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Updated on August 19, 2016

Well lets talk about "MICRO_ORGANISM", thowse are the structures found within living organisms they may be described as being macroscopic or microscopic, depending on whether they can be seen with or without the use of microscope.

Some micro-organisms they cause disease in human, however some cannot cause disease. If we look at micro-organisms culture with the naked eye we cannot identify the micro-organisms within it and say wheteher they are pathogenic not. Therefore, it is advisable to treat all cultures as if they are pathogenic and take the following precautions :

* Make sure you don't touch or go near the micro-organisms.

* Wear surgical gloves when working in an area that micro-organisms may occur.

* Do not inhale deeply or sneeze near micro-organisms culture, because if you inhale deeply it is possible that you may inhale the micro-organisms and become sick becuase some of them my be pathogenic as we stated.

* If micro-organisms spills onto your hands or on any other parts of your body, wash thoroughly with running water and soups. eg. Detol, Protex.etc

- When taliking about micro-organisms we talk about viruses and bacterias, those are the main causes of disease.

- Viruses appear to be living only when they are in a living cell, but when they are not in a living cell they may appear as some sort of a crystal. This makes sense why they can only reproduce when they are within a living cell of an organism.

- Most of the vuruses can only be seen under an electron micoscope, but the larges viruses can be visible using powerful light microscope.

- Most of them have regular shape symetrical shapes, some sperical, some rode-like, some spiral and some have tails.

- What youb should know is that ; all viruses are parasites whether they are living in plants, animals or bacteria.

- Diseases like AIDS, Rabies, Mumps, Measeles, Small pox, Poliomyelitis, Yellow fever and Common cold are caused by viruses. Viruses reproduce by transforming the host's nucleic acids into virus nucleic acids when hey multiply.

Whe we look at BACTERIA they are about 50 times larger than viruses, but they are still smallest known living organisms since virusb are not considered to be living or the reasons already explained.Bacteria prefer moisture and darkness, although they can be found anywhere, it's either in the air, in the sould or in water they can still be found.

The grow and reproduse best when the temperature is between 30-37 degree celcious. However tyhey can survive at extreames of temperature from -18 to 70 degree celcious.

In bacteria we have Parasitic bacetria which obtain food from other living organisms and those they can cause disease.

The ones that obtain thier food fromn dead organisms are called Saprotrofic bacteria and they play a role as decomposers and in nitrogen cycle.

Mutalistc bacteria live in or on plants and animals for the bebefit of both organisms, which makes them non-pathogenic, they can be found within human intestine estimated between 500 and 1000, they help wih decaying indigestible food into faeces. Secondly they synthesize vitamins B, E and K for our use. Escherichia coli is an example of such a bucterium. 


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