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Moments of Doubt

Updated on March 10, 2012

Moments of Doubt

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

Moments of doubt plague an attentive mind. Always considering, expanding perspective and seeking the underlying truth are exhausting processes of being. But a single doubt can tears down a fortress, dislodge what was considered sound and undermine the foundations of understanding and belief.

In life, the more open we are to possibility the more prone to dubious outcomes we become. This is not cynicism but a matter of course from looking at both positive and negative options. Life is filled with inequities and one must examine all sides to a challenge, to pry the truth from its bed of nails.

Doubts are not a negative address, but an aspect of the minds careful and meticulous examination. Often driven by fear of poor outcome, doubt can be a stumbling block to success, but also a warning from our intuitive self, a fundamental recognition of a plausible state of reason. How often do we err on the side of the negative, overwhelmed by the imagery of failure? Yet doubt is a gift of reason, an opportunity to not be remiss in our judgements, to achieve a balance in viewpoint.

Humanity suffers from the plight of fractious thought, bombarded by seemingly uncontrolled snippets of the mind, toing and froing in tangents of unexpected direction. Having little control of the facility leaves us more prone to biases and unrelated experience. So when doubts arise, fear and redundant thoughts sway our perceptions and can leave us confused and indecisive. This avalanche of thoughts and their associated feelings can muddy our thinking in the present and let doubt be the foundation of belief, discouraging every aspect of life.

This confusion is the state of humanity, the underlying cause of most problems and the root of a lack of confidence and the strength of singularity. This is the cause of human misery, unable to grasp solidarity within, stand for what you believe and be decisive in actions. Because of this simple process of thinking, we feel insecure and seek like-minded company forming religions, societies, political groups and the like, to find place within the stress and inconsistency of life’s course. This continues because we have no balance in our thinking, no objectivity of knowledge of our own inner workings.

Doubt is an invitation to examine more closely that which we are considering. It is not definitive in its action without us. We decide whether to move forward or step back; that is free will. However, without understanding its place and its gift to our reasoning, we simply surrender to our past, the thinking that accepted experience as the driver of the present, alone.

Doubt is generally misunderstood and its place in our thinking a useful tool of learning. But it should never suffer the bias of fear, a pointless and undermining influence offering stagnation and not resolution.


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