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Mono lake episode: the novel twist to DNA

Updated on January 4, 2011
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Truthseeker by bith I strive hard to alert people to keep off the distortive disinformation

NASA head butts biologists

The new found bac is spreading not out of the CA but into the senses of the sensitive biologists who are stumped by the unthinkable turn around.

Science fraternity has got an excellent opening here.

My initial reaction to the news is posted to Sandra's wordpress blog linked above,

which I would like to reproduce here

"In fact it has really fooled people who positioned all those radio receivers to hear from extra-terrestrial life

MAY BE THE SUPER ‘C’ IN ITSELF HAS THE UNEXPLORED POTENTIAL TO REPLACE ‘P’ AND ‘As’; who knows , extra terrestrially , that didn’t happen .

I feel that such life forms can really be literally SUPER .

We on earth lack many condition to test not only carbon but many similar elements on the lines of such probabilities.

My point is that we explain the properties of elements ON OUR OWN TERRAIN , not aware of the vast probabilities the universe as a whole renders"


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