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Migrants To Be Kicked Out Of Sweden.

Updated on January 28, 2016
Migrant Boat.
Migrant Boat. | Source
David Cameron In A Meeting Angela Merkel.
David Cameron In A Meeting Angela Merkel. | Source
Sweden To Deport Migrants.
Sweden To Deport Migrants. | Source

Rejected Applications.

The Swedish Interior Minister has said that 60 - 80,000 migrants will be deported from the country due to their application for asylum in the country being rejected. Sweden accepted last year 160,000 migrants one of the highest number of people accepted from the Syrian conflict and elsewhere by a European nation.

Germany was the other country which has accepted many migrants where as the UK has accepted 20,000.

Rejected migrants are flown out by plane and so doubt these new rejected migrants will be too. Sweden's interior minister explained that these newly rejected migrants will be flown out over several years.

The number of migrants in Sweden trying to enter Sweden to gain asylum has fallen due to the government bringing id cards in.

Meanwhile Denmark voted in its parliament to seize the valubles of migrants in Denmark to help pay for their up keep in Denmark. The Danish National Party President Kashif Ahmad said the policy was similar to the Nazis taking assets from the Jews.

Denmark has introduced radical new policies to make Denmark a less attractive destination for migrants. It was inevitable though that while countries like Germany and Sweden were accepting huge amounts of people that in the end something in European countries who were accepting and providing help for migrants that the tolerance of those ordinary people of those countries would not last forever. Particularly the crimes of women being attacked in Germany by migrants and other crimes and terrorism which some migrants do seem responsible for.

Europe in my estimation has accepted enough people and I'm glad my own country even though I disagree with David Cameron on a lot of issues is right to just accept 20,000 and no more.

Indeed in clashes with Jeremy Corbyn yesterday at Prime Minister's Question Time David Cameron attacked Corbyn for going to Calais and called the people he met with at a camp in Calais 'a bunch of migrants'.

Going back to Sweden the issue of migrants into Sweden has been a hot potato amongst the population and this announcement may be welcomed by many of those who say Sweden should not be accepting so many people.

Across the continent in general there does seem to be a toughening of attitudes but right now we will have to see where this leads.


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    • emge profile image


      3 years ago from Abu Dhabi

      Very soon these nations will understand that migrants are dangerous business


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