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Nostradamus Speaks Through Michael Dennis

Updated on October 22, 2009

My “what if” premise and quest have led me to ask the question, “is it possible to glimpse the future? What if we can look into the future and glimpse a future life; that is if we do indeed have future lives. As is always the case I have no definitive answers but my conclusion is that I try to keep an open mind to possibilities.

I talked to my friend Betty one night at dinner about my interest and fascination with Nostradamus. She said that she too had always been intrigued and fascinated by the “great seer” as some refer to him. “Why don’t you invite him to speak at a channeling? People loved The Blessed Mother and Helen Keller talks. Invite Nostradamus to speak through you and see what he has to say. We’ll get you in the program and set it all up.”

“Why not,” I replied, then laughing I added, “I’m already half off my rocker, what’s another half?”

“And we love you for it,” she said, giving me a hug.

A few weeks later I found myself once more sitting in front of an audience. With closed eyes I said “Let us take a few deep breaths. We want to let out all of our cares, frustrations and all of the negative energies that need to go out into the ethers. We welcome the spirit of Michel de Notre Dame, Nostradamus. If he’s a bit loud just bear with him. His feels like a strong vibration and I have the sense that he’s a rather upbeat bubbly type of fellow.” Then I took a few more deep breaths. We sat in the quiet for a couple of minutes. Some kind of adjustment was being made. I did not know what it was but I could feel it. It had not taken this long before to make the transition to welcome another persona. Then quickly this strong voice boomed out.

“Good Day my brothers and sisters! How are you? Are you having a good time as the saying goes? This is Michel De Notre Dame. It is wonderful to be with you this day and we know we are approaching the holidays and there is so much hustle and bustle with all the shopping needing to be done and so forth. And that full moon has been doing a number on several of you. No one is exempt from the astrological influences or the influence of the numbers in your names. There is significance to every name. Does anyone know what my name actually means in French, par hasard, by chance? How many of you have seen Notre Dame de Paris, Notre Dame de Reims or Notre Dame de Chartres in France?”

“I have,” Betty Sue replied.

“What does Notre Dame mean?”

“Is it holy good mother?”

“Our lady. You say prima donna in opera or dame or Madame. What I’m pointing to is that you’re coming into the fruition of your male and female polarity balancing. About time, isn’t it? For on the realms of terra you all chose to partake of this grand experience of what might be called “the positive” and “the negative”, the male, the female etc. Once you begin to realize you are a part of this greater mode which is your oversoul which knows neither polarity, but plays in the worlds of form, then you are able to realize that the creations of worlds; the makings of matter form are all things that a part of you knows in advance. And therefore does this bring us to the subject of prophecy-the ancient art of seeing and knowing, so called in advance, beforehand, precognition, what have you, becomes available to you. The higher self can step through the portals of time and give you glimpses of past and future. That is why I wanted to speak a bit on coming into your full balancing of your male and your female sides.

“For this intuitive part of you, the feminine version, the gestalt, you’ve heard this word, Betty sue, forms the integrative patterns and parts that make up the whole of your complete being. I want to point out that my name contains both the masculine and feminine parts. I chose that name in honor of accepting them both. Michel, Michael, means “who is like God” and notre dame means “our lady.”

“As Michel de Notre Dame (I was born in France) I did come back to embrace the god and the goddess all in one. For this reason was I able to be an accomplished astrologer where my, ‘what you call “right brain” (the intuitive part of the psyche) was put to good use, as well as my “left brain” or rational side. To access true and deeper knowledge you must take in intellectual and intuitive information. You can learn to read the stars if you choose or you can do something as simple as stare into a tripod bowl of water, which I frequently did to put myself in a meditative receptive stage to receive my visions. This was also a way I could portend certain omens. I could read into the stars and they would speak to the soul; to the star that dwells within the higher crown chakra and deepest reaches of the self and soul. If only you would take more time to meditate.

“Never forget the benefits of going within to the quiet space of your own soul sanctuary. There is nothing greater than meditation and service. For you are all here to help the seekers along life’s way who would be drawn to you. You have all made choices regarding coming into wholeness through the balancing of your polarities. Your outer experiences and your external creations are results of your behavioral patterns, your thoughts and your attitudes. It is all a big cosmic puzzle which you are a part of, but also which you are constantly creating. The personalized astrology chart can give you a lot of very useful information to help you see just what you wish to create.

