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Moments Losst Forever

Updated on August 9, 2011
moments lost
moments lost

Life Interrupted.2

How many ways can you find your life interrupted, well there's dance classes, base ball and soccer games, band practice, gymnastics, What are we doing to our kids? We are trying to fit them into cookie cutter lives before they have even had a childhood. They Have become object that soccer moms use as a way to get out of the house and not have to deal with childhood.. Play dates are out they have gymnastics practice, 0r there's a soccer game this afternoon,What parents don't seem to realize is they have regimented themselves out of lives that they could have had, and forced their children out of chidhood into an adult life in a child's body. Dicipline is good , but teach it at home. Don't just hand your kids off to regimented has been atlethic coaches that are trying to live their dreams through your kids. What are you doing to them They are just kids that need their parents and traing at home not in an enviornment that turns them into little automatons. Our lives have become so regimented and scheduled out that we don't have time for enjoying our families anymore. We have lost so much more that we will ever realixe, and one thing is for sure, we will never get it back,


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