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Moon trip through magnetic space balloons

Updated on February 17, 2018

Mysterious moon

As this was written balloons for transport were commonly believed usable only if not outside an atmosphere, unlike rocket propelled crafts that may range through the vacuum of outer space.

Strange things outside Earth however were often observed by space travelers as well as through unmanned crafts/equipments in space (reference #s pa1, pb1, wd1), indicating balloon-like objects at nearby environs or else en route and moving to the far moon (possibly also to farther destinations), though not propelled by jets nor other mechanisms that expend reaction mass but moved apparently by some other natural force.

On the moon itself such anomalies including others were also observed by reputable people who may divulge their observations to reputed others at the expense of their own reputations (in page 7 of "Mystery on the Moon" at reference# pb1). The mysteries were first noted before the atomic age (page 9, ref.# pb1) and became notorious during the spaceage.

Commonly reported are structures on the moon (domes, spires, bridges, etc.) reminiscent of structures erected by Man on Earth, that either are stationary or may change locations, as well as assume different dimensions, like a smaller size or even a zero size. Strange lunar lights that moved around on the moon were also seen.

The moving lights are particularly interesting because their nature could be nebulous, like gas or plasma. They are doubly interesting too because of certain indications that some at least have terresrial origin.

Considering the far location of those lights, one may jump to the conclusion that an old and obsolete mode of transportation, namely through balloons, may be made ultramodern to provide an economical way of going to the moon. Of current modes, ballooning to the moon could also be one of the fastest, observations considered.

Internal balloons of a zeppelin

Zeppelins equipped with space balloons instead of original internal balloons may         travel swiftly to the moon propelled only by natural magnetic fields.
Zeppelins equipped with space balloons instead of original internal balloons may travel swiftly to the moon propelled only by natural magnetic fields.

The wonders on the moon seem related to, or may be extended manifestations and/or effects of the wondrous phenomena on this world analyzed in the hub article "Natural Flying Saucers that fly by Natural Magnetic Fields" (reference# wa2).

Some of the moving lunar lights may have lunar origins and could be products of whatever caused the structures to manifest. Some of the others possibly though, and quite very likely, could have come from as far away as planet Earth.

The latter possibility may not be discounted, since astronauts have reported of UFOs that had accompanied or else had overtaken them on a number of trips to the moon (reference# pa1). Apollo 12 astronauts also reported having been preceded by a UFO over nearly half of the average distance to the moon, or to within 132,000 miles of their destination (the moon's average distance from Earth is 238,908 miles or 384,403 kms).

The UFOs could be BHUFOs (Bubble Hotstuff Unoccupied Flying Object, reference# wa2), that initially were big enough and/or hot enough to survive a long journey through space from Earth, manifesting finally as moving lights on the moon, or lunar BHUFOs.

The rate of losing heat slows down as size increases, making it harder for bodies to cool down the bigger their size, as may be experienced by bulky people.

Big BHUFOs would have minimal loss from their large internal heat on extended journeys and may travel farther as visible bubble the bigger their size and/or the hotter their temperatures, to reach finally very far destinations, like the moon.

Full moon phenomenon

People's moods at full moon may rise to maximum sentiments as magnetic lines    of force in the magnetosphere between Earth and its satellite intensify to high    concentration.
People's moods at full moon may rise to maximum sentiments as magnetic lines of force in the magnetosphere between Earth and its satellite intensify to high concentration.

The moon and the moonstruck

The moon's remarkable and queer effects on people's moods were known long enough for certain suggestive words to be perpetuated in dictionaries. As society evolves, more moonish words may be coined. Aside from moonstruck there is moony, moonshine (foolish talk or thought), etc.

The phenomena are heightened at full moon, a favorite setting for many write ups on sentimental fictions, as well as for true non-fictions. The exciting moods may be caused by abnormally strong magnetic field fluctuations in the area. Magnetic fields have certain effects on humans that were seriously studied by Medical Science.

People at various positions may be affected by magnetic fields that can course in any direction, like the horizontal for the sleeping position investigated by two Indian scientists who conducted studies on healthy people and animals under controlled conditions.

