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Typhoon Victims draw Compassion from a Mexican Boy

Updated on January 25, 2015
Victims of typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)
Victims of typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)
Victims of super typhoon Pepeng (Parma)
Victims of super typhoon Pepeng (Parma)

Visit of 2 killer typhoons

On two separate dates, the Philippines was ravaged by 2 devastating typhoons. Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) hit the country on September 25, 2009, followed by Typhoon Peping (Parma) on October 3, of the same year. These 2 killer storms, which rages for days with strong winds and huge amount of rainfall, left in their wakes landslides, flooding, drowning and loss of properties, crops and livestock

Aftermath of Typhoons Ondoy and Peping

As aftermath, authorities put the death of 464 persons caused by the fury of Typhoon Ondoy and 198 persons perished as a result of Typhoon Peping's wrath. said the worst hit areas by Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) were Manila, Muntinlupa and Taguig in the NCR, Bulacan and Pampanga in Central Luzon, and Laguna and Batangas in South Luzon. cited the following areas as worst affected by Typhoon Peping (Parma) as Pangasinan, Tarlac, BenguetProvince, Ilocos Region, Baguio, MountainProvince and the Cordillera Region.

The Boy hands over his donation

Flores - together with his parents who are both lawyers and his 6-month old brother - called on Philippine Ambassador to Mexico, Alejandro Ortigas III "to express sympathy for the victims of typhoons 'Ondoy' and 'Pepeng' and to hand over his donation" The Department of Foreign Affairs stated that young Flores had developed an interest about the Philippines and started collecting items including Philippine 2-peso bills.

Sufferings of typhoon victims moved Mexican boy to help them

Seeing and listening to TV newscast about the sad impact of these 2 weather catastrophes to the Philippine countrysides, perhaps deeply moved the young heart of this Mexican boy to make an exemplary decision to help alleviate the sufferings of the victims, especially the kids of his age. So Grade Five Pupil- Alejandro Luna Flores donated his entire savings amounting to 410 Mexican pesos or approximately P 2,451 in Philippine Pesos contained in his piggy bank to Filipino children victims of typhoons Ondoy (Ketsana) and Pepeng (Parma)

The Boy is interested in Philippine history

In his letter to the Ambassador- Flores expressed his interest in Philippine History. He said that the chocolate hills in Bohol are among his favorite destinations. He hopes to pay the Philippines a visit someday.

Ambassador Ortigas disclosed his intention to request a friend who's connected with a chocolate and cookies business "to match 100 times Flores' donation so it can benefit more Filipino children"

The Boy presented an art work besides

Aside from his donation, Flores- the young Mexican typhoon donor- presented a rooster art work in blown glass. His dad explained the rooster symbolizes the cockfighting influence of the Philippines to Mexico. In return- Ambassador Ortigas handed Flores a Philippine Table Flag and other mementos.


NOTE: Hi! Alejandro L. Flores! You've made an exemplary deed. It's a feat that others can hardly duplicate. I salute you for doing it. Keep it up. You may upload - if you wish to- your picture or family picture in the web and tell me the "link" by using the comment section at the end of this hub so I can include it in this hub. Readers with a picture of typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng devastations may do likewise. Thank you.



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    • nick071438 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from City of Catbalogan, W, Samar, Philippines

      Hi! Alejandro L. Flores. You've made an exemplary deed. It's a feat that few can duplicate. I salute you for doing it. Keep it up. You may upload- if you wish to- your picture or family picture and tell me the "link" by using this section so I can include it in this hub. Readers with a picture of Typhoon Ondoy or Pepeng may do likewise. Thank you.


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