“Astrology as you know is a marvelous divination tool as is Numerology and Tarot as well. Palmistry also can show inclinations and trends of the way things are moving in the future. Although sometimes things can always change for there is always that aspect of free will involved in destiny. Astrology as you know is a marvelous tool to benefit and derive much information from for those of who are interested in the prophetic kind of skills.

“I don’t believe that anyone is totally able to completely foresee the future although there would be those who would dare to disagree. In spite of what some people may think, I am not here to get into my quatrains. I do a type of blending of consciousness with the channel or various ones that I work with. I don’t quite have his resources to pursue such a talk plus it is also not a part of my karmic interplay at this juncture of history to be able to go through them. I was lucky to get down what I did at the particular time. Fortunately you have the grand opportunity to have much more leisure time as well as the freedom to delve into these mysteries. For that which you have gleaned from reading, I hope they have brought you certain understandings and insights and information. As the old saying goes, there certainly is more to come.

“I would say there has been some exaggeration of some of these 911 parallels and symbols that people have been going on out about since that disastrous most unfortunate event. There has been some going over board and reading into things too much. Yes, some of that was foreseen, but some of the mania that spread about was overdone. One can become a bit fanatical about anything. My advice about all that was going around is to use your own spiritual vision and take it all with a grain of salt. For wherever there are humans there are errors for none of you are yet infallible. There are no saints among you although there are some very high spiritual beings on the earth.

“Prophecy is interesting and is important but sometimes it is not the soul’s intent that you see everything so soon. Sometimes the karmic destiny of the individual, the nation or the world is still pending upon certain free will decisions. Speaking of symbols, if I could impart one symbol it would be the sacred mandala, that sacred circular design symbolizing the wholeness and totality of the universe. And I invite you to visualize this mandala or to even create or obtain a mandala to remind you of your connection with everyone and everything else. Your full moon is a circular heavenly body and you all know how it affects you on a world wide scale. It certainly intensifies emotional astral vibrations.

“Its intensity will depend upon the sign it is in at the time and corresponding to your own individual astrological placements in your particular natal chart. When one becomes too overwhelmed by feelings and urges, they can become what you refer to as loony or a lunatic. Both these words come from the latin derivative “luna” So important is this recognition that you name your first day of the week the day of the moon or Monday. Montag in German. Lundi in French. Lunes in Spanish. Lunedi in Italian. It is moon day in many languages. So there is your trivia for the day. Like they said back in grade school when you got home, “Jimmy, or Sally, what did you learn at school today?” As you know a true teacher is really a facilitator. What a true teacher would want to do is to impart that which can help awaken that which is within your own soul.

“Another aspect of prophecy is the stirring up of free will. Then the prophecy very often falls into place. If one cannot accept at a certain level a certain change or changes that a psychic or clairvoyant would be seeing they can block it and it may or may not come true. A good psychic will see the trends. If they are really good they will go right to the soul and tune into the deepest heartfelt desires and help them believe they can and will manifest. One of the deeper purposes of prophecy is to arouse the soul and fire up the person. It is the person who actually manifests what the prophet sees. This is done according to the universal law of attraction. I would say that a true intuitive is more of a soul reader. The true seer, the visionary, the prophet would be able to bypass the ego and this is why some psychics do read at such a surface level. These predictions may or may not come true. Often they deal with more trifles and petty affairs and desires of daily life, what I like to call the “demands of the little me, or the ego.”

“Yes,” said Mary, an astrologer who had attended the channeling. “It was very interesting. I like things that bring times in a circular formation.”

“What I am trying to point out here is that when you exert thought and put energy and intent working with your wand, crystal ball, or even lighting your incense that all influences your outcomes. The material manifestation in form is not of so much importance, but it is that spiritual linking; that spiritual bonding that you put with your crystal ball or divination tool, or even in the case with the violin that traveled through the centuries. It in a sense took on a life of its own. There was a bit of the personality, or the spiritual essence, or you can call it the astral etheric energy if you will that became a part of the violin. Those of us who have studied in the mystery schools in Atlantis, Lemuria and even some other worlds, were taught to focus and merge part of our consciousness, where there are no actual limitations, with the actual outer form of the crystal ball, wand, or what have you. We were taught that our tools help us step through linear time. And we could also tap into probable and parallel outcomes and destinies which occur on other dimensions.