Sleeping with the head pointing northwards may cause confusion, depression, restlessness and sloth while sleeping with the head pointing to the east make people feel calm and alert, according to the study.

The study was conducted in a meedical institute in Madras, South India and reported by the Press Trust of India (PTI) around 1983 July 31 or thereabouts.

Full moon and mythical werewolf

Other magnetic field lines at Earth's surface on the other hand may be vertical and, irregardless of the position could also have strange effects on people, as seems the case in peple's mood deviations during a full moon.

Medical science may be looking into it also as documented in a report titled "Moon Madness No Myth" in Science Digest, March 1981 at page 106 under section 'Mind & Body. A full moon as strongly suggested by growing scientific evidence (noted in the report) do affect the biological and emotional balance of people.

Certain mythical creatures commonly believed to manifest at full moon, like werewolves, were deemed as ignorant perceptions about people with mental and physical disorders that were aggravated by the moon on its full phase.

The electromagnetic and gravitational relationship between Earth and moon due to the straight alignment of both bodies along with the sun at full moon time was theorized by some scientists as somehow responsible for those phenomena.

More recent information from the internet hints that the primary component of the moon's magic could be the magnetic field lines of force in the so-called magnetosphere. The lines are perpendicular at Earth's surface.

Structure of Earth's magnetosphere

The magnetosphere's length at Earth's night side extends to several hundreds of  the planet's radius
The magnetosphere's length at Earth's night side extends to several hundreds of the planet's radius | Source

Sun with Earth's magnetosphere

The moonlines connection

The magnetosphere in physical form is not actualy a sphere but is somewhat more like what is thrown by a flamethrower. Its magnetic lines of force have vertical roots on Earth while its entire form is blown by solar winds and stretched to a length that extends many times the distance of the moon from Earth. Magnetic lines of force course through its whole length.

The moon at its average distance from Earth is mostly within the magnetosphere's edges, except at the side directly facing the sun where the magnetosphere is blown thin.

It is a tendency of magnetic lines of force to take the path where it passes easiest, also called the "path of least reluctance" by those who are electrically oriented. In an ordinary piece of bar magnet, the lines of force that pass through air would deviate to concentrate passage in other materials, like iron in the vicinity, that has lower reluctance (reference# pc1, page 1-34).

In the magnetosphere, the magnetic lines of force may also be less reluctant to pass through the moon than through surroundings and likewise may swerve to lunar passage. Earth is also its vicinity's "path of least reluctance", but in this case all lines may emanate from the planet. Because of those setups, the column of space between moon and Earth may be a region of concentrated magnetic field lines (or "moonlines" for short).

At the moon's surface the location and/or intensity of moonlines may move or vary as the moon orbits Earth as well as due to other causes, like the dynamic states of the magnetosphere.

The surface and/or subsurface may also have electric charge (ionized) due to moonlines influence as well as due to other factors from the magnetosphere.

The manifestation of enigmatic structures on the moon could have resulted because of these natural electromagnetic whatevers. Electromagnetic forces / magnetic fields in the structures' vicinity may be powerful enough to physicaly move, raise or sculpt electrically charged soil (or dust, particles, etc.) at the moon's surface as well as subsurface to produce results as observed.

The moonlines may go straight to the other side and may also have perceptible effects at that unseen part of the moon.

Human personality deviations may provide rough but handy measure of moonlines power. The electrical impulses that drive the sentient aspect of humans may be induced to erratic paths by moonlines magnetism resulting to observable consequences that could be very apparent and notable depending on the person or persons used as measure. The more precariously imbalanced in feeling and/or thinking may register greater deviation from their usual traits.

The moonlines may have strongest influences at full moon because most or all of its parts may be relatively free of disruptive solar influences, being in a region of space that is directly behind Earth from the sun.

Solar wind forces and/or effects may also be diminished on the magnetosphere in the moon's vicinity during full moon because of the obstruction or shielding provided by Earth's form. The direct lineup at full moon phase of sun, Earth and moon may also have gravitational influences that could make the magnetosphere assume a slimmer form with more concentrated spacing of magnetic field lines, strengthening the moonlines.

