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Make Money From The Web

Updated on August 14, 2009

Making Money On The Web

Day 2 of my Making Money on the Web Series. In the first blog I covered a variety of subjects(mostly scams to watch out for). Now that's not to say there aren't still scams, you just have to be smart enough to know them before you fall victim. The first and foremost rule is this...Anytime someone wants money from you and promises riches beyond your wildest dreams is a scam. I don't care what kind of money back guarantee they offer. The only offer I would even consider is if they came to my house and set it up and then waited for my checks to come in the mail. In other words...FORGET IT!!! The old saying "If it sounds too good to be true it probably is" Use your head when attempting one of these money making schemes. You'll save a lot of money and headaches in the long run. Now not all ways to make money on the Internet are scams but you have to figure "If someone stumbled upon a way to make significant money on the Internet how quick would they be to offer it to the masses? Most likely the wouldn't except maybe to friends and family. What I decided to do was take all the information I've learned over the years from people that do make money online and I've streamlined the process. This took many years of banging my head on walls and giving up numerous times(let alone isolating me from my family and friends. My Family is the type that doesn't believe anything unless they see it for themselves. When I finally got it working the way i wanted it to work, then I went to my family and friends and showed them the actual proof. Now, most of them are doing it and almost all of them have quit there jobs(including my Father) to do this full time. My Father started in the business part time and when he saw the money rolling in from only doing it part time he quit his job of over 30 years and now brings in upwards of $25,000.00 a month. They sold the house we were brought up in and now live in Florida in a 4000 square foot home on the Intercoastal and they also bought an 80 foot boat. I will tell you this, money does motivate people to an extent but if you're a lazy person now you probably always will be so maybe this isn't for you. After I'm done explaining how to do this in my coming blogs it'll be up to you to decide if this is for you or not. It doesn't require selling, no getting friends and family to join. It's a program that can and will run for you on auto-pilot but you'll still have to put in a couple of hours a day to be successful. My next blog will start to detail how to start this business and how within 6 months of starting your ife will change dramatically.


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