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Mind Mapping guidelines for Accelerated Learning

Updated on December 29, 2013

Mind Mapping:

One Picture conveys better information than Thousand words. This is the basis for mind mapping. Mind mapping is a creative note taking method for accelerated learning. Practicing mind mappings enhances the creative skills and increases the IQ of an individual. It helps in understanding, remembering and revising the subject or topic in less time and in more efficient manner. Application of using mind mapping concept not only limited to studying for exams but also better planning and organizing the events, better presentations during team meetings, brainstorming many more.

Conventional note taking disadvantages:

Conventional note taking methods have certain disadvantages that the main information about the topic is hidden inside the text. Something like 95% of the words used in the topic covers or hides the valuable 5% of import keywords. These 5% of the keywords is sufficient to understand the very concept of the topic. In other words, these keywords are the anchor text of the subject and for understanding the subject these keywords are sufficient. Conventional note making methods have this disadvantage so takes long time to study and revise.

Mind Mapping advantages:

Mind Mapping is a superior note taking method which includes pictures and key text arranged in a graphical manner. It resembles the neuron of the human brain ( cell body connected with dendrites). Central portion of the mind map consists of main idea of the subject. This is connected with the other information related to the subject in pictorial or text form for better, easy and quick understanding. Preparing mind maps itself improves the creative skills as we use lot of right part of the brain during this exercise and also improves the co-ordination between the right and left of the human brain. We use mostly only part of the brain (left or right) based on the work we do. For example a mathematician will use mostly his left part of the brain while a poet or artist uses his right part of the brain. Using both sides of the brain certainly increase the IQ level of the individual. This coordination can be achieved by preparing mind maps

Mind Mapping preparation Guidelines:

  1. Start from the center of the page with the main idea of the subject ( heading of the subject ). It can be of pictorial form (preferable) or text and use different colors to look attractive.
  2. Choose some keywords which can be sub divided and make connections to central image as links as shown in figure. Color the each connection link with different colors. Add the text or image on the top of the each connection link.
  3. Make further connections from the keywords and elaborate the each idea of each keyword with ideas in the form of text or pictures. Color all the connections and use different colors.
  4. Mind map can start either clockwise or anti clock wise.
  5. Use less text in mind map as possible and more images
  6. Preparing mind map is a skill, practice as much as possible


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