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Mom and Dad, Help Me to be Smart Kid, Please! Based on Multiple Intelligences

Updated on August 13, 2020
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Esrom Aritonang enjoys reading and sharing funny, inspirational, and thought-provoking quotes.

Mom and Dad, I hate School..!

Maybe you have heard your kid yelling, “I hate school!” What your response? Most of parents did not respond with proactive feedback. Sammy hate to school because he often failed at Math. Ryan hates school because he did not like music lesson. Brian hate to school because did not like sport and dance class. Merry very hates language grammatical lesson. How a miserable cases. Parents are in some cases responses it with emotional and negative attitude.

George very impatient when help his kid Jimmy to do Math homework. George is an accountant and very confuse why his kid did not know how to solve even a simple Math lesson. “Stupid, stupid!” George yelled at him. Jimmy and his dad had another argument. Dad’s yelling at Jimmy. Mom got emotional and yelling at Dad to stop yelling at Jimmy. Jimmy is running toward his mom and start crying. Dad and Mom start another argument. What a mess situation. “I hate school, I hate Daddy,” Jimmy sobbed.


Every Kids are Smart and Bless with Talent

Dad and Mom, every kid is smart, but do not all of them should smart in all School subjects. Sammy did not smart in Math, but he must be smart in other subject. Brian did not smart in sport, but Dad want him become champion of Basket Ball or football or Baseball. Merry did not smart in Language subject, but should be she smart in other lessons. God is so wise that He grace and bless us with TALENT. Find out your kids talent, Mom and Dad.


Brian is very smart in music and singing, but his Dad want him became an economist or lawyer. When Brian chooses to continue his talent to Music Academic, his Dad want him to Economic faculty or Law faculty. Because his dad is very hard to argue, Brian gave up his music talent and obeys his dad expectation: studying economic. End of story, Brian fails and his relation with his dad getting worse. Dad blames Brian did not study hard. In other side, Brian blames his Dad because did not support him to chase his dream to be great musician.

Solve Your Talent Problem with Multiple Intelligences

Psychologist Howard Gardner (1943 - ) has identifying eight Multiple Intelligence of human in his book Multiple Intelligences: New Horizons in Theory and Practice (1983 & 1993). We can say in simply as Talent. All of us has all eight multiple intelligence but in different proportion or prominent. Each person generally has two or three prominent talents or multiple intelligences. You can identify your Kid Multiple Intelligences. You can identify your talent too.

Multiple Intelligences is best use to identify your talent and prospecting your success or career in the future. As in the case of Brian, after fail is Law Faculty, he and his dad asked a psychologist to solve the problem. Based on Multiple Intelligences test, Brian talent is in music. Brian goes to Music academic school and gain success immediately. His Dad wants him has good job (office style) but Brian keep want to be musician. Good communication and relation that have grown between them and Brian search job in office but keep playing music. He found great job in Television Industries as manager for Music Television broadcasting. His father is happy and Brian happy too. I love this happy ending story.

Image: Courtesy of Howard Gardner
Image: Courtesy of Howard Gardner | Source

Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner

Psychologist Howard Gardner has define Seven Multiple Intelligences, but from his last research, he added one (Naturalist intelligence), so it become eight Multiple Intelligences. You can make a simple observation on your children to find out what their prominent multiple intelligences. Remember: every person (kid) generally has 2 or 3 or 4 prominent Multiple Intelligences. You can detect your kid or yourself talent based on 8 Multiple Intelligences. If you would like complete test, you can search in some website in internet.

8 Types of Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner
8 Types of Multiple Intelligences of Howard Gardner | Source

Multiple Intelligences Test

Read first: tounderstand this explanation, you should read carefully the Intelligence description of each talent. Based on it, there is suggestion about Talent or Success Job (Typical Role, Preference, or Potential). At the end of each explanation, I gave Preferred Learning Style, its means the best way of how a person understanding or easily learning something.

J.K. Rowling millionaire writer in 21 century
J.K. Rowling millionaire writer in 21 century | Source

1. Linguistic Intelligence (Words Smart)

Person with Linguistic Intelligence is very smart and sensitivity to using words in spoken and written language, very easy to learn language or new language, and ability to use language to describe events, to develop logical arguments and use rhetoric,  to build trust and rapport, or to be expressive and metaphoric. This intelligence includes the ability to effectively use language to express oneself rhetorically or poetically; and language as a means to remember information. Preferred Learning Style: Word and Language.

Talent or Success Job: Person with this intelligence has potential success in job or task related to language, like lawyer, writers, speakers, journalist, copy-writer, language teacher, poets, editors, linguist, translator, PR consultants, Radio or TV presenters, and voice-over artistes.

Billionaire Bill Gates the Microsoft Windows
Billionaire Bill Gates the Microsoft Windows | Source

2. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence (Number Smart)

Person with Mathematics intelligence is smart with number and often associated with scientific and mathematical thinking. It is consists of the capacity to analyze problems logically, smart with mathematical operations. This is the ability to use numbers to compute and describe, clever in mathematical concepts and conjectures, using Math to solve daily life problem, faster in construct data argument with figure, and creative about symmetry, patterns, aesthetics of mathematics and logic. Preferred Learning Style: Number and Logic.