“Your divination tools should become your friends. They can awaken your “seeing senses” and take you to so many places. Working with your tools also helps to awaken anticipation. When is the last time you awakened your anticipation? What do you think we are getting at here? Now you are not on trial. No one is going to get an “A” or an “F” if you do not give a certain response. The lady on the end. What do you think it is?”

“A vision that may come that you would enjoy.”

“I like that. Next, what does awakened anticipation mean to you?”

“It’s when you are truly looking forward to an experience; not only being a part of the experience, but being the experience.”

“That is beautiful. And you, sir, what is awakened anticipation for you?”

“The thought of what is going to happen when it happens. The waiting, being anxious to see what is going to be.”

“I like that waiting as you put it. For when you are anxious, you are stirring about, right? And you are anticipating. I like what all of you said because when you are thinking, you are concretizing ideas and images and concepts. All touch the grand circle where there no limitations, no beginnings or endings. There is no form. The concept of thought of course opens a whole kettle of fish. The awakening of anticipation, Mary, what does that say to you?”

“It has the sense of bringing alive something as when we awake in the morning we become more aware or whatever time we awake. There’s an excitement. It’s like turning on heat under a kettle so that what we are looking at begins to take a better shape or more solid form. I can see where this leads to visualization. When the excitement is there then you visualize more clearly what it is you are anticipating.”
“Isn’t that beautiful. Now do you see why she has got to get off her duff and write that book? She is good with words, isn’t she? Just this whole concept of awakening, I was about to say, “Lazarus, come forth!” (Laughter) “This awakening is most important that you endeavor to work with your tools and to awaken your anticipation. This is what sets the little spirals of energy out in the universe to be able to form and manifest into the outer form that which you desire. That is what we try to do on a grander scale when we first would work within the self, awakening the intuition, the anticipation within our own soul. Then we would move outward and try to visualize one other person. We would do experiments where we would try to merge our consciousness. Some telepathic experiences even took place. Have any of you had telepathic experiences? They are quite intense and I am sure you all have to some degree. If you’ve spontaneously received a hunch or an intuition that the phone was going to ring and then it did, that is a telepathic type of communication.

“Or perhaps you were emailing someone and you get one from them at the same time. I want to let you know that you are all communicating on the spiritual planes. Some people’s unconscious is more conscious because they tend to bring out to the light of day the beneath the surface kind of things. Things can just have a magical way of manifesting. I want to encourage you to make a little bit of time and effort to develop your “seeing” or “seer” abilities. As the old saying goes, “where there is a will, there is a way.” You may want to go a little further and look more closely at some of your beliefs. They can be contrasting. This is why when we would work on prophecy and our visualization exercises in some of our past lives in the mystery schools before I was even Nostradamus, we constantly examined to see that our intent, will and focus were in accord with our conscious beliefs otherwise there is discrepancy and chaos.

“There are so many stages involved in prophecy. When we would attempt to look into the future, one exercise one exercise we would do was try to walk through time. We would aim at moving our consciousness from century by century and hone our seer vision in on the consciousness of the people of that time. When the higher intuitive “seer” faculties are awakened, there is so much more information you can access as your vibrational frequencies accelerate. What it all boils down to is energy and vibration. I could go on for hours discoursing on energy and vibration. For example we up here are vibrating on many levels. I don’t want to disappoint you but if you think I’m totally here with you now with Michael that is far from the truth. There is only a small fragment of me that is here.”

“You’re not all here,” Mary added, laughing.

“I’m not all here and there are certainly lots of your soul friends in the loony house that are certainly not all there. I might add that many of them are not crazy. They are merely misunderstood. You’ve probably had your time when they locked you away as well for getting into the spirit. Not just in the old days but some of you on a daily basis. So we are fortunate that they are not burning you at the stake nowadays or if they do, at least they ask you how well done you want to be burned or what have you. (Laughter). I think most of you realize the importance of humor.

“Back to speaking about signs, please be aware of your totem animals. If you see an eagle, or a bear or skunk, this can be a sign for you that your Higher Self is presenting to you. You are wise to become aware of them. You don’t have to take everything literally or at face value, but you learn with practice the art of discernment. There are times when your Higher Self is trying to get your attention. The image of a light may appear in your mind’s eye. Light is an excellent tool with so many meanings. Candle light is a wonderful divination tool as well to look into the future or even your past lives. Perhaps in a future seminar we could do a bit of that. Don’t believe that your guides cannot help you with the mundane everyday affairs of life. They can and they can give you signs and images which lead you to things you need. You are wise to call on them and ask for their help. They are always ready and willing to help.

