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Moon Orbit Earth Wobble 2012

Updated on October 18, 2015

Moon Photo 3-30-2012

This is a photograph of the Moon taken March 30, 2012, with the shadow coming from the 10 o'clock position.
This is a photograph of the Moon taken March 30, 2012, with the shadow coming from the 10 o'clock position. | Source

Moon Photo 3-31-2012

This shot was taken on 3-31-2012 with the shadow coming from the 10:00 O'clock position.
This shot was taken on 3-31-2012 with the shadow coming from the 10:00 O'clock position. | Source

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Censorship and Disinformation

Only recently, when I began writing articles for Hub Pages (15 months) did I realize the full extent of the censorship of information concerning Nibiru and the Polar Shift in 2012. This article Moon Orbit Earth Wobble 2012 is an attempt to reveal the censorship on the topic of Polar Shift due to Nibiru Planet X.

For years I have been reading in books about the ancient Sumerians and The Planet of the Crossing (Nibiru), the Hollow Earth theory, Piri Reis map and the Ancient Pyramids but until I bought my first computer in January of 2009 and joined the World Wide Web, I had no idea how thoroughly the net of censorship on this planet reached. In this article Moon Orbit Earth Wobble 2012 I will reveal my recent observations of the Moon and how it is connected to the Earth's Wobble in 2012.

Using a digital camera to chart the Moon's position in our skies for the last year I have realized how erratic the Moons orbit has been. This realization on just how erratic its orbit has been began when I began searching for it everyday and night and then I began to recognize that it seemed to be out of position according to what I had always been taught.

So I have been teaching myself to take photographs of the Moon at night and sometimes during the day also and the sun. I began asking co-workers, friends and family if they had noticed anything different about the Moons orbit or the position of the Sun and much to my surprise learned that many people rarely bother to look up. Most people prefer to get their important news and information from their TV's and never bother to observe their night skies.

This revelation seemed odd to me until I began to realize how lacking the common man's knowledge of the Earth, Moon and Sun is. Many reasonable informed and very intelligent people, including family and friends lack the simple understand of how this planet works and the solar system in which this planet resides, they seem to rest assured that anything of importance will be conveyed to them if they watch the news on TV. They quite literally do not even realize how much information is censored and with held from their consumption.

Moon Photo October 15, 2011

This photograph was taken October 15, 2011 notice the shadow from the 2 O'clock position.
This photograph was taken October 15, 2011 notice the shadow from the 2 O'clock position. | Source

What is Nibiru?

  • The ancient Sumerians knew of the planet Pluto and even inscribed it on their temple walls and yet modern society did not recognize its existence until 1930 when Clyde Tombaugh an amateur astronomer found it while searching for Planet X using the 'Blink' method (still used today).
  • Many people claim that if it did exist that the public would be informed, however if it has anything to do with National Security would the public be informed, doubtful.
  • If revealing its existence would confirm the Alien presence would the public be informed?
  • If revealing its existence might cause World wide panic and a breakdown of the infrastructure, would the public be informed?
  • Many people claim that if it did exist we would all be able to see it, can you see Mars during the day?
  • You can see Mars at night if you know what you are looking for, but to get a clear look you need a telescope which is not an everyday household item.
  • Although Nibiru has 23 times the mass of Earth it is not that much bigger, just denser. Nibiru has a very large dust cloud surrounding it that reflects the Suns light making it appear much bigger when seen and photographed in Sunsets.
  • Many people claim that if it truly existed then there would be more seismic activity, volcanoes, tidal waves, it would change Earth's orbit, etc.
  • My contention is how would you know?
  • The number of earthquakes the Earth experiences on a daily basis have more than doubled since 2003, we now experience over 200 daily.
  • There are more than 5,000 active Volcanoes on the Ocean floors, yet only around 150 on the surface.
  • There has been estimated that there are over 3.5 million cracks, openings and fissures on the Oceans floors, allowing the heat from our molten core to dissipate into the Oceans.
  • When a crack or fissure opens in the Earth in say India, Kansas or South America does it make the evening news, doubtful.
  • If the Earth has changed its orbit and scientist in the World decided in the best interest of humanity the public shouldn't be informed, how would you know?
  • Have we not seen an increase in tsunami's and tidal waves?
  • Have we not seem more coastal flooding, rivers backing up, rogue waves destroying ships and creating havoc with maritime navigation systems?

Moon Photo January 13, 2012

This photo was taken january 13, 2012, notice the shadow is from the 7 O'clock position.
This photo was taken january 13, 2012, notice the shadow is from the 7 O'clock position. | Source

Moon 3-2012

Taken in March of 2011, this photo shows an almost complete full Moon.
Taken in March of 2011, this photo shows an almost complete full Moon. | Source

Research and Investigation

I certainly do not intend to imply that I know all there is to know on any given subject but those that interest me I endeavor to explore, research and investigate. I try to keep an open mind on any given subject as I have found that it is easy to miss obvious conclusions if you are looking for specific answers.