Highway to the moon

The vertically positioned moonlines may not provide a BHUFO (nor a space balloon which is made to move in space) with vertical boost up and away from Earth. Boost facility may only be available through the horizontal magnetic field lines connecting the planet's two geomagnetic poles (reference# wa2).

Those observed moongoing BHUFOs however that seemed automatically oriented on the correct moonward paths and to maintain true direction always may indicate the existence of orientattion and guidance mechanisms, which very possibly could involve the moonlines.

There may be some few possibilities that could explain the mystery, something related to the fact that moving electrical charges tend to circle magnetic field lines along paths perpendicular to the direction of the lines (reference# wa2). Ions trapped in the magnetosphere's magnetic field lines may have a spiralling motion down because of the tendency.

A BHUFO with its nebulous internals originally set moonwards may have a lateral motion (imparted by Earth's rotation) that cross moonlines at right angles to the line's direction.

This may cause electrically charged internals (one possibility) to circle and gyrate around moonlines, locking or latching the bubble form to the lines as it scoots of straight to the moon.

Possibly also, the whole BHUFO on its lateral movement may latch by gyrating around one or more moonlines while moving along in the direction of the lines, resulting to a spiralling movement towards the moon.

There are other speculative conditions that could also occur, such as a bhufo may position itself in the column of moonlines such that its sideways drift is automtically corrected. This correcting tendency may be related to some kind of forces balancing and may be likened to the way a boat automatically rights itself if tilted just moderately.

A BHUFO may latch to moonlines through one or more of the above attachment ways (gyrating internals, gyrating bubble form, forces balancing).

Magnetic field booster

A BHUFO (or a space balloon) may be boosted verticaly away from Earth's surface by subjective fluctuations in the planet's horizontal (pole-to-pole) magnetic field lines. The approach or recession of field lines due to Earth's rotation as well as magnetosphere influences may cause the fluctuations (reference# wa2).

The interior of BHUFOs may either be mostly plasma or mostly gas, either of which may become positively charged through various ways (a gas so charged is positively ionized).

The positive interior may be acquired upon BHUFO formation or else through contact with surroundings that are positively charged (reference# wa2).

With plasma at the interior, negatively charged electrons that were separated from atoms may be forced out of the bubble (by horizontal magnetic lines fluctuations) in a direction that accords with an electrical pointer for negative charges called "left-hand rule" (reference# wc1). Positive atomic nuclei (each some thousands of times the mass of one electron) that were previously orbited by those separated electrons may be left, giving the BHUFO a positive electric charge.

Right-hand rule

For Earth'S magnetic field, the right palm faces up with index finger towards north, thumbs indicating surface rotational movement pointing east,  middle finger          points up for positive charge movement (BHUFO)
For Earth'S magnetic field, the right palm faces up with index finger towards north, thumbs indicating surface rotational movement pointing east, middle finger points up for positive charge movement (BHUFO)

A positively charged BHUFO already above ground may latch to vertical magnetic field lines in the magnetosphere and be induced (by horizontal magnetic lines fluctuations) vertically up along the lines in accord with an electrical pointer for positive charges called "right~hand rule" (reference# wc1).

Its guided propulsion then would be similar in principle to the movement of electrical charges moving (through a so-called EMF, or electromotive force) in the wiring of an electric generator.

Like rocket contrail, invisible negative charges may move off opposite the BHUFO movement. It may not provide boost for the BHUFO, though. Negative charges from surroundings may alternately be attracted to surface areas of the BHUFO then peeled off and propelled back as horizontal magnetic lines fluctuate on each area.

If the BHUFO latches to moonlines it may reach the moon either in visible hot form or as cooled invisible bubble, depending on remaining internal heat. The bubble and moon surface touched may equalize electrical charge potentials.

Otherwise the BHUFO may only latch to regular magnetic field lines powerful enough to hold it, in which case the bubble (hot or cool) may coast along to overshoot the magnetosphere's end then on to deeper interplanetary space, possibly to interstellar space as well.

Pole-to-pole magnetic field lines may have effective power to propel a BHUFO for a considerable distance from Earth (possibly much farther than atmospheric limits), and though the power may be limited, its boost may be dependable over a much longer time period than is economicaly possible with current chemical fuel rocket engines.