“To advance your growth and understanding do become more aware of the omens and signs that present themselves to you. As you probably know, experiences and symbols and omens can be multidimensional. They can mean more than one thing. That is why most dream books tend to be superficial. If you dream about a peach does it mean you are getting a little fruity? Or maybe your grandmother was a peach who lived in Georgia, the peach state. Or maybe you are not feeling particularly “peachy” today as the saying goes. A symbol or dream may have personal implication for someone else. You may see a pair of tennis shoes and see toes wiggling. Maybe this means de feet need to be massaged or maybe you just need to let go of your defeeting/defeating attitudes. You see what we’re doing here? We are working within the realm and domain of the subconscious mind and the subconscious works with metaphors, images, symbols and even puns as well as with literal meanings.

“The astrological configurations have their literal and symbolic meanings as well. For those of you interested in prophecy, the stars have much to teach. You may not know it but the basic essence of your soul is star like. You are sparks of light. This is why you yearn for the stars. I would like to propose that you get yourself a crystal wand. It can help you to catch glimpses of your star essence. A wand is very powerful because it has a way of ionizing the molecules so that you alter the very energy of electromagnetic currents and vibration to a manner of your choosing. Such altering affects your subtle psychic bodies and energies and help to put you into this “seeing mode”. Be mindful of your crystal readers, your fairies and those who carry their wands. Observe your magicians who carry their staffs. The divination tools help them to tune into and move the energies upward to the higher chakras so they can tap into the realm of what I like to call “greater seeing”. Meditation is one way to open up to greater seeing. So is visualization. I used the crystal ball along with other divination devices. I spent a lot of thoughtful prayer time in meditation and in the silence. That is so important.

“I want you to know that you can glimpse your own future self/selves. For on a higher plane all time exists simultaneously. I say on a higher planes, but that is actually only a manner of speech. In reality there is no higher or lower plane. All planes intermingle and are connected. They just vibrate and resonate at different frequencies. There is only extensions of this great energy life force that I would like to call “the all one”. Some say “all that is”. Some refer to the deeper essence of being as the universal mind, cosmic consciousness, etc. For you know inclusive in the “all one” is its exact polar opposite. Take an “l” out of the word “all” and what do you have?”
“Alone.” Betty Sue said.

“Aha! “the all one” and the “alone” are opposite sides of the same coin so to speak. You cannot love another person or come into the fruition of your own personal destiny; your empowerment and growth, if you do not learn that the “all one” exists in “the alone” and vice versa. This means that you are never truly alone, and yet you are. You are never truly “the all one” and yet you are. I hope you see the meaning of polarity here.

“To see into the eyes of the “all one”, and how the planets expand, and the worlds, the universe and form, you must learn not just to look outside yourself, but also learn to look within in the quiet times, in the solitude. There is much movement and energy taking place during this silent quiet time and meditation helps to develop and to sharpen your psychic seeing abilities. Had there been more time we would have had a longer meditation, and I encourage you to do so at your leisure. The very act of making this time, no matter how chaotic your mind may be or hectic your daily schedule, meditation opens the door to the heart and the chakras and leads you to the “all that I am, or “the all one.” Prophecy is not so complicated or complex once you step into the sea of your greater being and learn that space and time are relative and can even be manipulated. I also want to propose that not all of my quatrains were understood, nor were they interrupted correctly, and all of them were not correct. This is because when you are delving into the realm of human affairs, there is always that element of fallibility and error. In an imperfect world information is never perfect either.

“This is why in your personal psychic readings the timing can be off. I will accept that many of my prophecies have come true, and that many are yet to come true. The purpose of this discourse is not to get into those quatrains. Some have come to pass. Others are yet to come to pass. Others are not construed correctly. Prophecy is an area very dear to my heart for I did see many things and had people listened as well as they could have, certain disasters could have been averted. For as you know I lived in the time and age where it did not take much unconventional behavior before the church and inquisition came after you. One aspect of prophecy that many do not look at is the aspect “that we create our own reality.” This is why prophecy on the highest schemata of things is a matter of visualizing and creating your own future through your will and your intent.

