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Modern Technology Vs. Old Traditions

Updated on December 7, 2011

Is Technology Really Creating A Good Future?

I am not yet too old, but then when I was a lot younger, things were very different. I did not care if i had a cellphone. I mean they were cool since you can use them to send texts and to call other people. Not to mention the fun games they had like Snake, Space Impact, Memory, if you like brain games, and whatnot. But yeah, I was having a lot of fun and having a cellphone was the least of my concerns. I got to play a lot outdoors with my friends. It was actually a rare thing to possess a cellphone about just 10 years ago - the internet is another thing back then. Just imagine how quick things change with time.

All of this got me in to thinking why things have to change. So, what's the answer to that question? To improve? So does that mean things were still not enough back then? Now this is going to be pretty much a debate on which is better between Modern Technology, or the Old Traditions. Well, obviously each one has its pros and cons, but if we were to choose, would we want to keep moving forward to a world where the computer is becoming something so powerful? To a world where the environment is not doing so great? Or perhaps would we want to go backwards to the time when things were more simple? To the times when we were less reliant on electricity and we were just having fun with natural and low-maintenance activities.

The best way to look at this I think would be to compare one aspect of the past to an aspect of the present, or the future. Like I said, I'm not too old yet, although I already have witnessed a good deal of changes before. First would be communication. Before, the telephone land line is very much a popular means to call up someone we need to talk to. Now what happened? There's all kinds of social networking and instant messengers. Before, meetings were held in person and people had to anticipate things like traffic and possible bad weather. Now, there are "webinars" held through Skype. Communication has definitely gone a long way, no doubt.

Now let's go to other things people were doing before that now they can do on the computer. First would be reading. Before, if you wanted to read a story or look for a definition of a word, you check our a thick dictionary, or you go to a bookstore. Now, you can use the famous Google, or you can download an e-book. But then I think there's something good with having reading material available in the computer - it's that it's paperless. Of course, you can print the e-books that you download. But then in an environmental perspective, being able to consume less paper is a big plus since you save more trees. Tree consumption is usually measured by the ton of paper production, though, but still, considering that a lot of people use paper, a lot of trees can eventually be saved by reading electronic material.

Hmmm. And then games. Children do not play outdoors anymore! Where have they gone? To their computers! There are so many games before that are no longer being played because of the addictive nature of offline and online gaming. Not to mention that even board games can be played online. Don't you think that the traditional setting up of a chess set, monopoly board, scrabble game were actually more fun? Well, I guess this is a downside to technology since in a way, children are being robbed of actual play. I mean virtual play is playing, but then it's a completely different thing now.

Uhmmm. This is actually a very rigorous discussion to go through. I'll just make a part two of this later on as it's already late here actually. Please leave comments on what are the good and bad things between the two so I can also integrate them in my future continuation/s.


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