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Whom to listen your mind or your heart

Updated on June 17, 2015

Mind versus heart

We all have times when we are in dilemma of whether we should listen to what our heart is saying or do what mind says. This situation often happens when both are in conflict. There's no problems if both are on the same decision yes or no. But if one is in conflict there comes the deciding factor for us. Trust me I have faced a lot of situations where heart says yes and mind says no. If you ever face such a situation I would say ask question to you self, what heart says may be true but it's only true in the ideal world scenario. What mind says is looking at your surrounding environment and the decision is very practical. The heart often doesn't consider these aspects. And ultimately what you are going to follow your heart or mind is going to be decided by your mind only. So I would say in times of conflict, follow what your mind says. Your mind decision may not be right for the ideal scenario but it's always right for your particular case.


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