“The fact that I could see into the crystal ball and make generalized statements meant that I was observing generalized trends throughout the centuries. As I looked into the crystal ball, gazed into the water, and I meditated and I communed with the stars I saw things. So if you could have a little star or prism of light reflecting in a mirror or around you, this would help put you into a little bit of a light trance, and these altered states which are actually very native to your being. This time and age is no different. I was able to see and perceive the mass thought forms and read the intent of people from the “alone” to the “all one.” When one truly goes into that black void of nothingness from there one finds their way to the light. Please remember this when you are having your difficult times. They are your teachers. Growth comes through irritation. We have all had our share and there are some people at times that we would truly just like to boost off the planet.

“I want to impart that you can see the future that you will create. You can see your future lifetimes and sometimes choices are made that will reverse your choices or the choices of humanity. For example there have been many famous wonderful psychics who have predicted that you would have mass polar shifting and earth changes. Many accurate psychics have said, “You will see New York or California fall in the ocean”. You will see wars and fires in the Middle East. Some of this has happened. Much has been averted due to the change, the intent and the focus of light. There is so much energy coming in now from many dimensions interplanetary. Earth is really wanting to be accepted in this intergalactic confederation, much like your Star Trek series.

“At this time I want to end this part of the talk. I hope that what I have said has stimulated your palate just a bit. I love humanity and we are all connected. It is time now for you all to connect with and to channel your own higher self, and your future self/ves because those selves are as much a part of you as your past lives. Since you are all destined to ascend to the higher realms of the fourth and fifth dimensions and even higher, you might as well get on with it since you are “doomed to glory,” (laughter) The reason I say this is that some people are so addicted to their misery and suffering. True, we can learn from suffering, but there are other ways. It is time to be in tune and in touch with your emotions. Be aware of your karmic interconnections and those who would come to nurture you especially when you make choices to grow and move.

“This is why some of your relationships are forcing you to go within and say “Is this a part of my life plan, my heroic mission. In the channel’s case he decided to reinvent his childhood and attract mothers to help him heal. With so many emotional issues this has been of much benefit to him and could be to some of you as well. For all of your mothers and care takers are not those people who were born into your natural family. You all need someone to help you get out of the drowning waters of your emotions that can so drag you down so that you truly feel you are drowning away in your sorrows. You all have your teachers and those who can help you. As the saying goes, when you truly reach out, help is soon on the way. Some of your teachers exist on the etheric and higher planes. Others exist and dwell in the corridors and even graveyards of your own inner world and psyche. They too must be called forth to learn from and to help heal. For your fears have much to teach you. You would do well to know them.

“I could tell you many stories of some of the healings that took place even in my time. I lived in a time as you know when medicine had not come into its own yet. I lived in an age where it was ignorantly believed that by bleeding, certain ailments could be healed. Of course I took no part of such idiocy. There were some wonderful experiences of exchanging energy. I ask you whatever your gifts are, do not ignore them. For if you do, you will come back and relive the entire scenario. Your astrological charts are a map. They can help you. They are a blueprint of prophecy for your own soul, and even that can be transmuted. You are not a victim of your astrological imprint and your compelling urges that the stellar energies throw out your way so to speak. They are indicators of choices you have made and choices yet to be made and lessons to be learned as well as lessons yet to be learned. Experiences that you have had can be shown in the chart as well. That too is to be transcended, but through it, not avoiding it. Would there be any questions now?”

“My name is Dana. I’m a Taurus. How do you go about finding your karma connections?”

“It has found you, hasn’t it? (Laughter) Karma works its way out through your encounters with the people in your lifetime. There are five billion or so people on this planet earth at this time. You come into contact with those with whom you have karma due to past encounters. I encourage you to get a past life reading. There are karma readings which can be done through certain astrologers who work with past life times. They can show you where you have been and what you have to learn in this lifetime. Hypnosis and regressions are wonderful tools to learn about your karmic connections and lessons to be learned in this lifetime. You can learn what mistakes you made which you do not wish to repeat. For each uncorrected mistake becomes more challenging when faced in the future lifetime.