A BHUFO (as wel as a space baloon) that can utilize the propulsive power of these fluctuating magnetic field lines may go as fast or faster on trips to the moon, or beyond, than coasting spacecrafts that are boosted only briefly initialy by old-fashioned rockets.

The size factor

A size that is sufficiently big may be an important attribute that can also make a BHUFO escape gravity through Earth's magnetic field lines of force (besides giving longevity).

In the making of a balloon craft that can go to space successfully like a BHUFO, this critical aspect of magnetically propelled bubbles may be considered, applying alternatives if appropriate.

A large span of BHUFO breadth as measured in a direction approximately east-west could give the object powerful flight capability, since the span may cross many magnetic lines of force (directed approximately south-north) that power the BHUFO flight.

The greater the number of lines crossed the smoother also may the acceleration be resulting to faster speeds, since the various forces of many fluctuating lines would be averaged and evened out.

If a BHUFO's span is of short length that can only occassionally cross magnetic field lines with good boosting power, or if its breadth is less than the gap between these lines, there may be times when the bubble would only float momentarily or else coast unpowered, until the lines it is on or other lines coming to its position powers up to boost it again.

Most UFOS without visible occupant that were reported afloat in the vicinity of the ground may belong to this small kind of BHUFO that have also a short lifespan only.

A proper professional study on BHUFOs that remained at or near ground level, especially with regards to physical attributes like size, may yield information crucial to the design of a spaceworthy 'space balloon' craft. A related study pertaining to Earth's magnetism would also be highly useful.

Space balloon craft vitals

Space balloons may only achieve their potentials through nebulous internal stuffs that should work as intended, which primarily is to impart on a retaining balloon the boost available in the surroundings due to magnetic field lines of force fluctuations, and secondarily to guide a retaining space balloon craft along available magnetic field lines at the direction of flight.

Stuffs that inflate space balloons may either be of two different states of nebulous matter, each of which may need more serious research and development works regarding their feasibility and practicality of use with manned crafts.

One of these may be plasma, produced from possible substances that could be in that nebulous state at reasonably low or cool temperatures. The other may be some gas that could be ionized at usable electric charge potential.

(Spacecraft that works through environmental magnetic fields possibly may not necessarily be designed with nebulous stuff in space balloons as propellant, since other states of matter may also be ionized. Depending on factors like technological knowhow, utilization considerations, etc., ionized solids or else ionized liquids may be used instead.)

Means may be provided that could change the polarity of electric charge in the nebulous stuff (or other states of matter stuff) that propel a craft magnetically, through which movement direction may reverse (reference# wc1) if the surrounding magnetic field fluctuation is sufficiently powerful in that part of the craft's route to somewhere.

A space balloon craft may be setup with appropriate arrangements for insulation, as considerable electric charge may exist in its balloons which if lost could electrocute occupants and/or leave the craft stranded in space.

Certain circumstances may still need that a space balloon craft be equipped with jets or rockets.

Steering jets may have to be added since the method of guiding the craft by latching to magnetic field lines may not always be depended on or may not always be satisfactory for the trip's purposes.

Towards the last part of the route or long before that, it is possible that external magnetic fields are not powerful enough to drive the craft back. If so, and if a return trip is planned upon reaching destination, propulsion rockets may be included in the craft's structure to drive it back.

On the other hand, magnetic fields from other celestial sources possibly may have power enough in that area to drive the craft back to origin. It may not even be necessary at return trips to change polarity of electric charges in space balloons if the source and the return destination is at some favorable configuration with the craft's current position.

An extensive magnetic field actually span the breadth of the solar system, presumably partly due to the massive sun as well as to other influences outside of the system.

Moderate budgets only for research and development of concerned organizations may be needed to checkout the possibilities of this practically inexhaustible and free power for space mobility.

Relatively negligible actually, compared to probable returns, as well as to possible end~of~the~world expenses (see also "Black Holes at Pre-exploding Planet Earth's Interior", reference# wa1).

wd1... Moon structures news title (in picture below)

Moon structures news (title)

News content censored
News content censored
news title= "Japanese Satellite Captures High Def Moon Images - Structures, Flying ..."
news title= "Japanese Satellite Captures High Def Moon Images - Structures, Flying ..."

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