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Smart Grid for power distribution networks

Updated on October 31, 2015

why we need to use smart grids?

The global electricity Sector and its customers face a number of challenges. Pakistan is in the grip of serious power shortage crisis that is affecting all the sectors of the economy and the various segments of society. This project aims to design and develop a smart distribution system that would help us to utilize all the available power and make distribution system perform effectively and efficiently. It consists of a substation module having step down transformers of rating 440/220 volts. Capacitor bank is also used in order to improve power factor. The power, after being corrected, is then input to the distribution feeder with programmable relays. GSM module is being used as a communication channel of smart meter. Lastly, the consumer load information is input to the programmable relay. The principal advantage of implemented project is that it will help the World attain a more effective and dependable power grid and reform energy usage for generations to follow.

smart grid in distribution networks

Electric Power has become the basic necessity of life. Nowadays, its importance is increasing day by day around the globe. The life of an individual is considered incomplete without usingElectric Power.Itcanbegeneratedusingconventionalaswellasnon-conventional energy resources.Power System consists of Power generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electrical energy. Energy must be delivered to the consumers effectively and efficiently as utilization or consumption of energy is the ultimate purpose of generating ElectricPower.

ElectricalEnergyisacentralserviceincontemporaryculture.Nowadays,energy systems depends on expertise that were mainly urbanized for one-way power drifts from big generation plants to normally inert customers at the receiving end of the network. The Power System must be able to meet the demands of the consumers efficiently. But working in an efficient environment is not generally considered a piece of cake. There are a lot of problems which we face e.g. losses during transmission and distribution of electric power which leads to energy crisis. In Pakistan there are lots of problems to discuss. Yet, the intensity of electricity problem surpasses everyother.

InPakistan,the power system is notvery reliable.As Distribution system is close to the consumers, losses related to it are also greater as compared to generation or transmission system. So, a better reliable distribution system must be constructed for the sake of meeting the trials of energy crisis.

For this purpose smart grids will help to lessen almost all of the challenges that the energy sector is facing currently.

The Smart Grid design goals are to (i) provide grid observability, (ii) controlling the resources, enhancing power system routine and safety and (iii) reduction in operational costs, preservation, and system scheduling. The smart grid will be able to provide self-healing, reconfiguration and refurbishment,andisexpectedtohandlehaphazardnessattheloadend.Anotherimportantgoalof smart grid is the two way communication in order to make the system more reliable. More precisely, it is the need of the hour to introduce such a reliable, intelligent and efficient system in Pakistan that mainly focuses on the reduction in line losses, delivering more power and saving Energy.


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