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Michigan Basic Skills Test for Teacher Certification – A Quick Review.

Updated on July 12, 2013
Taking the Michigan Basic Skills Test for Teacher Certification
Taking the Michigan Basic Skills Test for Teacher Certification

I recently took the Michigan Basic Skills Test for Teacher Certification. While preparing for the test I was surprised by the limited amount of information concerning this test. Yes the state does an adequate job of outlining the test, but there isn’t much in the way of discussion from those who have taken this test. Now I won’t supply any answers, but I will outline the test and my experience.

MTTC Basic Skills Test Particulars

The mttc basic skills test was broken into three sections. Reading, math, and writing. The reading portion had 42 questions. The math portion had 41 questions. The writing portion was an essay (of course). You are given 4.5 hours to take this test.

Reading Portion of the Basic Skills Test

The reading portions of the Michigan basic skills test was not complex. I thought that I would read material, go to the next page, then answering questions. In fact, the script was available for review with every question. As for questions many did require thought, as some of the answers were very similar. The ability to re-read the material allowed me to discern the correct answers with ease.

Math Portion of the Basic Skills Test

This really threw me off. I memorized all of the formulas supplied in the basic skills test study guide. I was disappointed that I really didn’t have to. There was some basic algebra and a little geometry. Yes they were line graphs, but as for difficult problems the test was lacking. Not that this is a bad thing, but I was expecting something a little more taxing. I would suggest that you memorize the formulas provided as they will help, but most of the answers are easily deduced.

Writing Portion of the MTTC Basic Skills Test

The writing portion of the test consisted of a 300-600 word essay written about a pre-chosen topic. The topic I was given was very relative to everyone. The task was very well defined and I don’t see how one could prepare for this portion of the test. One note. There is no spell or grammar check with the computerized test. That said, sharpening your grammar skills would be helpful.


In a nutshell the Michigan Basic Skills Test for Teacher Certification was the equivalent of taking a compass or college placement test. If you are versed in math and English, you will not have a problem passing. If you are lacking in these areas, you may wish to purchase a study guide.


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    • profile image

      4 years ago

      Hi collegedad!

      You're right - there really is not much material to use for this kind of test... I've been looking online, and I've found only a couple of MTTC study guides/workbooks and a handful of practice questions here and there. Otherwise, that's all I've come across. Maybe because the test is state-specific, and not nationwide, such as the GREs, SATs, etc..?

      Anyway, I'll be taking this test soon, and would love some advice! Any specific suggestions for how to prepare for this test? (ex. any specific study guides that you used, additional practice tests, etc).

      Also, did the test take you the whole 4 and a half hours? How much time did you spend approximately on each section?

      Thanks a lot! Any help would be much appreciated.


    • collegedad profile image

      collegedad 5 years ago from The Upper Peninsula

      Ya my 12 year old daughter could have passed this with flying colors!

      Thanks Billybuc

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      LOL...things haven't gotten a lot tougher since I took my test back in 1976. One would hope the requirements would toughen up a bit over the years, but evidently they haven't.

      Best of luck with your teaching career!