Talent or Success Job: Mathematician, statistician, accountant, banker, bookkeeper, computer expert, researcher, analyst, engineer, scientist, trader, insurance broker, trouble-shooter, deal-maker, negotiator, and director.

Michael Jackson the King of Pop
Michael Jackson the King of Pop | Source

3. Musical Intelligence (Music Smart)

Person with Musical intelligence is clever in music and playing musical instrument. This intelligence involves skill in the playing instruments, composition, performance, and musical appreciation of musical. It encompasses the capacity to recognize and compose musical pitches, tones and rhythms, appreciation and use of sound, and deeply understanding the music feeling. Preferred Learning Style: Music, Sound, and Rhythm.

Talent or Success Job: Musician, song writer, composer, singer, Disk Jockey (DJ), music producer, acoustic engineer, piano tuner, party planner, environment and noise adviser, entertainer, voice coaches.

4. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence (Body Smart)

Person with Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence entails the potential of using one's whole body or parts of the body to solve problems. This is abilities to coordinate bodily movement’s likes in dancing, or use the body and tools to take effective action on repairing or constructing. 

Lorena Feijoo - San Francisco Ballet
Lorena Feijoo - San Francisco Ballet | Source

The person is very smart in appreciate the aesthetics of the body, creative in creation of new forms of expression, and building rapport to persuade or console, and make body has meaning as kind of body language. Preferred Learning Style: Physical experience and movement, touch and feel.

Talent or Success Job: actor, dancer or instructor, athlete, sportsman, diver, fire-fighter, performance artistes, osteopath, ergonomist, fishermen, demonstrator, soldier, driver, gardener, craft-people, acupuncturist, healer, adventurer.

Walt Disney, greatest Cartoonist and founder of Walt Disney. Photo: Express Monorail
Walt Disney, greatest Cartoonist and founder of Walt Disney. Photo: Express Monorail | Source

5. Visual and Spatial Intelligence (Picture Smart)

Person with Visual and Spatial intelligence is very smart to recognize and use of visual, space, patterns and areas.  The person simply is smart to perceive and represent the visual-spatial world accurately.  This ability is related to imagination and smart thought in arrange color, line, shape, form and space like design or create a picture, or understanding map or graphical and geographical.  Preferred Learning Style: Picture, shape, images, 3D space.

Talent or Success Job: photographer, painter, architect, graphic designer, advertising designer, artist, pilot, driver, ship's captain, cartoonist, story-boarder, cameramen, interior/exterior designer, sculpture, town-planner, inventor, visionary, engineer, cosmetic and beauty consultant.

6. Interpersonal intelligence (People Smart)

Person with Interpersonal intelligence is very smart in communication and involving with people. They have ability to understand people desire, intention, and motivations. This person able to organize people, arrange meeting, and easily communicate with many type people personalities. This intelligence related to sympathy and empathy, understanding among different kinds of interpersonal clues, motivate, inspire, and influence others toward a common vision, goal, or purpose. There is clear association with this type of intelligence with what now termed Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Preferred Learning Style: Human contact, communications, cooperation, teamwork.

USA President Barack Obama, at least combination of linguistic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal intelligences
USA President Barack Obama, at least combination of linguistic, interpersonal, and intrapersonal intelligences | Source

Talent or Success Job: HR professional, mediator, therapist, entrepreneurship, leader, politician, counselor, educator, sales-people, clergy, psychologist, teacher, doctor, healer, advertising professional, organizer, coaches and mentor.

7. Intrapersonal intelligence (Self Smart)

Person with Intrapersonal intelligence is recognizing his strength and weakness easily. This is the capacity to understand oneself, feeling appreciation, overcoming fears, and self-motivation. The person has sympathy and empathy to understand themselves and using it to develop concept, motivation, and self-awareness. There is clear association with this type of intelligence with what now termed Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Preferred Learning Style: Self-reflection, self-discovery.

Talent or Success Job: idem with above interpersonal Intelligence.

Charles Darwin, great naturalist with his theory about nature and human evolution
Charles Darwin, great naturalist with his theory about nature and human evolution | Source

8. Naturalist intelligence (Nature Smart)

This is recent addition to the Intelligences and did not yet include it in the some Multiple Intelligence Tests given to personal or students. The person is very interesting and smart to recognize and classify flora and fauna, minerals, and cultural artifacts like cars and sneakers. They are interesting in exploration of plants, animals, rocks, forest, and many things.

Preferred Learning Style: Nature or environment, forest, river, mountain, etc.

Talent or Success Job: biologist, teacher, forest police, conservation, geologist, lobbyist, environmentalist, green activist, floweriest, park service, agriculturist, natural observer, scientist, etc.

What is Your Test Result?

Whatever your test result is showing your Multiple Intelligences or your prominent talent. If you already known what your talent or your kid talent, I expect you know how to motivate them to learn more proactive and with passion. If your kid is smart in language but weak is Math, do not push he/she becomes champion of Math. Respect their talent. Be a wise parent and rejoice because you already know How smart your kid now. Congratulation, you got smart and talented kid!

Children is our Inspiration and Life

Children is our life inspiration. We should know how they learn and develop their intelligence's. Learning by practicing music and toys are significant to stimulate their brain development and intelligence. Lets we learn more:


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