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Microscopes for Kids – Finding the Best Kids Microscopes for cheap

Updated on November 10, 2010

Microscopes for kids are an excellent tool to provide children to get them interested in science.  It’s been shown that kids who have a strong science background excel at everyday problem solving, go on to obtain higher education and have a higher salary, so you can never start too early.  The problem is getting them interested in science can be a difficult task.  Kids microscopes are a great way to provide them a basis in fields such as biology and geology, and with the use of microscope projects it’s a great way to get some quality time helping them with the project.  But how do you know if it will stick; that they’ll be interested in it for years to come?  Granted, it’s a risk you take anytime you buy something for kids as their interests can change seemingly overnight.  But by doing a little research you can find a cheap kids microscope that will have enough power to keep their interest but won’t break the bank in case it ends up in the back of the closet with the guitar and telescope.

If you’ve ever spent any time with your child looking at bugs or rocks and sand, you’ll know if they’re interested in using a microscope.  What’s really neat is when you can get other everyday objects like human hairs, pet hairs, and probably the most interesting, swamp water.  So if you’re going to get a microscope for your child you have two options, you could buy a cheap kids microscope that is age appropriate and save some money now; when they’re ready for a better, more expensive microscope you can buy a new one then.  The other option is to save yourself some money in the long run and purchase a good microscope for kids which means you’ll never have to upgrade but you run the risk of your child losing interest and wasting money.  Each way has pros and cons but finding the right microscope for your kid will make all the difference.

The biggest decision you’ll need to make when considering what type of kids microscope to buy is going to be the difference between low power and high power.  Low power microscopes are best for viewing “big” small things, things like hairs, sand, bugs; they provide incredible detail at relatively low powers.  A high power microscope on the other hand is going to see a lot of the smaller, “invisible” things such as blood cells, amoebas, saliva, pond water, etc.  This is probably going to provide the most interesting viewing from the child’s perspective because it has the “wow” factor of being able to see microscopic items. 

While there are some pretty cheap microscopes for kids out there, it’s important not to get sucked in by the branding of certain scientific equipment.  For one, you should never purchase cheap plastic microscopes.  These are terrible toys and won’t promote any scientific learning; they’ll only frustrate the child and you and be a complete waste of time and money.  Getting a solid metal microscope with glass optics and a built in light will not only make the viewing easier and more enjoyable, but be more cost effective in the long run.  The best way to purchase one is a complete microscope kit for kids.  These microscope kits will provide supporting material such as easy to read instructional guides, pre-loaded microscope slides and additional equipment that will help to gather and prepare additional samples.

When shopping for a childrens microscope your best bet will be to shop around at online retailers.  A lot of these internet microscope stores specialize in microscopes and can provide better customer service.  That being said, once you have a model that you like, a quick check to a place like Amazon or eBay can provide a quick comparison to see if you can get a lower price there.  A little bit of research will go a long way in finding cheap microscopes for kids.

Best Microscope for Kids 2010

Buying the best microscope for kids means getting the latest technology.  And while not much has changed for 2010, there are a couple of updates you would want to consider.  First of all, the price of traditional microscopes has come down and it's now more affordable to get a cheap microscope for kids.  Using something like the Duo-Scope microscope with the different powers will familiarize them with how to use microscopes for science class. 

But on the other hand there are some great digital USB microscopes that are great for kids.  These have certainly become more affordable and as schools transition to more technology based learning tools, more schools will be incorporating cheap digital microscopes into their curriculum.  Not to mention that digital microscopes are often easier to use and have better resolution which makes them more fun and productive.

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