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Military School For Discipline

Updated on June 9, 2010

Normal schools are usually not equipped to deal with teenagers who are often troublesome. An option, which is available to the parents of such children is often military school. This is the ideal solution for troubled teens and is a way to educate them while keeping them disciplined.

Military school has existed since a long time and was once in danger of disappearing. However, in recent times, there has been an increased interest in those institutions, probably a sign that something is wrong among today’s teenagers. Parents are really anxious to sort out any attitude problem and indiscipline among their child.

Military school is ideal for kids who do not have any major behavioral and emotional difficulty. In fact, it does not have the facilities for providing treatment and psychological support for such children. It is believed that it usually fails to control defiant kids.  Indeed, ‘crude’ discipline unassisted by psychological help might be unbearable by unprepared kids. Pressure might make the child compliant and help improve his/her behavior on the short term. However, when used forcibly, discipline does more harm than good. The end result is often a reversal in the attitude and behavior of those children within a few days to weeks of returning home.

Military school does not have the expertise to deal with children who have internalization problems. There are special boarding schools for that. They tend to have better outcomes with such children. However, the mistake many parents make is to make military school the first choice for bringing a behavior change in their children. Parents may in fact be delaying important steps, by choosing the inappropriate ones. While the stern discipline may in fact help the teens, making them stronger, it is actually not handling the negative components of the child’s behavior.

Following orders leads to fear and not respect and understanding of why you should be doing something and why you should avoid doing other things. Therefore, troubled teenagers need to develop the skills to judge what is right and wrong. This may require an individualized assessment of emotions to be able to sort out what is best for the child.

Military school has shifted their program from being a training center for future soldiers to prepare people to be fit enough to function in society.  Its rules are quite strict. For example, you might be required to wake up daily at 6 and be ready with your boots well polished within half an hour or so. Girls are not given preferential treatment in any way; makeup and nail polish are barely allowed and hair must always be tidy and properly tied. Every simple luxury is earned at such institutions; academic success and proper behavior are usually rewarded by climbing ranks, and this is very often associated with some privileges. All these tend to provide an impulse to behave properly and work hard.

Military school is quite good at improving your child’s attitude and results. However, always remember that it is not intended for troubled children, who may in fact need extra care.


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