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Microbiology Classroom Kits-Teaching Kids About Microbiology

Updated on April 12, 2015

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Teaching Microbiology in Class

Today science class is more than just a place to memorize facts from a textbook. The study of science is all about hands-on experiences manipulating objects and experimenting with science concepts. To help students acquire the skills that they need to do well in high school and college, science teachers need to get their students into the lab so that they can explore the world from the molecular level up.

One of the subjects that students are introduced to in grade school and middle school is microbiology. Microbiology courses at the elementary school level are intended to introduce students to the equipment that will be used throughout their science education, including microscopes, Petrie dishes, pipettes, cultures and slides. These introductory course are also used to introduce students to the unseen world that surrounds them, the microscopic world.

When developing an introductory module to microbiology teachers need to focus on making the students' first experiences with this topic fun and memorable. This helps to engage the student and it helps to encourage students to invest their full effort in the process of learning. One way to grab students' attention and to make learning about microbiology fun is to develop an introductory activity that is shocking, gross or humorous.

Gross is always a good angle to take when introducing microbiology to young students. This age group enjoys gross things and this angle can help the teacher to get the entire class involved in the science exercise. A good gross activity is to examine the microbiology found in pond scum or to examine the organisms found in samples taken from a bathroom or even a kitchen.

Another great project idea is to examine how microbiological organisms respond to antibiotics. In this project students will grow their own bacterial or viral colonies that they will then expose to various antibiotic products. The goal of this project is to see if these organisms are first killed by antibiotic cleaning products, and secondly to see if survivors produce strains of antibiotic resistant colonies.

Coming up with a good idea for classroom projects is not always easy, particularly when teachers have a limited budget to purchase supplies. However, microbiology classroom kits can be used to develop a lesson plan and to acquire all of the supplies that are needed to complete the project. Another money saving option is to utilize local sources for samples for your microbiology projects. Local ponds, streams, bathrooms, kitchens and garbage cans all offer sources of microbiology samples.


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