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Mind Mapping Improves Memory

Updated on September 23, 2011

What is Mind Mapping?

Mind Mapping is an effective method using visible form to recall information from memory. It is a representation of information in a personalized way using a mixture of diagrams, graphics or charts to link up the relationship between groups of interrelated elements. It is usually organized according to different levels of importance and groupings. It could be as simple as a few elements surrounding a main topic, or a breakdown of a few interrelated areas surrounding a big topic. For instance, it could be as simple as a shopping list or as complicated as a project that includes all elements from finance, human resources, and operations to any other related elements that has a stake in the success of the whole project.

Why Mind Mapping?

Mind Mapping is specifically useful in presenting the big picture of a brainstorming session where ideas that are thrown are random and scattered. More organized mind map can next be drafted based on the initial session. Using Mind Mapping, it is found that it enhances understanding and memorizing while improves skills and intelligence.

Mind mapping can stimulate various capabilities within us. For example, we may want to think of what is the information required to make good personal decision and judgment. Naturally, we are communicating actively with the information available in our memory. In other words, we are like talking to our own memory, asking ourselves what are the concerns, pros and cons of making the decision we would like to make.

Mind mapping can also stimulate some parts of our body that have its own functions such as thinking, observing, choosing, drawing and determining what we want. Our hands are participating in the process while the brain is thinking. It is a process that requires different parts of our body to work together as a team.

Using a mind mapping means we have to utilize the skills to organize information to achieve accuracy and ease of understanding. Mind mapping also allows us to make the relation more easily and quickly. For example, we can easily link between causes and effects that cause discipline issue of students at school.

What we initiate will be remembered and enforced by the diagrams or pictures and writings that we have done. Hence, the brain could in the fastest manner associate the main topic with several other subtopics. This will eventually form the whole idea of what we want from our memory.

In addition, the usage of mind mapping can potentially balance the use of the left brain and right brain as logical thinking is mastered in the left brain while creativity and graphical skills are dominant in the right brain.

What is interesting about mind mapping is that it incorporates all aspects of language, analytical, design, mathematic, sensory, and so forth as a whole. Other advantages in a mind mapping are that it is easy to use and suitable for all purposes.

Mind mapping is suitable as a tool for the students to take quick notes in school or for memorizing or revisions before exams. It is also suitable for leisure notes taking from reading a book. It could also be used in preparation before a debate, keynotes done before meeting, or as casual as a “to do” list for the weekend.

With Mind Mapping, we will no longer need to think so hard to remember all the elements of the mind map as our memory can be recalled with the assistance of the drawings and writings.

Student Discipline Problem Mind Map
Student Discipline Problem Mind Map

Mind Mapping Process

Mind mapping can be prepared easily anywhere at any time. It can be drawn in a notebook, on a white board or on any piece of paper, starting by writing down the main topic of our concern in the middle. For example, as in the diagram, the main topic is “Student Discipline Problem”. From here, various other elements or matters related to the topic will be added in the form of a branch or branches, such as “what are the sources for student discipline problem”, “what are the effects” and “how to overcome this problem”. From the branches above, we can further link in a variety of other small facts to the contents’ branches as the next level items. This process can go on and on until all points are added. There is no limit as to the number of levels the mind map should have. In order to enhance memory or where appropriate, we can also include various other images that can make a mind map more interesting and unique.


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    • assagitan profile image

      assagitan 6 years ago from Malaysia

      This is a more advanced version of the Japanese Fish Bone Diagram !!!

    • idex231 profile image

      idex231 6 years ago from MY

      Very well said, mrcan. The big picture improves our visibility and sometimes presents a new perspective to us.

    • profile image

      happyyeo 6 years ago

      Remind me to use this tool for problem solving. Thanks for sharing.

    • MMelody profile image

      MMelody 6 years ago from Malaysia

      I could use this to improve my life!

    • klyyong profile image

      klyyong 6 years ago

      Mind mapping is one of the structured problem solving tools. It works well everywhere. Great hub. Thanks.

    • profile image

      abacus2000bc 6 years ago

      I attended a class on mind mapping when I was young. It does help.

    • idex231 profile image

      idex231 6 years ago from MY

      Hi, bjtutu, you are the lucky one, not all have the chance to learn this powerful tool at such early age. I must remember to teach my kids early.

    • bjtutu profile image

      bjtutu 6 years ago from Malaysia

      I remembered when I was in primary, we had been taught to use mind mapping. I had been using that since primary for helping to memorize things better. Indeed it is a very powerful tool to be used.

    • GT Ooi profile image

      GT Ooi 6 years ago from Penang, Malaysia

      Mind mapping is a powerful tool especially to help student for complicated and difficult to understand subject.

    • beginners-dslr profile image

      beginners-dslr 6 years ago from Malaysia

      I used this method frequently during my study time, to help me structuring information and gaining insight on complicated subjects. I fund that graphical ideas and concepts are much more easy to comprehend and memorize. Thanks for the great article, voted up!

    • martinyz profile image

      martinyz 6 years ago

      Mind mapping helps us to see the forest and not only the trees. Thanks for sharing.

    • doubleH profile image

      doubleH 6 years ago from Singapore

      Thanks for sharing

    • My Footprints profile image

      My Footprints 6 years ago from MY

      I truly believe mind mapping is the best way to see things clearly - problem statement, probable causes & possible solutions. It’s something like the fish bone diagram. Great article and thanks for sharing.

    • idex231 profile image

      idex231 6 years ago from MY

      Silver Poet, knowing the name is not as good as knowing the method, you're just doing great! ilitek, I grew up without knowing this method in school, it's good to give the students some early exposure. Thanks for reminding me that i should introduce this method to my children too.

    • profile image

      ghiblipg 6 years ago

      indeed, good technique to improve your memory =)

    • ilitek profile image

      ilitek 6 years ago

      nowadays the student did not use this method.they just keep memorizing and after the exam,everything is gone.i am training my young children on looking at the graphic for easier undestanding.

    • Silver Poet profile image

      Silver Poet 6 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

      I always used this method, but I didn't know it had a name! Good hub!

    • activedragon profile image

      activedragon 6 years ago

      Good article and sharing.