heart lining and valves, normally due to lack of sterile technique.

Liver disease - approximately 70-80% of new hepatitis C infections in the U.S. each year are the result of injection drug use, and even sharing snorting straws has been linked to hepatitis transmission.

Kidney disease.

Pulmonary complications, which are often infection related
Skin infections and abscesses, especially among chronic injectors who suffer scarred or collapsed veins

In addition to the risk of contracting the hepatitis virus, heroin users also have an increased risk of catching human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other blood-borne viruses.

DANG! Sounds like some heavy stuff. But how addicting is it? Another dangerous effect of heroin use is the highly addictive nature of the drug. All heroin users, even those who only snort or smoke the drug, can become addicted with repeated use. Over time, heroin users develop a tolerance for the drug requiring them to use increasingly larger amounts to achieve the same feeling they experienced when they first began to use. After awhile, the tolerance level to the drug rises to the level that heroin use in any amount stops producing the euphoric effect the user once experience altogether. When this occurs, the addict continues to seek and take the drug just to feel "normal." They become physically dependent upon the drug. Once you quit Heroin, you may experience extreme craving for the drug, tiredness, vomiting muscle and bone pain! Yeah, not recommended to pick up.

Heroin is very dangerous, but compared to Cocaine or Meth it isn't. Meth is basicly exteme Heroin with a bit more side effects. Don't try either. I don't think I have to repeat what Meth does. At this point, it's just explaining the other drugs, and you'll see how Meth is worse.

Heroin wins!

Comparing Meth To Shrooms

Here's a man tripping on shrooms...

Eating shrooms causes a person to experience a distorted sense of reality that is commonly referred to as "tripping." People generally use shrooms because it makes them

-have pleasant feelings of relaxation and happiness

-see or hear things in an intensified or distorted way

-see or hear things that don't really exist

-have intense spiritual or religious feelings

Other behaviors produced by Shrooms Include:

-feeling the passage of time has slowed

-decreased appetite


Common street names: magic mushrooms, magics, mushies, boomers, liberty cap, liberties, purple passion. Methamphetamine/amphetamine can be called amp, blue belly, crank, crystal, crystal meth, meth, la glass, (pure meth with no cuts) speed, white cross, white crunch!

How are shrooms used? Shrooms are usually dried and eaten raw, but they may also be ground into a dried powder that is sold in capsules.

The physical effects of shrooms on the body may include enlarged puils, or increased heart rate.

It's really hard to overdose on shrooms, but they can cause dizziness, nausea, and cramps. Don't try to pick mushrooms growing from the ground, or nature, because most mushrooms are poisonous, and they can be easily confused with hallucinogenic shrooms. Hallucinogenic shrooms can indeed kill you. Another danger of shrooms is that people can have a "bad trip" in which the pleasurable feelings of a shroom trip change into something frightening. Bad trips are characterized by intense feelings of anxiety, fear, paranoia, and even the sensation of dying. These feelings may be accompanied by scary hallucinations involving things like insects, skulls, monsters, and blood. The best way to calm down a person having a bad trip is through a reassuring "talk down" from a friend who understands the effects of hallucinogens. Yeah, not gonna f*** with that.

Shrooms are indeed mother earth, they grow naturally all over the world, you can eat them purley, or dry them up and then try them! .The meth “cook” extracts ingredients from those pills and to increase its strength combines the substance with chemicals such as battery acid, drain cleaner, lantern fuel and antifreeze. EWWW!

Standard drug tests do not detect shrooms, but special tests can be used. These tests can identify the presence of psilocybin and related molecules in the urine for up to 3 days after a person has used shrooms.

Shrooms "trip" will last up to 30 minutes. Meth will last 7 hours.

Possession and use of shrooms for anything other than scientific research is against the law in many countries, including the United States. Some research suggests that shrooms may be useful in treating certain mental disorders. Meth is 100% ilegal everywhere.

Shrooms wins.

Comparing Meth To Phencyclidine (PCP)

PCP is a white powder that can go in Water or Alcohol. It has a distinctive bitter chemical taste. Well, I ain't tryin' it.

PCP can be snorted, smoked, injected, or swallowed and is most commonly sold as a powder or liquid and applied to a leafy material such as mint, parsley, oregano, tobacco, or marijuana.
Many people who use PCP may do it unknowingly because PCP is often used as an additive and can be found in marijuana, LSD, or methamphetamine. Luckily, Meth is sold as Meth, you'll know the difference.

At low to moderate doses, PCP can cause distinct changes in body awareness, similar to those associated with alcohol intoxication. Other effects can include shallow breathing, flushing, profuse sweating, generalized numbness of the extremities and poor muscular coordination. Use of PCP among adolescents may interfere with hormones related to normal growth and development as well as with the learning process. At high doses, PCP can cause hallucinations as well as seizures, coma, and death (though death more often results from accidental injury or suicide during PCP intoxication). Other effects that can occur at high doses are nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, flicking up and down of the eyes, drooling, loss of balance, and dizziness. High doses can also cause effects similar to symptoms of schizophrenia, such as delusions, paranoia, disordered thinking, a sensation of distance from one’s environment, and catatonia. Speech is often sparse and garbled. Hmm, yeah, no, don't try it., because PCP has sedative effects, and interactions with other central nervous system depressants, such as alcohol and benzodiazepines, can lead to coma or accidental overdose. OOPS! Many PCP users are brought to emergency rooms because of PCP’s unpleasant psychological effects or because of overdoses. In a hospital or detention setting, they often become violent or suicidal, and are very dangerous to themselves and to others. They should be kept in a calm setting and should not be left alone.

The long term effects are that PCP is addicting. That's it. Its repeated use often leads to psychological dependence, craving, and compulsive PCP-seeking behavior. People who use PCP for long periods report memory loss, difficulties with speech and thinking, depression, and weight loss. These symptoms can persist up to a year after cessation of PCP use. Mood disorders also have been reported. I hope PCP doesn't get mixed with your Marijuana...

PCP is dangerous, but it wins. Phencyclidine wins!

Medical Meth

Let's NOT do Meth...

There are billions of drugs out there, the government made the most of them, you know, medicational drugs. I ain't here to compare Meth to all those. But, Meth can be used for medical reason of course. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?

Adderall. That's it's name. Yes indeed. AKA Desoxyn. It is used for ADHD, Obesity, and Narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is the challenge to stay awake, sit on a chair for 2 minutes then doze off. Fall asleep constantly and easily. Obesity is being fat. ADHD is getting rowdy to easily, and it's a behavior disorder. ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Fisorder. ADHD. It's actually similar to ADD, for you can't focus on one thing for a very long time.

Meth (Adderall) treats some symptoms to it, it helps you focus. So there you have it.

Medical Meth (Adderall, oh you know what I mean) helps obesity because it reduces the urge to eat, similar to street meth.

Meth can keep you awake for days, well Medical Methamphetamine can keep you awake until you wish to go asleep (which is around nighttime) Ain't that good way to fight Narcolepsy, it keeps you awake.


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    • profile image

      some puerto rican guy 

      4 years ago

      I'm not sure if this is supposed to be satire or taken seriously....

      I have used meth many times over the last couple years, and while there are certainly many negative consequences to doing so most of what is written in this article is so laughably inaccurate and or exaggerated that I am not even sure of the authors intentions.


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