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Moluccan Cockatoo gets jail time; parrot elated.

Updated on April 9, 2016

In the Jailhouse Now!

We have two birds. A cockatoo named Bailey, and a quaker parrot named Lucky, a.k.a. "Little Buddy." I sometimes feel we should hang a sign saying, "This house is operated solely for the convenience of Bailey and Lucky."
Bailey is loud, looney, and lovable. His antics are a guaranteed daily chuckle. Lucky is content to observe the goings-on and offer commentary, criticism, commands, and even limited conversation from his lofty perch (eg. he says 'you're welcome', to which you respond 'thank you'...he'll get it straightened out some day). Our morning routine consists of feeding the birds, cleaning the cages and allowing the birds a couple of hours of free time outside of their cages, or as I'm sure they often think of it...their jail!

Moluccan cockatoo

Quaker Parrot; Lucky

It was a dull, dreary day today. They slept extra long as a result. It was nearly ten o'clock before they began demanding breakfast. Bailey hadn't been out five minutes until he started attacking his free-standing perch as if he were a miniature Paul Bunyan and the perch a giant redwood which needed to be felled. He was chased away repeatedly, until Elaine had enough, and put him in jail. Lucky made it a couple of minutes longer until he chomped down on Elaine's chin when she thought he was going to cuddle. That did it for him. I think he will receive an extra long sentence for that one.

Elaine's leaving shortly to visit friends, and I'll retreat to my room soon thereafter. Bailey and Lucky can ponder the absence of their two hand-servants from jail...and reflect. Maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day.

For all the temporary little annoyances that residing with a cockatoo and a parrot bring, they are also very loving, intelligent, and as full of personality as a feathered Robin Williams. If you have patience, persistence, and a loving heart, they can make wonderful additions to any family.

Dallas Wilkinson is a novelist, satirist, and social commentator. He can be reached at


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