That being said I have endeavored to find out what is Nibiru, how it has affected the Earth's orbit and the orbits of other planets in our solar system such as our close neighbors Venus and Mars.

Contempt prior to investigation is a concept I always reserved for the ignorant and yet I have found this trait to be prevalent in most adults. For some reason I'm not completely sure of most humans become complacent in a set of World views and hold onto them for dear life. Any information that deviates from those set of principles or World view is either discarded or ridiculed and rarely are they given consideration.

The Moon's orbit is something we grow up with and is a part of our daily lives and yet we as a species rarely give it a second thought. We may notice it on an evening stroll or while driving somewhere but how often do we note its appearance, its position or even recognize the phase it is in?

Since I began writing about Nibiru and the Polar Shift I have learned a lot about the Moon, facts I didn't know, discoveries made about its composition and even learned the different phases it goes through on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Does this make me an expert, not by any definition I can think of, no. However the one thing that I have noticed is that in the last year its position in our sky has changed dramatically and the tilt that we see it in during the phases has changed.

These and other factors have helped me to confirm the Polar Shift that is occurring to this planet, which has also opened up many other avenues of investigation into the affects Nibiru is having on our planet.

Do I know the all the facts about the Planet X or Nibiru, (as I prefer to call it), no, does anyone, doubtful. However based on the writings of ancient civilizations, research, reading and investigation it is fairly logical to deduce that a concerted effort to suppress information has been made. Certainly many people know of its existence and I'm sure they would love to share that knowledge with the World, but when noted scientist, astronomers and researchers die mysterious deaths those in the know take notice.

There are many reasons Nibiru cannot be seen at the present moment but let's just consider how many reasonable informed and intelligent people haven't even noticed the odd position of the Moons Orbit of the Earth's Wobble in 2012 or its unnatural tilt.

Because most people still get there information and news from the TV they have in effect limited their perception to what others deem newsworthy. They have in affect allowed others to do their thinking for them.

Consider for a moment how many people are unaware that on the morning of 9/11, probable the biggest news event of this century and watched by millions Worldwide, there was a Hurricane the size of Katrina (the Hurricane that destroyed New Orleans) 75 miles off the coast of Long Island (Hurricane Erin).

This kind of censorship has made me aware of what is not being said about Nibiru and the Moons orbit and Earth wobble.

My point is, of all the information written and reported about the events of 9/11, this Hurricane (Erin) to this day (more than ten year later) is still widely unknown. If an event is censored from the TV stations and newspapers how does the general public find out about it?

Just recently Dublin, Ireland was the victim of major flooding from river overflow and yet many people that live in England didn't even know about, let alone America.

If it doesn't make the news then most people are unaware of it and this is certainly prevalent when researching what is Nibiru, the Earth wobble in 2012 and the Moon and the Sun.

Earth Wobble

The Earth Wobble is mostly related to the Precession of the Equinox which takes approximately 26,000 years to complete one complete circle. This wobble is caused by the Earth's reaction to the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon.

What is occurring is that the Earth wobbles on its axis, it does not spin straight up on down or north and south. This wobble, known as precession changes over time to point the axis at different parts of the sky or constellations.

Currently the Earth's North Star is pointing near Polaris in Ursa Minor, so we call the North Star Polaris however 5,000 years ago for instance it was pointing at the Draco Constellation or Thuban.

Many ancient civilizations knew of this precession and based much of their understanding on this, of course the question is how did they know? I could easily write a series of hub articles on that subject but suffice to say they had some help.

My understanding of how Nibiru is affecting the Earth is that now this wobble has become more pronounced and that is what is causing us to see the Moon out of place. This is what is causing our Poles to shift their current known locations also.

What is also occurring at the same time is the Earth's mantel is moving, these movements are imperceptible to humanity. We may feel them on an instinctual level but we cannot recognize them without a reference point to guide us. Since many of us do not watch the night skies, nor do we know astronomy all that well, we do not recognize when these wobbles change our perceptions.

Because the media is limited to what it reports to the public most of humanity is unaware that a coverup is even taking place, let alone that the Earth's wobble has changed.

For anyone to accept Nibiru as real they must take into consideration all of the events it causes to the Earth, not just the ones they can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. What one must always consider is that a coverup is in place and has been for longer than most people have been alive, meaning they have grown up with this deception firmly in place.

Moon Orbit Earth Wobble 2012 is just another attempt to awaken the masses to the deception of reality that has been in place for decades and perhaps even centuries. The Powers That Be feel they have the right to decide what you believe, and perhaps with the best of intentions. However as my Mother is so fond of saying . . .

. . . 'The road to Hell is paved with good intentions!'

Moon 3-18-2011

Taken on March 3-18-2011, if you notice the craters are in different locations from the photo above and yet the photos were taken only days apart?
Taken on March 3-18-2011, if you notice the craters are in different locations from the photo above and yet the photos were taken only days apart? | Source

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