“The lessons do get harder, and knowing what you agreed to work on and correct can help prod you and keep you out of the clutches of that devil, “procrastination.” The astrological chart can help you to understand more of what you are about and what needs balancing. It can show strengths and pitfalls to be wary of. You can also invoke your own soul and enter the spiritual frame of mind that will enable you to read the Akashic Records. The soul imprints and memories of every living being are written upon the ethers and stored in these sacred records which can be tapped.

“Yes, I encourage you to have your astrological chart done to get some ideas on what you are here to learn in this lifetime. The placement of the north node in the chart gives some indication on what you are here to accomplish in this particular lifetime. It shows what you must accomplish just as the south node gives an indication of what you have accomplished in your past lives. I do honor your spiritual search. You told the channel that you drove quite a ways to get here. You put some positive energy into the ethers with your intent and plans to make this trip. You even burned off some karma by wanting to grow. I want to tell you each and everyone that if you feel like your life is a mess, you can make progress by intending something good.

“It is good to ask for help and to put out a lot of love. This is the first step into stirring the energies up in the ethers that will make their way to their earth and set into motion the desires of your heart that you give intention to. Creation always begins on the mental planes first. Let me salute your inner light and remind you of the benefit of speaking your soul desires. To speak them and give them voice and energy via the spoken word is a very powerful act in itself. As the channel so often says the call compels the response.

“This is why the dreamers never give up. To believe, hope and maintain your faith in spite of any obstacles or temporary setbacks is necessary to push open the gates of limitations and restrictions that would hold you back. Your spiritual self and intent can do and accomplish anything whatsoever. Whatever you truly can dream you can manifest. You ask to know your karmic path and why you are here. I hope I have given you some tools today that will assist you in your search. Keep praying and reaching out and you will have the answers that you seek. For such is universal law. It is impersonal and cannot be tampered with. So please know the power of intending and prayer. They can literally move any mountains that block you from your bliss. Would there be another question?”

“Recently I have had a very cherished object stolen out of my home. I have tried everything to get this object back.”

“Let go! Let go! If you release this attachment to this object, for is this not the way of life on the earth? Change and constant releasing.”
“I dream of this object. I cry about it. I don’t even want to cry about it. I just think about it and tears will start to go down my cheeks.”

“What is this object?”

“It’s a chalice.”

“You have already drunk from the grail chalice metaphorically speaking, and taken in delicious nectar from spirit. You have graduated to a higher plane and you are hanging onto the third dimensional consciousness. It was removed because your soul is telling you that you do not need the physical chalice anymore. Eventually you will all release your earth attachments, including your attachment to the physical body and human experience entirely. You just make that transition in varying steps and stages. Let it go. Release it to be reformed to someone else. The person who stole this by the way is not going to keep it. It is going to pass to someone who needs it. You have the astral spirit counterpart. You are crying and missing it, but it is not missing you because it knows it is still with you. It is trying to tell you, “I am still here in your heart.”

“I bought it so I could connect with the dead.”

“You don’t need this chalice to connect with the dead. Does anyone have a word for her? Betty, what do you get for her? Give her a mini reading if you can. I am not trying to say it is not valuable. I am not trying to say do not grieve. You on some level knew that was a learning experience for you. You are learning about releasing attachments to the physical form. You are a fire sign. And where fire goes all things can be burned; all mortal earthly attachments must at some point be burned and conquered.”

Betty sue spoke, “you carry the essence of the chalice in your heart so you really don’t need the physical manifestation of it because it’s with you in your heart at all times. The essence is there. It’s a part of who you are therefore you can share it and you can contact anybody that you need to if you believe you can. Don’t limit yourself and I think it was taken away from you to let you understand that you didn’t need the physical chalice to do this. You can do it through your heart.”

“Are you very close to beloved Jesus? You knew Joseph of Arimethea. What I am picking up is that you have some past life memories when you were on this grail search as well. You knew of Jesus. You should feel close to this soul.”

“Somebody else told me that.”

(At that point we were interrupted by the program director who told Betty Sue that it was time for the channeling to end)



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    • Mike Dennis profile image

      Mike Dennis 8 years ago

      Nostradamus knows how to keep us searching and seeking I would say. I am honored to be able to channel him.

    • Mary Soliel profile image

      Mary Soliel 8 years ago from Colorado

      Fascinating channel!!

    • Sherri Cortland profile image

      Sherri Cortland 8 years ago

      I read this hub three times so I could absorb everything! Very interesting information.