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Minnesota Musing: Older than Dirt - Walking the Walk Talking the Talk

Updated on January 28, 2018

Social Media Made Me Do This

I saw the list of things that made a person older than dirt if they knew about things on the list.

How about still possessing things on the list. How about that? That must be older yet! Let's face it. Most people do not have the things on the list. I have a couple, which I have gone around the house and taken pictures of.

A few of the things on the list, like the blackjack chewing gum, and the wax bottles, and the candy cigarettes - those things are probably still for sale at the Biggest Candy store in Minnesota, so, those don't count.

45 RPM Records

Now, I never got rid of my 45's, but I think my daughter has them, since they have a phonograph and she spent most of her childhood listening to them.

I still have the little 45 rpm record player.

This is a 45 R.P.M. record player
This is a 45 R.P.M. record player

Juke Boxes in Restaurants

That one is a interesting. There are a few restaurants in Mankato that still have the little jukeboxes at the tables.

Of course I can recall going to restaurants that had them. To me, it hasn't been that long ago, but, I guess it has been. Seems like yesterday.

How About You?

Do you recall any of the items on the two similar lists?

See results

P. F. Flyer Sled

The following photo of a wooden sled with metal runners, used to be a common site at the sledding hill. The metal runners had to be waxed with paraffin wax, so you could move. They worked best when there was a little ice on the hill. Best not have a little rock or stone anywhere on the run, because the metal would spark, or worse yet, dead stop and pitch you off the sled.

I personally have a metal runner sled in my shed, hanging on the wall. I believe there is a wooden box nailed onto it for my hubby's ice fishing equipment, but that was used 30 years ago. Now he just loads things up in a four wheeled motorcycle.

The photo of the sled is one taken recently at a friends house as they prepared for a household auction. The sled was not being sold.

Soda Pop Bottles, Roller Skate Key and Milk Bottles

The soda pop bottles used to come in a machine, with rails. You'd put your quarter in the machine, and one of the rails would loosen and you had to pull your bottle out. The pop machine that I remember was at a golf course. They wanted their bottles for the return, so we had to stand there and drink our pop before we left.

The roller skate key was a multi tool. One end was used to adjust the clamp on the front of your skates that clamped across your toes to keep the front of your skate on. The other part of the key adjusted the length of the skates for the length of your shoes. I recall that there was a box of roller skates at our house with many pairs. There were five total kids in the house.

The milk man used to deliver milk to the houses. We had a insulated metal box outside the house and once a week the milkman would deliver glass bottles of milk.and place our order in the metal box.

P. F. Flyer sled
P. F. Flyer sled
a skate key
a skate key
glass pop  bottles
glass pop bottles
glass milk bottles
glass milk bottles

Metal Lunch Boxes

As I recall, there were people who brought their lunches in metal lunch boxes. They were cute. They were adorned with stickers, and many just had a theme. Inside, there was a thermos bottle with your milk. There was room for a sandwich.

I brought my lunch in a brown paper sack, or had hot lunch.

Metal Ice Trays With Lever

The metal ice cube trays were interesting. I was actually looking for one the other day, but couldn't find one.

They were mechanically cool. It was two parts. You had the metal, louvered insert and the water tray. You put the insert in the tray and filled the tray with water. Then, you placed it in the freezer. When the water froze, you took the tray out of the freezer and pulled on the lever. The lever would louver the metal sideways and would crack the ice apart. Then you would then pull the metal insert out of the tray and dump your ice cubes in an ice cube bucket. Then, you'd refill the tray with water and return it to the freezer.

Unless you were a jerk and left it empty and dry.

Soda Pop Bottles

Back to the soda pop bottles.

They were bottled with a special crimped cap and there was a wedge on the machine that you inserted the top of your bottle in and pulled it sideways to get the cap off the bottle.

Bottle cap opener
Bottle cap opener


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    • firstcookbooklady profile imageAUTHOR

      Char Milbrett 

      11 months ago from Minnesota

      ...I can honestly say that I have never seen the Howdy Doody Show... never even saw reruns. .. Thanks for your comment, Pat Mills.

    • profile image

      Pat Mills 

      11 months ago from East Chicago, Indiana

      I remember a lot of these things. Some of them, like drive-ins and 45s, still exist. Of course, anyone can watch The Andy Griffith Show somewhere. I guess, then, that I'm older than dirt.


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